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"If gay marriage ruins the sanctity of a marriage, then the same argument could be made that jewish [sic] marriage ruins the sanctity of catholic [sic] marriage, or that mixed race marriage ruins the sanctity of single race marriage."

Sooooo... Besides implying homosexuals are a race, you also imply homosexualism is a religion (which may actually be true). LOL! Just when I think a liberal can't say anything more stupid - they out-do themselves.

I don't recognize the homosexual race or the homosexual religion. So that I guess that makes me "homophobic," huh?

By that same reasoning, I suppose since I abhor Rap "music" and don't celebrate "Kwanza" I'm a racist, too, huh?

You see - you just can't win with silly unreasoning liberals. It is perfectly okay for them to publicly foam at the mouth when the name Jesus is uttered in a public place - but if someone calls a homo a homo that breaks all the rules. If someone says homosexuality is taboo - then that someone is hateful.

No people who ever lived practice hate more openly or with more fervor than liberals. They are right up there at the top with the Taliban. (Only liberals are directly responsible for far more deaths than the Taliban.)

Jimbo, Moonbattery 80 Comments [6/16/2009 2:06:45 PM]
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If missing the point were an Olympic event Jimbo here would be covered in gold.

6/16/2009 2:22:36 PM


So much fail! I'll just pick on one.

No, abhoring Rap or not celebrating Kwanza doesn't make you racist. Just like not having homosexual relationships doesn't mean you're homophobic.

However, a far better analogy would be if you tried to ban Rap or Kwanza - and that WOULD make you racist. And that's the equivalent to what you're doing.

6/16/2009 2:24:47 PM


Wait, what?

6/16/2009 2:25:22 PM

Got Mayhem?

Um, big difference between recognizing something and celebrating it.

+1 for missing the point

6/16/2009 2:25:58 PM


"Oh, shit! I'm caught in an untenable position! What should I do? Oh, I know: BLAH BLAH LIBERALS BLAH LIBERALS SLIME PUKE LIBERALS BLAH LIBERALS LIBERALS LIBERALS!"

Works for Rush.

6/16/2009 2:26:36 PM


Another Fundie, twisting logic around to meet his own personal values

6/16/2009 2:27:24 PM

Agnostic Antagonist

Where the fuck is his point? I've read this nonsense three times and it's nowhere to be found!

6/16/2009 2:29:54 PM

David B.

So you abhor rap music. Do you campaign to have rap music banned? Do you call everyone who listens to rap music an abomination and say they deserve to be burned alive for ever? Do you think preventing people listening to rap music in the privacy of their own homes is fair because they still have just as much right to listen to music you like as you do?

Scratch that, you probably do do all that stuff!

6/16/2009 2:31:59 PM


Yet another idiot who doesn't get what an analogy is.

6/16/2009 2:38:07 PM


To their merit, conservatives can make a five paragraph essay with absolutely no substance, direction, or point, effortlessly. You can't teach that kind of ability, it's ingrained within them.

6/16/2009 2:40:37 PM


Yes, you are homophobic. Probably racist, too.

I take issue with the word "sanctity" more than anything else. It implies that something serves a greater purpose than it really does. Marriage, at least in theory, is intended to provide stability for both people entering into it, as well as for any children they may or may not wish to have. That's all. Nothing more and nothing less.

If they choose to have children, those children can be gotten through childbirth or through adoption. And there's no reason to think that the gays would be any better or worse at it than us straights.

So gay marriage ruins nothing of marriage as we currently understand it.

BTW, it's not the liberals who are grabbing their guns, killing people in churches, hospitals, museums, and anywhere else where they might be doing something they don't like. If it were, then Fox News headquarters would have long since been demolished.

6/16/2009 2:55:07 PM


Reverse day again? I never get the memos.

6/16/2009 2:55:18 PM

"By that same reasoning, I suppose since I abhor Rap "music" and don't celebrate "Kwanza" I'm a racist, too, huh?"
Judging from the scare quotes, you probably are...

6/16/2009 2:59:44 PM


6/16/2009 3:06:38 PM

Dr. Novakaine

Wow, going from being just plain wrong to being an all-out lunatic in a single post! And completely avoiding the point at that! You've probably gained a lot of credibility in the anti-reality crowd. Speaking as a resident of reality, I humbly request that you stay the fuck away from us.

6/16/2009 3:19:59 PM


1. You abhor a genre of music because you are close minded. Not all rap music is about guns and drugs.

2. Kwanza is a desperate attempt by black people in the USA to gain some culture from their perceived homeland during an era when they were not allowed to be "American" so tried to form a unique culture.

3. Homosexuality is taboo in your religion. That is fine. Don't be gay then. But what you are doing is using your religion to impinge on the rights of others. A simple example is if Jews decided to take away your bacon sandwiches.

4. Actually christians come well in the top rankings for numbers of deaths inflicted still. I lost a friend recently in the Congo because of christian attacks on the population.

6/16/2009 3:20:23 PM

Not at all. You missed the analogy. The analogy is that homosexuals are receiving discrimination based on something that is every bit as arbitrary a distinction as religion or race.

The Taliban is highly conservative, not liberal. Hitler was also highly conservative. The crusades and the Spanish Inquisition were done by other conservatives. I'd say conservatives are responsible for far more deaths than liberals, seeing as liberals insist on tolerance.

Our only problem with you guys uttering the name of Jesus is that you keep insisting that EVERYBODY has be Christian, or else EVERYBODY is going to Hell. Tolerance works both ways; we tolerate you as long as you tolerate us.

6/16/2009 3:22:16 PM


Analogies only work when they're on your side huh?

6/16/2009 3:30:21 PM


Up there, in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's the point, passing way over your head!

6/16/2009 3:36:35 PM

Old Viking

Liberals: opposed slavery, promoted women's rights and civil rights, led the passage of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.

Conservatives: Dubya.

6/16/2009 3:58:34 PM


Is the homosexual religion like the athiest relgion?

They aren't happy unless they tag the word religion on the end of their agruments.

6/16/2009 4:03:57 PM

"No people who ever lived practice hate more openly or with more fervor than liberals"


6/16/2009 4:11:14 PM


Missed the point, or avoided the question? You decide.

6/16/2009 4:11:56 PM

At what point should the US rename itself The United Fucktards Of America..
These people make stupid a goal...

6/16/2009 4:12:34 PM


I guess analogies go right over your head, Jimbo.

6/16/2009 4:17:37 PM

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