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A Valley Station Road church (in Louisville, Kentucky) is sponsoring an "Open Carry Church Service" in late June, encouraging people to wear unloaded guns in their holsters, enter a raffle to win a free handgun, hear patriotic music and listen to talks by operators of gun stores and firing ranges.

Pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church said the first-time event is "basically trying to think a little bit outside the box" to promote "responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights."

The event, slated for Saturday afternoon, June 27, is being promoted with online posters, including one using a red font resembling splattered blood with the words: "Open Carry Church Service."

Pagano said the poster wasn't intended to glorify bloodshed and the lettering was just "a font that somebody developed." He said he didn't want the event to be confused with regular Sunday worship at the Assemblies of God congregation.

Pastor Ken Pagano, The Courier-Journal 75 Comments [6/19/2009 7:24:18 AM]
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Kind of stupid, but I wouldn't describe this necessarily as fundie.

6/19/2009 7:26:49 AM


Yep. Proof that right-wing fundies only pick & choose from the Bible.

They seem to forget the 6th Commandment: Thou shalt not KILL. And what is the specific purpose of guns, hmmm? They're not a mere fashion acessory, neither.

6/19/2009 7:30:10 AM


Sure this probably Tiller motivated (they gonna take our guns! Persecution!) but it's not fundy.

It's dumb, and doesn't really belong in a church, but it's not really fundy.

The right to bear arms is a principle of the USA, I suppose this might be "Overreacting Hicks Do The Darndest Things..."

6/19/2009 7:35:56 AM

D Laurier.

A gun obsessed culture where self control is not taught.

Follow the equation

6/19/2009 7:37:29 AM

very concerned

What makes someone embracing the second amendment a 'fundy'? I am an atheist (as is my wife) and we both not only own guns, but both have concealed handgun permits.

And many states have open carry laws.

Why do you people demonize the object (the gun0?? Car accidents kill far more people than guns do...

As to 'paranoia that they will take our guns', it is NOT paranoia. The more extreme of the gun control movement (like Nancy Pelosi) WOULD like to outlaw all private ownership of handguns.

So far the only nations with a complete ban on gun ownership are North Korea and China...oddly enough Switzerland has the highest percentage of gun ownership in the world.

6/19/2009 7:39:50 AM


Don't know why this is here. For that matter, I can see myself participating in something like this.

--- your gun-toting, gun-loving atheist.

6/19/2009 7:41:37 AM

Higgs Boson

The only thing I see wrong with this is the implication that they are so persecuted that their guns are going to be taken away. Otherwise, I fully support their right to do this.

Still, it makes me raise an eyebrow that anyone would even WANT to in the first place.

6/19/2009 7:42:42 AM


"Praising the Lord and passing the ammunition are mutually exclusive ideas."
-Phil Donahue

6/19/2009 7:44:42 AM


Tards like you are eventually going to make it impossible for rational, law-abiding people such as myself to own a gun for self-protection in my home. Way to go, asshole.

6/19/2009 7:47:04 AM


As a Brit, this is totally alien to me. But, each to their own.

6/19/2009 7:47:12 AM


Guns & Religion - Can't get more fundie than that!

The gun hysteria in USA is beyond comprehension for the rest of the world and seen as very fundie.

6/19/2009 7:50:09 AM

Dr. Novakaine

The guy thinks Jesus would have wanted people to own guns (which apparently didn't make it into this quote for some reason; I found it in other reports of the same story). I would call it fundie based on that, since I can't for the life of me fathom why Jesus would approve of something like that.

6/19/2009 8:02:06 AM


Not really all that fundie, but I still want to rate this "WTF?!" because that was more or less my reaction upon reading it.

6/19/2009 8:05:00 AM

Dio Fa

Only in America...

6/19/2009 8:25:29 AM


Its stupid, but its not particularly fundy. And yeah it's in Kentucky (I got the little hint with that being included) but Louisville is nearly as large (and as progressive) as Las Vegas (minus the gambling). So rather than suggesting that Kentuckians are gun toting god loving hicks it instead shows that that kind of attitude isn't limited to rural areas and is found in large cities, as well.

6/19/2009 8:27:28 AM



No, I think they may be gun toting god loving hicks living in a city.

6/19/2009 8:56:13 AM

Doctor Whom

Here's the deal. I'll respect your rights under the Second Amendment. You'll respect my rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

6/19/2009 9:08:34 AM

Big Jilm

Jesus loves automatic rifles!

6/19/2009 9:19:38 AM

Dr. Razark

Well, isn't that neat. Showing the Christian love by displaying your weapons?

I've got no problems with them doing this. As long as "open carry" doesn't violate the law. But I really must ask, what's the point in carrying if the weapon is not loaded?

6/19/2009 9:21:06 AM


It bothers me a little to see a story like this submitted as fundy. For some reason in this country our second amendment right is the only one we are actively discouraged from practicing. The perception seems to be that, if a person owns/carries a weapon, that person is practically a war criminal.

6/19/2009 9:29:14 AM


"He said he didn't want the event to be confused with regular Sunday worship at the Assemblies of God congregation."

1. Why not? and 2. Would it be that easily confused, and by whom? The church regulars?

6/19/2009 9:30:31 AM


Well, if anyone still needs to be convinced that american churches aren´t something morally superior, but rather some kind of service oriented industry with the goal of getting new customers and making money, here we´ve got the proof ;)

6/19/2009 9:31:31 AM


I agree with above posters that there's nothing paranoid about concern for 2nd Amendment rights, with US govt. policies after 9/11 and all that. Granted, I don't think the fact that it's in the Constitution is a very strong argument (after all, Amendments 18 and 21 are there as well), nor is "tradition", "lawd jaysus", "inalienable rights" or similar "just so" stuff they usually come up with. My point here is that people should have a right to protect themselves -- doing so responsibly and in an orderly fashion, of course -- not because it says so in the Constitution, but because people are safer that way. Raising awareness about it doesn't scream "fundie!" to me, to be honest. Questionable methods, perhaps, but fundie? No.

6/19/2009 9:36:40 AM

Table Rock

I'm not against guns. I'm just wondering what they have to do with going to church. Do they pass an offering plate for ammunition?

6/19/2009 10:07:45 AM

Batshit insanity only the American brand Jesus-lovers are capable of. *slow clap*

6/19/2009 10:22:41 AM

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