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It's amazing that many criticize Obama and say little or nothing about other presidents and world leaders who conspire to bring us into a one world government. The Illuminati controls the government itself. Wolrd leaders, the golbal elite are doing the will of their father the devil, subtly bringing us into a new world order. Even the American dollar bill has symbology of the one world government, yet people scream at Obama?

The Illuminati plotted 9/11, they plotted wars that have happened and the coming third world war that is obviously going to happen soon. They plotted this econimic crash that were headed to. Why do people not speak out against these leaders? They raise our taxes as a way to keep people in financial bondage. That is a way to control people when they are in debt and financial bondage.

They would need order of chaos in order to bring in a one world government. World warfare, poverty, debt and no jobs along with desensitizng people morally, the break down of marriages, and getting the church itself to be lukewarm people who are asleep spiritually. You can see all this going on and it's been going on for years, but people blame Obama? That's ridiculous.

The J Man, Grace Centered Christian Forums 13 Comments [6/27/2009 5:32:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Jodie

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I... don't even know what to say.

6/27/2009 5:57:18 AM


I'm not quite sure what to say about this.

6/27/2009 6:51:55 AM

lol what

It's amazing that many criticize Obama and say little or nothing about other presidents and world leaders

I was thinking 'hey, this is actually pretty reasonable for CSTDT'.

Then I read the rest of the post.

6/27/2009 7:07:59 AM


You're a scary scary man, but you seem to have some small inkling of sense. Just enough to help you avoid the Obama hatefest, but that's about it.

6/27/2009 7:25:31 AM

Nathan the Wise

Hey, fuck off with your Illuminati world conspiracy shit. That's our gig. Gottenyu, they'll steal everything off us, right down to our last one world government. Sheesh.

6/27/2009 8:00:50 AM

Until you can prove that the Illuminati were promised 300 virgins and controlled Iraq and its petrol, we keep on the original version.

6/27/2009 8:32:18 AM


It's not surprising that so many people convince themselves of the validity of this simplistic trash - the alternative answer, that all the wars, social and logistical collapses and myriad other sufferings of humanity are merely the chaotic results of our own failings and there is no convenient external enemy upon whom to blame them (gods, devils, aliens, cults, conspiracies, rogue AIs, you name it - they're all the same thing, someone we can blame who isn't us), isn't an easy reality to face.

6/27/2009 3:39:56 PM

Since you seem to have enough common sense to see that Obama is not the boogeyman the right-wing keeps telling you he is, it's time for you to turn off Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. I think you'll find that you can substitute "Republican Party" for Illuminati where the economy is concerned. As for the rest of it, I suggest medication.

6/28/2009 7:12:43 AM


Less one world government and more one world hateathon.

Look crazy guy, middle east is on giant fuck up so is Africa. Asia has India and China running a new version of the cold war and Pakistan is just collapsing like a flan in a cupboard. Europe is not america centric at all...

And your telling me that there is a conspiracy to have a one world government when we can barely agree to do things that are really basic such as not keep slaves (Mauritania 2007) or stop torturing people.

And this is without Kim Jong Ill's pants on head crazy running around with nuclear weapons.

6/29/2009 3:48:22 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Again with the Illuminati? Can you even show that those guys still exist outside of Dan Brown novels? Honestly, for the amount of stuff I hear them get blamed for, there appears to be no sign that they even have a living member today.

And a one-world government? Please. The US is shooting up third-world countries, the EU is a giant clusterfuck, there's maybe three African countries that are even up to the 19th century (and really, we're all to blame for that), the ME is overrun with chaos, Asia has half the world's population already, South America hasn't done anything significant in ages, Canada just doesn't give a damn, and the only things coming out of Mexico are drugs and swine flu. The idea of these people becoming coherent enough to run one country, let alone the whole world, is laughable.

6/29/2009 9:17:19 AM


J-Man - you started off good. You agreed with common sense yet people scream at Obama?

The reason why your fundy firends scream that Pres. Obama is the Anti-C is that he is black, a liberal and in the President..all surely signs we're in the End Times.

New World Order or One World Gov't? Really? From where, your 'Illuminati'? Don't expect anything like that from here in the US - hell, we can't even get our internal political system to work well. The ME is in turmoil, again & Israel is stirring the pot...again. Europe is either too laid back or apathetic to care, Russia is still trying to get on its feet; China is too concerned that we might drag their economy down, South America, as has been said, has done nothing for decades, Central America - not enough clout and our North American partners - most of the Mexican population is moving north and Canada is, well, Canada.

6/29/2009 1:02:40 PM

Seeker in the Dark

The Illuminati, a Bavarian rich boys' club from about 200 -250 years ago, with about a dozen members who were planning to revolt against their government, most of which chickened out when their leader got arrested after about ten years of doing absolutely nothing, is planning to take over the world?!? Quick, J-Man! Take cover, dig a bunker somewhere and stay there! We here at FSTDT will tell you when it's safe to get out! Really, we will! Trust us! ;)

6/30/2009 8:51:31 AM


Wouldn't WW3 create jobs?

8/9/2009 2:47:04 AM

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