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Speaking of not taking the blame, you ought to use a mirror on that one. Realizing that the selfishness of women is a root cause of sodomy, is not hating women. I would think ignoring it, and blaming only men is actually hating men. Work on that. I am so tired or a religious cover for pure selfishness, and worldliness, it isn't funny.

dad, Christian Forums 62 Comments [6/27/2009 5:51:51 AM]
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I'd like some dressing on this word salad...

6/27/2009 6:04:09 AM


Let me ask you a question: Have you ever met a woman?

6/27/2009 6:05:37 AM


It is very hard to understand what this whackjob
is attempting to say But

i think he blames male Homosexuality on women

6/27/2009 6:08:18 AM

I couldnt decipher that :(

6/27/2009 6:08:28 AM

Grigori Yefimovich

I wish I were a shrink. There are years of therapy in this one...

6/27/2009 6:12:04 AM


It's true, the selfishness of women is a root cause of sodomy. Selfish women demand to be fucked in the ass even if their partners don't want to do it! Those selfish bitches!

(Yes, the actual claim of "dad" is that women are selfish, and that leads to male homosexuality.)

6/27/2009 6:12:33 AM


It appears he's saying that men turn to other men because women are selfish and that if women would be proper submissive doormats, homosexuality would disappear.

I guess that's one way for a closet case to rationalize his attraction to men.

6/27/2009 6:18:16 AM


Read a few of this guys other posts. He just plain hates women and thinks they're to blame for everything.

6/27/2009 6:20:05 AM

Doctor Whom

I'd like the word salad with bullshit dressing, please.

6/27/2009 6:56:18 AM


Dad's back! Still off the anti-psychotics, I see.

6/27/2009 7:11:22 AM


Is he seriously suggesting guys "turn" gay because they can't get women?

6/27/2009 7:23:39 AM


You been sucking cock again dad?

6/27/2009 7:27:47 AM

Princess Rot

Women are "selfish" for denying men their "needs", but men who demand to have sex with who they want, whenever they want, regardless of the woman's wishes are not?

Pull the other one, dude.

If you read on, he even claims that male adultery is not a sin, but if a woman does it, it is. What a logical fallacy. On one hand, a woman is selfish for not putting out for every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along, lest they turn gay, but if she actually does have sex she's a slut. Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

6/27/2009 7:30:55 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

That word salad smells like shit..I aint eating it..

6/27/2009 7:45:00 AM


I'm so tired of us being blamed for everything because we have vaginas. GROW THE FUCK UP, DUD. All you whiny fucking baby morons who are terrified of va-jay-jays and want to live in the twelfth century are destroying the world. I swear sometimes I think it would be a good thing if we rose up and took things over...your type has been running the world for the last several thousand years and you see the mess we're in now. Every time you make a stupid statement like the one you just made, you just remember that another woman starts defining herself as a feminist and votes liberal.

6/27/2009 8:11:13 AM


Look, us women could parade around in the skimpiest lingerie while wearing signs that say 'do me now' and some men would still want to have sex with men.

6/27/2009 8:12:10 AM

Wait, if a man has sex with another man he is responsible for that, or not?. How is a third person in the equation?

6/27/2009 8:15:11 AM


Yes, that's it you figured it out. We're selfish and that is what causes you to want to go to men for sex, but now that you figured it out, we must keep you from telling others. MUAHAHAHA!

But seriously, closeted much? You're going to scapegoat us for your problems?


6/27/2009 8:21:19 AM

Dio Fa

Aw, bugger off.

Oh wait, it appears you already have.

6/27/2009 8:27:31 AM


Word salad yummy,yummy.

6/27/2009 8:28:20 AM



6/27/2009 8:29:32 AM

The Jamo

You have some serious unresolved issues there, brah. Either that or you're just a pathetic closet case. I pity you.

6/27/2009 8:40:00 AM


Dude, scapegoating women--the least applicable group you could blame--for male homosexuality just makes your own even more obvious.

6/27/2009 9:05:55 AM

"a root cause of sodomy"

Um, why are you talking about sodomy like it's a disease? I'm pretty sure it's a sex act, so most likely the "root cause" of it is simply that it feels good.

6/27/2009 9:08:36 AM


You'd think people got over their "He-Man Woman Haters Club" stage in 5th grade, but apparently "dad" didn't

6/27/2009 9:15:31 AM

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