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(responding to the assertion that she knew nothing about evolution)

haha becasue i go to a christrian school they don't teach us evolution they teach us about God and that evolution is not real. so maybe next time buddy.

and you know i live in a non-christian home and i heard the whole earth being made from rocks and crap like that well i don't think so. to me that is jsut the stupidest thing i ever heard

Kelly DeJulia, Facebook 89 Comments [6/30/2009 12:21:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Paul Brandt

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Why are you going to a Christian school if you live in a non-Christian home? Are your non-Christian parents that respectful of your beliefs, and that kind, that they'll put up with your conversion attempts and send you off to be brainwashed?

7/1/2009 12:26:56 AM

Wait, you must be lying. They´re not Christian but they send you to a Christian school where they teach the opposite they believe?. And dear, if you are not taught about evolution, you´re admitting your ignorace in the topic. Don´t be so proud about that.

8/8/2009 2:12:05 AM

Swedish Pagan

When you learn more about proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling, we can talk about "jsut the stupidest thing" you ever heard.

Earth being made from rocks and crap? Yeah, that sounds a bit stupid. Just as stupid as humans being made from dirt or someones rib.

8/8/2009 4:03:14 AM

Doubting Thomas

"Nah, fundie chicks dont det jobs, they just marry at 17 and have 6 kids. "

6 kids by the age of 25.

8/24/2009 1:25:46 PM


"to me that is jsut the stupidest thing i ever heard"

Your right, the earth being created in a week by a magical wizard floating in space does sound stupid. Also, why does every one of these quotes contain gross spelling mistakes? I think I know the answer...

7/1/2010 9:37:05 PM


Question for anyone who knows more about this than me. I was recently debating someone on evolution. I answered everything my opponent could ask me and countered every point they made... except one. When I pointed out that micro-evolution will logically lead to macro-evolution over millions of years, they claimed that dogs disproved this, because they've "micro-evolved" to the point of having ridiculous amounts of variation within a species without actually becoming a different species.

So, anyone care to enlighten me, please?

7/1/2010 9:42:55 PM


So you admit that you know nothing about it.

7/2/2011 9:59:01 PM

Quantum Mechanic

SurfinSeaOtter for the win out of the gate.

Kelly has a big future cleaning toilets at rest stops in Mississippi.

1/15/2012 5:11:37 PM

"i heard the whole earth being made from rocks"

Do you live on Venus?

10/14/2014 12:23:34 PM


The Earth is not made of rocks?

10/14/2014 1:38:04 PM


So..."I's false, I don't know the first thing about it, I just know I was taught it was false and a lie and designed to draw people from God and MY GRANDPA WASN'T A DURNED MONKEY, I DUNNO ABOUT YOURS!"

10/14/2014 3:11:21 PM

Somebody better tell Kent Hovind that the earth isn't made from rocks, and remind him that means he can stop bearing false witness by claiming that "evolutionists say we evolved from rocks".

Tell him that since a "christrian" told you, it must be true.

10/14/2014 4:10:12 PM


> haha becasue i go to a christrian school they don't teach us evolution

If your school doesn't teach you about evolution, then yeah, you probably don't know anything about it.

Bet your teacher used a bag of beads and a string to demonstrate how it's impossible, too. (I got that treatment in elementary school, before transferring to public)

> heard the whole earth being made from rocks and crap like that well i don't think so

Book, chapter, and verse. Where in the Bible does it say the earth isn't made of rocks?!

10/14/2014 7:12:01 PM

So really, you don't know anything about evolution

11/25/2016 3:08:38 PM

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