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The same political problems that plague the USA today previously troubled Italy in the 1920s and Germany in the 1930s. Both of those countries found political solutions. However, time has shown that the solutions were not quite as good as they seemed. Albert Einstein and Neils Bohrs left Germany before it was too late, but six million did not. Do you think the six million sat around saying things like, "That could never happen here!", or "The government would never go THAT far!", or "Thank God we got rid of those Conservatives!". When Obama knocks on YOUR door, where will you be?

vududr, Politics Daily 27 Comments [7/6/2009 9:57:50 AM]
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So he's doing fine until that last sentence...

7/6/2009 10:50:56 AM

practical god

Um... getting a camera?

7/6/2009 11:35:29 AM


My place in Finland, feeling rather nervous for having such an important guest. Possibly get some work for US government as an contractor.

7/6/2009 11:53:31 AM

Nathan the Wise

The President of the USA is going to knock on my door? Man, I'd better get the kettle on.

7/6/2009 12:54:07 PM

Dr. Novakaine

With my luck, probably at work. Dammit, I would've wanted to meet him.

Oh, by the by, the same political problems that plague the USA today have plagued the USA at other times in history, not to mention their having plagued most countries at some point in their history. Sometimes the resolution turns out good, other times it turns out not so good. It doesn't mean there's going to be a pattern anywhere.

7/6/2009 1:37:26 PM


Uh, in both those cases, it was the conservative whackjobs who took over.

7/6/2009 1:54:28 PM

Obama != Hitler.

7/6/2009 2:30:27 PM


And they did it by blaming other people and being angry non-stop.

7/6/2009 2:30:58 PM


grabbing a camera

7/6/2009 2:48:51 PM


Of course the same problems plague us as the Weimar Republic. We lost a World War and got it blamed on us, then we had to give hundreds of billions of dollars to Britain, France, and Belgium in reparations, and finally, Belgian and French troops occupy our industrial heartland. Meanwhile we have a weak government with little legitimacy and a lack of a democratic tradition to prop it up. Meanwhile far left and far right wing groups have battles in our streets. Oh yeah, the USA is definitely like Weimar Germany.

7/6/2009 3:18:36 PM


Comparing Obama to Hitler, how classy.

7/6/2009 5:59:03 PM


Do you have any idea what Fascism and National Socialism were?

7/6/2009 6:23:13 PM

lol what

Niels Bohr wasn't a German.

7/6/2009 8:18:15 PM

A Friend

This is exactly like post WW1 Germany. Have you guys seen the exchange rate on the US Dollar. 1 Euro=1 trillion Dollars. It's absurd.

7/7/2009 12:18:34 AM


Well, here in Italy the "problem" we had was that a far right wing extremist took power through selective murder, extorsion, catholic church support (who were going through towns telling people not to vote for the left wing, otherwise they will burn in hell) and so on and almost killed everyone who did not agree with him, he gave unlimited power to police forces (so there were police man gang raping women and childrens through small towns, torturing and killing them), and everyone was required to be registered to the fascist party,
people who did not register were not given food, work, school, etc... and were not allowed to took place in everyday life through cities and public places and were shoot in random occasion by the police forces
I don't think that this is the situation in your country...
beforce talking about things you don't know, think about it twice...

7/7/2009 2:40:24 AM

Nyssa of Aachen

re: jsonitsac's post
You forgot the bit in which The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, lost billions of Euros, as a result of speculation, causing a global recession...

7/7/2009 11:04:02 AM

Well, I don't see Obama trying to get a convenient scapegoat, LIKE YOU.

7/7/2009 11:16:48 AM


"This is exactly like post WW1 Germany. Have you guys seen the exchange rate on the US Dollar. 1 Euro=1 trillion Dollars. It's absurd."

I found a 10-euro coin in my change the other day.

I'm rich!

7/7/2009 12:52:13 PM

Are you implying that Pres. Obama wishes to exterminate the Jews?

As for what I'd do if Obama was knocking on my door: I'd be frantically arranging furniture, making sure the draperies are hanging in a pleasing manner, the pictures are straight, etc. and feeling general nervousness at the prospect of such an important and distinguished guest.

7/9/2009 11:59:21 PM

@Q2: Sadly, in the US right now, we have the same problem with many of the fundie leaders. Many do tell their base that to vote anything other than Republican is "Un-Christian", implying that they might burn in hell for voting Democrat. Some churches even threatened to ex-communicate or disfellowship church members who voted Democrat.

Oh, and, for the OP, if Obama DID come knocking on your door, no doubt it would be because of information he got without a warrant, through the unconstitutional Patriot Act, which was brought to you by none other than your hero, Dubya, himself.

7/10/2009 2:27:11 AM


"When Obama knocks on YOUR door, where will you be?"

He wouldn't be knocking on my door, because I live in the UK, and I doubt he'd divert the whole presidential machine (Air Force One, the Lockheed Galaxy transport planes which take his Marine One helicopter/'The Beast' limousine, advisors/Secret Servicemen escort cars & the 4WD that carries 'The Football') on an important state vist or G8 summit meeting, just to go to an average housing estate to meet an ordinary old left-wing bugger like me.

...but if he did, I'd welcome him into my flat, offer him some tea* and warmly shake him by the hand, saying 'Thank you for getting rid of those Conservatives! You certainly did a bang-up job of comprehensively stuffing Caribou Barbie and the Corpse in the election campaign too. By the way, I trust Michelle, Sasha and Malia are well?'

*- I wouldn't mind in the slightest said Secret Servicemen smashing the cup he'd drank from, as is standard security practice.

7/23/2009 11:43:39 AM


in my house...i'll invite him in for tea.

7/23/2009 6:14:13 PM


My neighbors are never going to believe it.

You think he'll have Michelle and the girls with him?

7/24/2009 1:11:28 AM


Oh, I'll probably be on the other side of the door, wondering what the hell the President is doing in the ass end of nowhere.

7/24/2009 6:33:02 PM


Whem Obama knocs in my door i´m going to ask him what the fuck is he doing in Brazil.

11/1/2009 8:47:45 PM

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