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Our nigger boy Bubba has been quite upset lately. He's scared shitless that we might replace him with some other bigger, stronger and dumber nigger.We have tried to assure the chimp that we aren't planning to sell our favorite genetic-inferior sub human. Bubba is the best dammed outhouse cleaner in town. (actually the only outhouse cleaner in town) He likes to work in shit because it looks and smells just like he does.

When Bubba's smell gets real nasty we have hose the boy down. But A fire-hose doesn't always remove the stench of a nigger covered in thick layers of shit. That's when we run the slave through a car wash a couple of times, best dammed nigger cleaner invented.

Bubba has been a good nigger and as long as he keeps slinging shit for the Skins we will keep the monkey alive. But bubba knows better to cross us or he will be swinging from A special tree. We keep a noose tied up and ready to go, just in case Bubba decided to be a bad nigger.

Our shitskin incentive program has worked well for ape management:

Good Nigger = watermelon. Bad Nigger = the rope.

On the very few times the nigger actually cleaned himself we then let him play with the basketball.
Wow! that was one happy nigger!

Bubba Brown Update:

Our nigger Boy Bubba was recently caught trying to molest a 13 yr old white girl.

The boy was yelling and screaming: "I's be good nagger boy maaster!" as we hauled his filthy ape carcass up to the special tree reserved for our slave monkeyman.

The boy had comitted the unforgiveable sin so we dispensed Skinhead justice.

Now it's back to the slave auction to find a new shitskinned-american!

shitskin.com, shitskin.com 71 Comments [7/15/2009 4:58:52 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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7/15/2009 5:02:08 AM


That bitch is butthurt. Next time, don't be such an idiot and start a fight with Big Bubba.

7/15/2009 5:39:38 AM


This is a poe...right...anyone?

7/15/2009 5:42:04 AM

D Laurier.


7/15/2009 6:32:06 AM

Nathan the Wise

Strange fantasies teenage boys have.

7/15/2009 6:33:22 AM


Sometimes I wonder how people can say these things and still be considered human. I don't want to wonder these things. I do want to have faith in humanity.

7/15/2009 7:25:45 AM

The Real American Cowboy

That's pretty good. I might need to visit that web site. Niggermania didn't cut it for me.

7/15/2009 7:28:06 AM

Dr. Novakaine

7/15/2009 7:46:22 AM

The Real American Cowboy

That 13 yr old white girl was me. He wasn't molesting me though, I asked if I could suck his sweet, sweet black cock.

7/15/2009 8:14:56 AM


I think this guy needs to take his meds.

7/15/2009 8:20:05 AM


No this isn't a poe, it's connected to ZOG's Nightmare.

7/15/2009 8:46:03 AM

Seeker in the Dark

And then the racist scum wants to be considered human. I think it's high time the neo-nazis, Klansmen and all the other racists get a taste of their own medicine. I could use a 8th grade drop-out skinhead slave myself. ;)

(Sorry guys, I know it's harsh, but it's the only thing I can think of at the moment...)

7/15/2009 8:47:24 AM


Make a skinhead my slave? Fuck no, he'd be useless shooting up heroin and wasting time fantasizing hate.

Slavery fucked up whole history. Black problem of the US with crime and drugs, their very existence, even when released, being a poor population in contrast to rich whites is the fault of greed and slavery. No amount of Affirmative Action can cure this thoroughly.

Slavery should NEVER have happened.

7/15/2009 8:51:14 AM

Seeker in the Dark

"Make a skinhead my slave? Fuck no, he'd be useless shooting up heroin and wasting time fantasizing hate."

I hadn't thought of that. So I guess they really are good for nothing. ;)

7/15/2009 8:56:19 AM

Pule Thamex

Gosh, doesn't it make you feel proud and grateful to be a member of the genetically superior race?

7/15/2009 9:13:50 AM

Mr Blur

You are using up oxygen that a real human being could use. Fuck off and die.

7/15/2009 9:14:32 AM

Jasper Spotty-Butt

Whew! It's a thin line. There but for the grace of God, etc. Well, not really God. But it's a saying. You know. Anyway, this sort of drivel at least serves to make me grateful that at least I am human, or so I'm led to believe.

7/15/2009 9:18:38 AM

Pule Thamex

@ LH

And, apparently, many unassimilable whites too. But keep them. Europe doesn't want.

7/15/2009 9:26:05 AM

The Real American Cowboy

You guys all just wait right here, I need another rectally-administered dark meat injection.

7/15/2009 9:26:54 AM


Ya know, it never occurred to me that racism-porn could exist, that bigoted fantasies might be the only way someone could get a boner - but obvously, that's just what's happening here. Depravity knows no lower limit.

7/15/2009 10:48:24 AM


LH wrote:
They should have been sent back to Africa when they were freed.

It was tried, that's how the Republic of Liberia was founded. The best of intentions, an absolute disaster in practice. The freed slaves set themselves up as an ruling elite over the indigenous people and the country is still an economic mess torn apart by decades of civil war over a century and a half later.

7/15/2009 1:00:41 PM


More fapping fantasies.

@ Lucilius
Large scary black men raping petite white women is one of the more popular forms of hard porn out there.

7/15/2009 1:24:36 PM

Average Guy

This is what happens when you let the criminally insane use a computer.

I normally come here for laughs, but this quote is just horrible, I couldn't laugh once at it.

7/15/2009 1:29:58 PM

The Real American Cowboy

@LH: the sub-suharan sub-human scum deserve to be wiped out. Africa is a continent with a lot of potential, only it's inhabited by grade A idiots who can't farm worth a shit, are always sick probably because they shit in ther drinking water, and are always fighting each other over ethnic disputes(like nigger americans with their gang violence). They don't deserve to have a whole continent for themselves. I think we should displace them from Africa and give all the lands to White men. Send them to Siberia. They'll be happy as long as they can still chuck spears at each other and put huge disks in their already fat lips.

7/15/2009 2:22:21 PM

The Real American Cowboy

The sub-saharan human scum deserve to be wiped out because they aren't sticking their throbbing cocks into my fat pasty ass.

7/15/2009 2:46:09 PM

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