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It is only fitting as the CSA was FORCED to have the USA replace all OUR Southern flags with their US Federal Flag of racism – yes – it is the Federal US flag that flew over ALL the slave ships, not the CSA flags ! Educated people know this and do not make fools of themselves making comments that I’ve read from the Yankees who have infiltrated here ! The CSA FORBADE their flags to fly over anything to do with slavery or hate ! Those who know true history cringe from the racist US Federal Flag that is in our faces everywhere remindng us today that WE ARE ALL SLAVES TO THE FEDERAL US GOV’T TODAY ! !
The CSA flags stand for FREEDOM ! The CSA is STILL its own nation and has the right to fly their own flags ! The CSA NEVER surrendered ! WE are just illegally OCCUPIED by the USA Federalists !

Carrie, fitsnews.com 54 Comments [7/22/2009 11:55:43 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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CSA lost the civil war, get over it.

7/22/2009 12:11:53 PM


So... slavery is okay, then? What's the price for your daughter, Carrie? /sarcasm

Seriously, get real and get a life.

7/22/2009 12:30:52 PM


Wow, history revision at it's stupidest.

7/22/2009 12:31:44 PM

Nathan the Wise

Well, when Grant asked Lee if he gave up, Lee said 'Yes', which counts as a surrender if you ask me.

7/22/2009 12:46:54 PM

Thinking Allowed

The Cival War ended in 1865. I think you may be 144 years too late.

7/22/2009 12:53:32 PM


You might want to speak with CSA President Jefferson Davis and Gen. Robert E. Lee about that last bit. They both signed papers of surrender.

As far as the rest, it's true that the US flag did fly over a great many slave ships, though after the split, the southern states didn't have much in the way of trade overseas due to the blockades. They can not have had slave ships, at least a significant number of them. The "CSA" depended on slave labor while the northern states had a greater number of free blacks and a thriving abolitionist movement. It was also the US President that ordered all slaves freed in Confederate territory, and later extended that to all slaves.

To recap:
* The Confederates depended on slavery.
* All trade ships holding port in the US used the US flag up to the secession.
* The CSA had few trade ships, and no capability to support long distance trade missions, instead depending on the British.
* The Confederates were soundly defeated and their highest authorities signed papers of surrender.
* And (most importantly) you're a wacko.

7/22/2009 1:00:37 PM

Not really fundie, just an idiot.

7/22/2009 1:11:44 PM


Looking at this and trying to read it all I see is: "CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO!"

7/22/2009 1:13:25 PM


Sad. Fucking sad.

The "CSA" committed TREASON against the US government, and the CSA "flag" is a SYMBOL OF HATE.

Grow the fuck up.

7/22/2009 1:19:42 PM


The importation of slaves via ship was banned by Congress in the early 19th century, well before the beginning of the Civil War. By the time of the CSA, the US slave population was self-sustaining.

7/22/2009 1:28:37 PM


Yep, the federal government is pro-slavery. That's why the president is black.

7/22/2009 1:30:04 PM

Zeus Almighty

Epic history fail, but not particularly fundie.

7/22/2009 1:39:08 PM


The CSA is STILL its own nation and has the right to fly their own flags

So does that mean the rest of us can stop sending $120 billion a year of our Federal tax money to them? I'll bet Louisiana drops out of the deal when they find out their tax rates are doubling.

7/22/2009 2:05:02 PM


Speaking as a Southerner and a Civil War reenactor, shut the fuck up. You obviously know nothing about history. Seriously, go read a fucking book. The Southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States mostly to defend the institution of slavery.

"The CSA FORBADE their flags to fly over anything to do with slavery or hate !"
--Yeah, then explain why the Confederate flag flew over the entirety of the Confederacy, a nation with slavery as one of its biggest institutions.

And the CSA never surrendered? Give me a fucking break. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865; Johnston surrendered what was left of the Army of Tennessee on April 26, 1865. Various Confederate forces continued to surrender after that. And one's government pretty much ceases to exist when the entire executive branch gets captured. Also, ever hear of Reconstruction?

When you've got an actual degree in history, then you can come back and try and refute that. Until then, go fuck yourself. You're making other sane Southerners look like fucktards.

7/22/2009 2:07:55 PM

D Laurier.

The SURRENDER at Appomatox dissagrees with you.

7/22/2009 2:25:25 PM


Lee surrendered to Grant April 3,1865 your 144 years to late and even if you wern't your a woman not a soldier your opinion at the time would have meant jack shit.Aw,so sad.

7/22/2009 2:32:48 PM


That would mean that any country that once had slaves and hasn't changed their flag is still racist.

Capitalizing WORDS makes ME RIGHT!!!!!!!!

7/22/2009 2:34:23 PM


Reading the OP apparently they don't intend to fly any of the CSA National Flags but the CSA Battle Flag.

Sounds like treason to me.

Oh, and here's Lee's siggy on the surrender document:

7/22/2009 3:12:49 PM


Remember, Carrie, you guys break away a second time, we're not taking you back again - no matter how much you beg.

7/22/2009 4:01:13 PM


Am I the only one that read this quote with Cartman's voice in my head?

7/22/2009 4:05:25 PM

Yes and no; CSA flags didn't fly on slave ships, but that's because slave importation had been criminalized by the point.

7/22/2009 4:05:29 PM

Old Viking

There were numerous versions of the Confederate flag, but none until 1861.

7/22/2009 4:07:32 PM


"The CSA FORBADE their flags to fly over anything to do with slavery or hate !"

[facepalm] I'm speechless.

7/22/2009 4:17:28 PM


Dude, you lost that war 150 years ago. Get over it.

7/22/2009 4:25:43 PM

David Williams

It's just more Lost Cause bullcrap. I'd give ten to one odds that whomever typed this did so with a pen gripped firmly in the hand, because his pudgy sausage fingers couldn't hit one key at a time and his prodigious beer gut prevented him from leaning close enough to the computer to do so anyways.

7/22/2009 4:46:30 PM

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