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its pretty stupid to defend the perversion that is homosexuality while attacking people who get aroused by animals, dead bodies, etc. or people who enjoy eating other's feces

if you think about it, there ARE creatures that live solely off another's feces, yet there has yet to be a strictly "homosexual species" (hermapherditic animals dont count since they have both body parts)

this means that homosexuality is vastly MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL than coprophagia (eating bodily waste)

littleboy1999, http://www.topix.net/forum/news/sex 54 Comments [7/23/2009 2:41:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Mandy

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Wow - what an amazing leap of logic shit-for-brains! Your post has more fail than it's size would suggest.

Heard of "consenting adults"?

7/23/2009 2:49:42 AM


homosexuality is vastly MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL than coprophagia

===Gosh, we do know big words for a 'littleboy'.

Well, Shithead, Coprophagia and such practices are voluntarily engaged in probably in the main by heterosexuals, although it is far from unlikely that some homosexual people engage in the practice too. It is a matter of choice for them and has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual orientation. Your feeble attemp to reduce gay men in their entirety to shit is all too obvious. It speaks volumes about the nasty little constipated shit that you are, and the disgusting level at which your mind works.

Homosexuality is not a matter of choice for the homosexual person. And you can rant and scream until mommy slaps you black and blue, but it doesn't alter the fact to suit your prejudices: homosexuality is an orientation, not a lifestyle or a choice. It is a given.

And if you still persist in your idiocy, then I will have to insist that you tell me the date and time you chose to be heterosexual. Failure to do this will only prove my contention and highlight your bigotry.

7/23/2009 2:53:09 AM


It just fails.

7/23/2009 2:57:04 AM



7/23/2009 2:59:35 AM


You've been listening to ol' Freddy Phelps too much, littleboy (apt username).

7/23/2009 3:02:30 AM


Well, I woudln´t mind people who enjoy playing with feces, as long as they don´t do it in public.
Animals and dead bodies however is another matter, as it is rather not consentual (both, animals as well as deadbodies are unable to give his consent to sex [well, a lump of feces isn´t, as well, but feces don´t count as (former) living beings]).

That said...
as homosexual sex is consentual I don´t see any reason to object to it ;) )

oh and btw. there is no such thing like an hermapherditic animal, I assume you meant hermaphroditic ;)
And while there surely is no purely homosexual species, we have the Bonobos as an example for an animal species in which Bisexuality and Homosexuality is really widespread. In fact sex (no matter among which genders) is used by them very sucessfully to get rid of aggressions, leading to a truely peaceful society (much more peaceful than for example the society of chimpanzees [or that of the humans]), which Jesus surely would have liked ;)

7/23/2009 3:07:43 AM


It is damaging to human beings to have sex with the dead and eat shit. This is why there are laws about these things. It is not damaging for two consenting adults of the same sex to have sex. And before you start in on "but buttsex is bad for you", regular straight sex can be very painful and difficult for some people too. Now shut the fuck up and stop being stupid.

7/23/2009 3:13:17 AM


Is someone trying to defend their little fetish?

7/23/2009 3:45:08 AM


Looks like somebody is quite defensive on the subject of coprophagia...Are you trying to say something littleboy1999?

7/23/2009 3:46:46 AM


Hey, Topix, how 'bout a moderator?

7/23/2009 4:01:59 AM


Ya know, there's loads of things out there you consider disgusting. Clearly eating shit and fucking someone of the same gender are disgusting to you. Fine. Just because it disgusts you, that doesn't mean that it's wrong or even unnatural.

There's quite a few nutrients in our excrement and therefore, if handled properly, can help with survival.

7/23/2009 4:20:28 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

OK, eat shit then and STFU!

7/23/2009 4:23:34 AM


Lesbian lizard. The end.

7/23/2009 4:25:03 AM


The only thing more dysfunctional than eating shit is talking it.

7/23/2009 4:43:56 AM


What about parthenogenesis? Most of the time the females just give birth to more females. They'll even simulate mating with each other to stimulate the development of new embryos.

Why, though, does there have to be a strictly homosexual species in order for homosexuality to be considered natural? You're just saying in a different way that they can't reproduce (with each other that is) so it can't be right, which is not a good argument.

7/23/2009 4:53:38 AM


There are more species that live off feces than there are species that write piano concertos. Therefore, writing piano concertos is MORE DYSFUNCTIONAL than coprophagia.

Also, I note that Topix puts a question about the policy on gays in the military under the "sex" category, rather than under "politics" or "military" or something. It's all about the sex, you know. The dirty, dirty sex.

7/23/2009 5:32:23 AM


Yes, there are examples of actual homosexual species (ie: species in which homosexual behaviour is common) around.
Xylocoris Maculipennis. Look it up - I won't go into details here, since some people may have eaten recently.

7/23/2009 5:36:27 AM


I know now waaaay more about your fetish than I ever wanted to.

7/23/2009 5:47:09 AM


there has yet to be a strictly "homosexual species" (hermapherditic animals dont count since they have both body parts)

The whiptail lizard would like to have a word with you.

7/23/2009 5:49:57 AM

the dog

if you think about it, there ARE creatures that live solely off another's feces, Yes and most of them are hermaphrodites that have asexual reproduction.

It's all part of god's wonderful plan for diversity :-)

7/23/2009 5:53:02 AM

the dog

The thing I hate most about dung beetles is their shot eating grins :-)

7/23/2009 5:54:10 AM


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew... you seem to know a little too much about being coprophagous... and I don't think I want to know why.

7/23/2009 6:03:24 AM


1. You're a dipshit.

2. Just because some creature's body allows them to consume feces doesn't mean that a human body could do that without harm.

3. All animals can have homosexual sex.

4. If there was a strictly "homosexual species," they would have died out LONG ago. Homosexuality is supposed to be mixed in with heterosexuality. It's population control.

5. Go back to eating shit.

7/23/2009 6:18:23 AM


Homosexuality - consenting adults; doesn't hurt anybody. Verdict: OK
Aroused by animals - animals can't consent; hurts the animal if the person actually has sex with them. Verdict: Not OK
Coprophilia/coprophagia - consenting adults; doesn't hurt anybody. Verdict: Not my bag, baby, but OK

7/23/2009 7:09:12 AM


Graffito (very old):
Eat Shit 50,000,000,000 flies can't be wrong.

7/23/2009 7:17:03 AM

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