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I forgot to mention y'all should investigate the meaning of gold fringe on the flags now. It represents "Admiralty Law" over Constitutional laws.

Admiralty law is basically the law on the seas, whereas the captain is the law, and decides who gets what rights, if any. It is in effect without most people even being aware the Bill of Rights is merely optional now.

Admiralty law, I think was brought in via Executive Order of president Eisenhauer or Truman, actually. It is another layer of guarranteed unaccountability for gov unconstitutionality.

Think twice before you say it's a free country again. A gold fringe flag in court is a court rigged in the name of national security.

James J Dierbeck, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [7/30/2009 10:17:31 PM]
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Nathan the Wise


That is all, sailor.

7/30/2009 11:50:06 PM


Gold fringe is just decor. Saying otherwise is punishable by flogging.

7/31/2009 12:08:05 AM


Crap. Not this shit again.

7/31/2009 1:31:26 AM

Dr. Novakaine

I think you need a bit of a rest, Jimbo.

7/31/2009 7:36:17 AM


sounds like somebody needs to stop hitting the grog.

7/31/2009 7:53:06 AM

Just when I thought I'd heard them all......

Actually, it was Gerorge W. Bush who made the Bill of Rights optional with the Patriot Act, among other things, "in the name of national security". After all, as he said, "The Consitution is just a piece of paper".

7/31/2009 8:07:27 AM

Dr. Razark

"Ship of state" is a figure of speech, dude.

7/31/2009 3:22:58 PM

Power Skunk

Just flogging? I thought it was keelhauling.

7/31/2009 3:59:19 PM


Quit listening to Dale Gribble.

8/1/2009 7:49:21 PM


Lunacy supported by a "fringe" group.

8/2/2009 5:00:13 PM


Oh Zeus, not this shit again!

The gold fringe has NO significance. In fact, this whole post is complete rubbish.

10/21/2012 8:21:43 AM

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