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[What's so wrong with bikinis?]

I wonder just how many rapes and child molestations by old men who cannot get a woman otherwise were caused by scantily clad women. Now that would be an interesting study.

This society is sick, sick, sick. We cause people to sin and then put them in jail when they do it.


Muldah, Yahoo! Answers 94 Comments [7/28/2009 4:53:52 PM]
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7/28/2009 4:55:55 PM


This one is a bit xenophobic, imho.

7/28/2009 4:57:35 PM


No study would alter the fact that everyone is responsible for controlling their own urges, and what a person is wearing when they're raped is completely irrelevant.

ETA-if you don't like it, move to the Middle East, where they put the victims in jail.

7/28/2009 5:00:42 PM


Well yeah we do put people in jail after they 'sin', at least when such sins break the law. What you would rather have us do, put them in jail before they break the law? I'm pretty sure Orwell had some thoughts on that.

7/28/2009 5:01:03 PM

Dio Fa

Yet, there are so few rapes at nudist colonies and nude beaches.

Why do you think that is?

7/28/2009 5:07:08 PM


Wait a minute...child molestations are caused by scantily clad women?? How the hell does that work?

7/28/2009 5:10:33 PM


Very few, the ones that do for such a reason were unstable in the first place, possibly taught it was sinful to have ANY kind of release outside of sex with a woman, and as such had the repression build up for SO long they lost their mind. :|

7/28/2009 5:14:01 PM


Yeah, because all rapists are old men.

And how many rapes are done while the woman sleeps with a window open? What the hell does she expect leaving that window seductively ajar.

Oh, and quit doing these fucking studies, cons tend to glom onto Twinkie defences. Maybe most rapists read porn, but most guys who read porn don't rape.

7/28/2009 5:15:15 PM


Yeah, I'm personally just waiting for the Burkah fashion to take off in America. Comes in colors gray and beige.

7/28/2009 5:21:27 PM


I like a woman in a bikini as much as the next man.
Although he's rather hairy and I don't think pink suits him.

7/28/2009 5:24:33 PM



7/28/2009 5:27:26 PM

Zeus Almighty

And to think god created us naked and with an overwhelming desire to continue our species and a raging sex drive to boot.
What was that fucking idiot thinking?

7/28/2009 5:46:12 PM


7/28/2009 5:48:36 PM


I would answer this with a smart and well thought comment, but there is a stripper doing some sexy stuff in front of me. Damn, it feels good to be an internationally feared mastermind.

7/28/2009 5:53:04 PM

This is a Poe.

7/28/2009 5:58:25 PM


They are not raped because how they are dressed you fucking apologist. And no people do not cause each other to sin. We are accountable for our actions. So if they rape they damn well should be in jail then convicted and sent to prison

7/28/2009 6:13:09 PM


"We cause people to sin and then put them in jail when they do it."

Am I really the only one who saw that as an ironic description of their God?

7/28/2009 6:22:59 PM

Pule Thamex

I often wonder what causes people on Yahoo! Answers to be as unremittingly stupid as you Muldah. I blame fundamental Christianity and other fundamentalist cults for many of them.

7/28/2009 6:27:39 PM

Old Viking

This says more about you and other fundy males than it does women who wear bikinis.

7/28/2009 6:59:15 PM


You have to be pretty sick yourself to make the leap between women in bikinis to raping and molesting. Project much?

7/28/2009 7:07:12 PM


What an a**hole. Men have control over their sexual urges so stop putting the supposed responsibilty on us. For those men who can't, that's why they get in trouble.

7/28/2009 7:27:42 PM


1) People who rape and molest children should be locked up.

2) If people cannot control themselves they cause themselves to "sin"; the victim is the victim.

7/28/2009 7:30:42 PM


So when a man sees a woman in a bikini, he loses all mental functions and turns into a brainless zombie with no control of his actions? Good to know.

7/28/2009 7:35:26 PM



Xenophobic? How so? Misogynistic, ignorant, possibly a poe, but hardly xenophobic. You do realize "xenophobia" means fear of foreigners, right?

7/28/2009 7:48:34 PM

Rapes aren't caused by anything the victim does, they're caused by assholes who decide to rape...

7/28/2009 8:02:39 PM

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