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[Birds descended from mammals?! Quick, tell the paleontological community and win a Nobel Prize!]

we have observed evolution transpire, no argument against that... but I have yet to see any experiments that convinced me, for example, that dinosaurs evolved from birds (which was one theory) or from reptiles and amphibians... for all that I've read, they could have evolved from mammals.

Totoro Man, Comic Book Resources Forums 8 Comments [9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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But they didn't, birds decended from mammals, unless you think bats are birds.

12/31/2006 6:06:20 PM


Umm no. The theory is that birds evolved from Dinosaurs, not the other way around. And you're obviously reading some whack shit.

It's funny that these people know NOTHING about Science or what they're trying to dismiss.

2/2/2007 8:32:34 PM


We've witnessed, personally, evolution taking place over millions of years? I think not.

6/25/2010 2:43:39 PM

that dinosaurs evolved from birds (which was one theory)

Actually you are not remembering it right; it was birds that evolved from dinosaurs.

for all that I've read, they could have evolved from mammals.

Then obviously you haven't read much at all.

6/25/2010 3:57:26 PM


Mammals are the late comers. We decended from reptiles.

Dinosaurs didn't decend from birds, birds are also late comers. Products of a different planet really, as we were a different planet when dinosaurs roamed. The only mammals we find during that time were rodents, no man, no ape, no horse

6/25/2010 5:48:13 PM


"dinosaurs evolved from birds"


6/26/2010 7:34:47 AM


Someone I was debating earlier asked me, if evolution can result in another species, why haven't domestic dogs evolved into another breed despite evolving over millions of years and becoming different breeds that are still of the same species?

I answered pretty much every other point they made, but I didn't know the answer to this one. Anyone care to enlighten me, please?

6/26/2010 8:07:53 AM


You obviously haven't read anything.

9/26/2011 11:57:44 AM

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