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[Replying to 'But even if it is supernatural, why your God? Why God and not Vishnu? Or playful spirits?']

Because the miracles of my faith also contain messages, relevant to the faith. In fact, if they don't have messages attached, so to speak, they are usually seen as fake.

s0uljah, Christian Forums 3 Comments [9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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God told me he was real.

10/3/2006 5:18:32 AM


So, he's saying that other religions don't have messages in their teachings?
Or is this just word-soup?

4/3/2007 6:57:43 PM


You know, this argument could be used by the worshippers of any supernatural being.

9/26/2011 12:02:21 PM

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