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We just need to make AIDS airborne, itll wipe out everyone but pure blooded northern europeans with the AIDS immunity gene

FromTheRiver, Chimpout 57 Comments [8/13/2009 8:51:30 PM]
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8/17/2009 8:26:04 AM


Please immolate yourself.


8/17/2009 1:40:51 PM


Yes, it's the perfect plan. I'm going to engineer a virus that will cause 95% of the world's population to die sometime in the next 10-30 years +. Maybe then there wont be enough left to maintain the species that I'm apart of and I'll die hungry and alone assuming all the people I infected don't come to lynch me first. Brilliant!

8/17/2009 6:38:48 PM


You get research points for the fact that the gene you're talking about does exist, and I get the impression it is (somewhat) more common in northern europeans. However, all that means is that 10-15% of Northern Europeans are heterozygous for that gene. You need two copies for immunity* and the number of northern Europeans who are homozygous for that gene will be even smaller (and probably does not include you.) Meanwhile, other parts of the world are developing a different, less effective (but more common) form of AIDS resistance, probably resulting from the multigenerational AIDS epidemic. In short, not only would that be an attrocity on a massive scale that would have you hated by as many generations as remember you, but it also wouldn't work.

*One copy makes you resistant, but not immune, which wouldn't be much help if the hospitals were busy trying to treat everyone.

8/17/2009 9:33:41 PM


You'd kill 95% of Northern Europeans too. Oopsie.

8/18/2009 1:12:02 AM


Hehehehhehe where Oh where does it say that we Northern Europeans have an Aids immunity gene when loads of Europeans have died from it?? madness lol

8/18/2009 6:01:40 AM

glass walker

Um, the HIV immunity gene is pretty rare. If you make HIV airborne it's pretty likely it will kill you along with the majority of the "pure blooded norther Europeans".

8/20/2009 8:46:51 AM

Yama the Space Fish


Fascist wanker.

8/20/2009 2:18:19 PM

No! Chimp = chimpanzee. You thick turd.

8/20/2009 4:00:21 PM


This guy is a psycho. Make AIDS airborn? Kill everyone but those with the immunity gene? WHAT?!

Well, there is in fact, an "AIDS immunity gene". And he seems to be saying just those AMONG the Northern Europeans who happen to have the gene would survive, so he's even saying much of Northern Europe would die.

The problems with the idea (apart from, you know, being batshit crazy) are:

A) This immunity gene isn't just in Northern Europe (though it's still a rare gene), so the idea that they'd be the only ones to survive is wrong.

B) There are treatments for AIDS, not everyone would die anyway.

C) Causing a mutation of HIV that would leave it airborn might RENDER THIS "IMMUNITY GENE" USELESS, since the characteristics of a mutated HIV would be different from the current HIV.

8/22/2009 4:26:11 PM


Oh god.
Oh, I needed that laugh. Chimpout- whoever you are, thank you. *wipes tear*

8/24/2009 1:48:11 AM

how come you could erase the Christian troll but not 88?

I'm not a mod, but I imagine it's because when you trolled as the Christian troll, it was simply repetitive spam. Whereas, TRAC/88/Will Derrickson/American Minuteman has an entertainment value, as well as validating this section of the site. For giving us the laughs with his MPD fantasies, TRAC has earned his place here.

Now, any more questions?

8/24/2009 7:37:07 AM



No one tell this guy that some African prostitutes seem to be immune to AIDS.

And two Chinese woman apparently have resistance as well.

8/26/2009 11:04:26 AM


Please excuse me for the following sarcasm.

Like, ZOMG. Well, apparently there's an AIDS immunity gene going around. This full-blooded No. European girl needs to get herself some o' that, cause I sure as hell don't have it right now! :D


(British, Irish, and Polish, if you need to know).

8/30/2009 3:56:48 PM

Evil Left-Wing Feminist


10/30/2009 11:18:13 AM

I can't wait to see FromTheRiver's face when he realizes he's not immune to HIV himself.

8/10/2010 12:46:27 AM

Rapax Pringer

We just need to make AIDS airborne. It'll wipe out everyone.


9/7/2010 1:56:34 PM


So Finnish people can't get AIDS? Ah, fuck... knew I should've accepted that scholarship.

11/2/2010 7:58:33 AM


Right... I see mass extiction of northern Europeans as we speak. I for myself would not like to get your super-duper-hokey-pokey-airborne-AIDS, please. Not that it's even remotely a thinkable version of AIDS, at least with your dimbulbs' knowhow.

But good luck with that, see you in the AIDS-ward, if you're succesfull.

1/25/2011 4:55:11 PM


Is there a betting pool for how long it will take this guy to contract AIDS?

2/2/2011 8:50:26 PM

Aid immunity what!?

2/12/2011 2:52:56 AM

Someone von Motherfucker

"No, I'm serious dude, it's cool, I don't need a clean needle, I've got the white gene."

7/3/2011 6:59:01 PM

The illogical sandwich (who's a proud Swede)

Looks like we've got a little psychoooooo here...

7/14/2011 3:07:19 PM


There is no such thing as an AIDS immunity gene.

10/12/2011 3:07:44 PM


So, I'm assuming that you are "Pure-blooded Northern European"? If so - why don't you test out this immunity theory of yours by poking yourself with random dirty needles at a needle exchange.

You do realize that the immunity gene - while more common to N. Europeans is not exclusive to them - and even in them it's only about 5% of the population that's immune. You are effectively calling to massacre the vast majority of humanity. Sick Bastard. After you've proven that you aren't immune - please go and find a fire to die in. HIV would take way too long to kill you.

1/25/2012 5:27:44 PM

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