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This country is going down hill fast.Has anyone notice there are more blacks on TV now than ever.Did Obama tell all the news networks put more nigs on TV or ill not give you any money.Just like the news people when its about Obama there black.Where did they come? from all of sudden.Plus a white guy with a gun is not going to shot a black guy now if the gun was in a black guys hand big difference..

swaaflyus, YouTube 7 Comments [8/31/2009 5:42:32 PM]
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Oh WTF! Television hasn't been a whites only zone for decades! Or haven't you noticed? Grow the hell up.

8/31/2009 7:20:30 PM


I hope they haven't allowed dumbfucks like you to own a gun.

8/31/2009 7:26:08 PM


Really? You've never noticed black people on TV before? They've been on TV ever since TV was invented. Or have you never heard of the Amos 'N Andy show?

Amos 'n Andy, was first broadcast on CBS television in June 1951, and lasted some two years before the program was canceled in the midst of growing protest by the black community in 1953. It was the first television series with an all-black cast (the only one of its kind to appear on prime-time, network television for nearly another twenty years).

Plus a white guy with a gun is not going to shot a black guy now if the gun was in a black guys hand big difference..
Umm... So white people should go around shooting black people? Black people go around shooting white people all the time? WTF?

8/31/2009 8:18:00 PM


You retarded?

9/1/2009 4:10:04 AM


You have had an opportunity for a better education over the years, right? Shoulda taken it, if you want us to take you seriously.

9/1/2009 6:17:44 AM

COR 2000

Right, because perish the thought that "dem blackies" and others with higher melanin counts are represented equally on TV, let alone in real life...

Anyways, I couldn't help but think of this when reading the post:


I wonder if it's the same guy....

9/1/2009 6:44:03 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Whites never shoot blacks? Bullshit.

9/1/2009 8:40:51 AM

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