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KHARTOUM - A Sudanese journalist is preparing to be flogged 40 times in Khartoum on Wednesday for wearing "indecent" clothes, with 10 women already whipped for similar offences against Islamic law.

Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, who writes for the left-wing Al-Sahafa newspaper and works for the media department of the United Nations Mission in Sudan, was arrested in Khartoum earlier this month after being caught wearing pants.

"I received a telephone call from the authorities saying I must appear at 10 am (0700 GMT) on Wednesday in front of the judge," Hussein told AFP on Tuesday.

"It is important that people know what is happening," Hussein said in an invitation to journalists to attend her court appearance and flogging.

"They will lash me 40 times, and also fine me 250 Sudanese pounds (100 dollars)."

Hussein said she was at a restaurant on July 3 when police came in and ordered 13 women wearing pants to follow them to the police station.

Sudanese police, Ottawa Citizen 29 Comments [8/28/2009 3:10:05 PM]
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Pants. Just... pants. *sigh*

8/28/2009 3:14:11 PM


I can't begin to understand any of this. How are pants "indecent?" The woman's legs are covered. What's the problem? Why would you beat someone for wearing pants?

I'm sure even in a strict Muslim country, there are people going around doing some really horrible things to other people. Maybe they should focus on them and leave the poor women alone.

8/28/2009 3:26:00 PM

D Laurier.

We bomb Iraq into rubble.
We strangle Lybia with blockade.
We threaten Syria.
But we politely ignore batshit insanity in Sudan.

What the fuck.

8/28/2009 3:38:32 PM


I have to respect her response to it. The invitation to the media, and the attempt to get the story out there.

8/28/2009 3:41:40 PM

Well hey, her name is Hussein, so she probably deserved it for being a terrorist. No non-terrorist would have such a name!

8/28/2009 3:59:00 PM


Pants are teh EEEVIL because they make it quite obvious that a woman has body parts that are nice to look at! If Allah wanted women to be attractive and anatomically different from men, he'd have made them that way! Oh, wait...

8/28/2009 4:02:48 PM


Another proof of how retarded religions are.

8/28/2009 4:05:03 PM


I assume pants are evil cause they're considered men's clothing.
So on the one hand they wanna make sure men and women are clearly different, on the other hand, women must not be too feminine in their attire or that would be obscene too.

8/28/2009 4:07:41 PM


What the bloody fuck is WRONG with these people?!

8/28/2009 4:13:28 PM




8/28/2009 4:29:09 PM


D Laurier said:

We bomb Iraq into rubble.
We strangle Lybia with blockade.
We threaten Syria.
But we politely ignore batshit insanity in Sudan.

What the fuck.

Two words:
No Oil!

8/28/2009 4:50:59 PM


One might add that al-Hussein, because she works for the UN probably could get away without the trial andtherefore any punishment, because of diplomatic immunity.
But she wants the trial to take place, because she hopes to be able to use it asa tool in her fight against absurd misogynous laws like these.

One can only hope she succeeds with this fight.
(Well, it was only just over 50 years ago when the USA still had absurd laws concerningracial segregation and people like Rosa Parks who fought against them... so I think that even in Sudan there is hope, that they might someday turn into a country with human rights standards that are more like those of modern western democracies ;) )

8/28/2009 5:33:48 PM


This regime is not only fundy its genocidal. They need to be out of power ASAP.


It has oil, but it sells its oil to China rather than the west. In fact, if it weren't for China propping them up, there'd be no fundy government there.

8/28/2009 5:47:14 PM



8/28/2009 6:04:19 PM


Talk about retarded laws.

8/29/2009 2:03:28 AM


Yeah, let's get bunch of men to read men-written nook to decide what's indecent for women to wear. That sounds like a good idea.

8/29/2009 2:07:44 AM

We're not so far ahead of them as we think we are. As late as the 1940s, women were not allowed in some New York hotel lobbies in pants. I'll bet there are plenty of fundie areas of the US now where they'd love to be able to get away with this shit.

8/29/2009 3:35:48 AM



I'll be damned!
Indeed they do have oil, over 500,000 barrels per day in production!

I stand corrected, thanks!

8/29/2009 8:05:34 AM


Whipping women is NOT COOL.

8/29/2009 9:40:33 AM

I'm sure they never read the Arabian Nights and the detailed description of Sherezade's garment.

8/29/2009 9:41:51 AM

Yama the Space Fish

Omar al-Bashir is a barely literate troglodyte, so I don't think he'll be reading anything.

8/29/2009 11:44:51 AM


Wouldn't you just love to be weilding that whip! Sado-masochist!

You sexual preferences are showing.

8/29/2009 12:30:46 PM

It's good to know that police are expending their efforts on the most worthwhile miscreants.

8/29/2009 12:52:50 PM


Kudos to Ms. Hussein for her response. I am particularly impressed with the fact that she chose to resign from her UN job rather than let the charges be dropped (which would have avoided the international attention she's currently getting.) This woman has courage in spades.

As for the Sudanese government...I'm not sure what kind of severe mental problems are required to allow, much less mandate this, but I hope the international press is all over your sick little display of misogyny and medieval concept of "discipline." Once, the Islamic world was a bastion of civilisation. This government seems intent on making up for that.

8/29/2009 5:11:00 PM


@Ozzie: Because they are technically men's clothing, and cross dressing is forbidden.

8/30/2009 5:42:49 PM

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