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Jesus called the Pharisees "Snakes" a Brood of vipers!" According to you, those are rotten fruits. The Pharisees thought so too which is one reason they killed him. :wink:

But since you don't know that real love (Christ's love) tells you the truth so you can repent and be saved throughout all eternity, then you will continue to seek Satan's "love" which condones sin so you can spend eternity with him in the fires of hell. It's your choice which kind of love you want. But I can guarantee you that your sinful nature will seek sin no matter what the price. :|So as long as you seek Satan's "love" you will reject Christ's love which Jesus tells us most of the world will do. And as always, the world proves Him right. :-)

Carico, A Christian and an Atheist 44 Comments [8/28/2009 8:12:18 PM]
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8/28/2009 8:29:18 PM


Carico, most atheists don't seek out Satan's love. Most people who believe in God don't believe in the devil either.
I think I'll choose the love of my family and friends. I don't need love from strange supernatural entities, nor do I feel any need to love them. Mostly, because unlike my friends and family, I don't think they exist.

8/28/2009 8:34:48 PM

stupid carico.

8/28/2009 8:53:27 PM


More from Carico - one of the Seven Biggest Embarrassments to Humanity.

Look, just admit it. Your only joy in life is bothering people with your preaching and screeching about gawd and how great he is. Then go and take up a better hobby.

8/28/2009 8:57:41 PM


I love it when modern versions of the Pharisees completely miss the point of why Jesus called them that in the first place.

8/28/2009 9:23:58 PM


Blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Oh, I'm sorry. We're you saying something? I thought I heard some tedious droning in the background.

8/28/2009 9:41:11 PM



8/28/2009 10:06:05 PM


Yeah, but all cult founders/leaders tell their cultees that the world will reject them and their doctrines, and it's true, but that doesn't mean their contentions are wise or true.

8/28/2009 10:37:39 PM


Quick! I need a Fundie-to-English dictionary. I have no idea what any of this means.

8/28/2009 11:57:14 PM


Is Carico even a real person or like some over the top poe that nobody has caught out?

I mean, who is Carico?

8/29/2009 12:10:21 AM


WOW! Isn't Carico full of that Christ-like love? I know s/he's full of something...

8/29/2009 12:21:30 AM


Mitch wrote
Is Carico even a real person or like some over the top poe that nobody has caught out?

I mean, who is Carico?

If Carico is a Poe she's an incredibly dedicated one, she clocked up over 10,000 posts at CARM before she was banned.

8/29/2009 1:26:44 AM


Oh, now you listen what Jesus is saying! Where were you when he spoke of getting rid of your earthly possesions by giving them to the poor?

8/29/2009 1:47:19 AM


Qoute from dunc289 at "A Christian and an Atheist":
"Carico is an alter ego I created as a straw man upon which you can all rally in group condemnation.

Obviously it's a lot of work for me to keep up this level of vitriol, but I'm sure you'll agree I've done a great job of uniting atheists and christians alike around a common purpose.


if he is not kidding Carcio is a Poe.

8/29/2009 2:18:04 AM

Mr Blur

Mad Carico babbles again...

8/29/2009 2:33:36 AM


Blaaaahh Blaaaaahh Blaaaaahh....

English Mother fucker Do you Speak it!?

8/29/2009 2:45:10 AM


So my love for my family who have shown nothing but love and support to me all my life isn't genuine? Nor is my love for the friends who have stood by me in good times and bad? Or my love for all the pets I've had who have loved me back unconditionally?

How about my love for all the different cultures of the world, which make it a more interesting to be, and provide me with something new to learn about every day? Or my love for a planet which can be a very beautiful place if you look beyond all the hate, greed and warmongering? Or the books and films that open my mind wide up to new ideas and experiences?

I'm sorry for you if you need a 2,000 year old dead man to act as a go-between for you and the people/things you love. My love for everything and everyone I love is much stronger because I can focus my attention directly on the objects of my affection instead of needing some cosmic mediary to act on my behalf.

What a sad, sad life fundies lead.

8/29/2009 3:05:19 AM


I see words, but not a lot of message.

8/29/2009 3:17:11 AM


It's so terribly ironic when modern fundamentalists criticize ancient Pharisees.

8/29/2009 3:38:44 AM


At least Satan doesn't stalk me.

8/29/2009 3:55:51 AM

Bitch you are downright repulsive, how the fuck do you live with yourself! You are so goddamn stupid you make Sarah Palin look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar, and you're so fucking smug and proud of your ignorance. Words can not express how badly I want to punch you in the face.

8/29/2009 6:05:40 AM



Come on Carico, you can do better than this.

8/29/2009 6:17:50 AM


Carico, you retarded BFD! (BFD = Balding Fat Dumbass)

Atheists don't believe in Satan who is a Christian invention. Satan is just another god you worship, Atheists rejects ALL gods, not just your insane infantile satanic comic book hero!

8/29/2009 7:39:55 AM


Actually, it's the writers of the Gospels who slanted their work in such a way that the Pharisees would look bad. They were the ones who believed in the afterlife, the survival of the soul etc. They were the religious intellectuals of Judaism of Jesus's day. But early christians, in an effort to soften the Romans up psycologically, blamed the Pharisees, and the Jews, generally, for Jesus's death. The real killers, however, were the Romans - the ones who transmitted your religion to you! Meanwhile, for two thousand years the Jews paid a blood price for your religion's lie about them. And innocents were slaughtered right up to the present time in the name of your religion's misbelief.

Some sin you and your kind have committed, Carico! Hell is too chilly for you.

8/29/2009 8:24:51 AM

I read about the afterlife

The "wink" just kills me lmfao.

8/29/2009 9:01:29 AM

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