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[Not even Atheism is free from "fundies"...]

There quite allot of atheists who do everything in their power to shield religion from criticism. They don't subscribe to religion and don't believe in religion for very much the same reasons most atheist do, but they've got an added interest:

They're snobs.

In the land of the blind, one-eye is king. Unlike the 'millitant atheists' or the 'antitheists' They want the majority of this world remain blinded by religion so they can relish at the these inferior sheep. These are the people that try to halt the enlightenement, preferably rewind it by the banner of 'respect' so they can be the scarce 'special' people to hold the truth.

These folks even try to convince other atheists by stating that criticising religion is not the way forward. Trying to push everyone back in the shackles of respecting silence and shutting up about it so the non-believers can smoothly be assimilated into the religious society.

It's all about ego. The viewer free-thinkers, the less people that are like them and the more extra-ordinary they can pretend to be.

Tokamak, RichardDawkins.net forums 31 Comments [8/31/2009 5:44:25 PM]
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Mrs. Antichrist

See, it's dudes like Tokamak that make the rest of us atheists look like assholes, and not for the reasons he's trying to claim.

Some of us happen to realize that there's a time and a place for fighting your battles, and sometimes it's better to let things be, lest you make things worse and not better. If I were to go on an angry rant anytime someone dared to mention religion in my presence, I doubt I'd have too many people left who were willing to listen to my viewpoints. Choose your battles wisely.

I don't consider myself better than anyone else, nor am I extraordinary. Being an atheist doesn't make me particularly unique. I'm yet another person with an opinion, big whoop.

9/6/2009 7:59:57 AM


Karl Rove, anyone?

9/7/2009 2:55:52 AM


Actually in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is nuts. There was a story about a man who discovered these blind people living in isolation in a valley in S. America. They had forgotten about sight so when he told them he could see they thought he was crazy.

9/10/2009 6:07:41 PM


So, you don't like some other people who also happen to be atheists. Big whoop. I personally loathe Hitchens - not because he doesn't pass my personal 'no true Scotsman' litmus test, but because I think he is an egotistical douche.

I may seem a bit militant to some, but I live in the Bible belt and hate the constant barrage of religion. My rule: the moment I see it used as a weapon, there will be a confrontation. I have a distinct hatred for those who proselytize. If you come up to me in a store because your sky-fairy told you to witness to me, I have every right to debate you.

I do, however read more books on various religions than any of my religious friends due to the fact that I find the concept of magical thought anthropologically and psychologically fascinating. My friends of various religions are used to me cornering them with virtual questionnaires as to their beliefs. They know I'm not being judgmental, just curious. They also NEVER try to convert me.

I personally don't consider this entry fundie due to the fact that while atheists might be at times boorish, fundamentalism arises out of irrationality. A lack of belief in a shared ethos is not a state that is a binding agent for a group. For instance, I've never seen an atheist ring a doorbell to spread the word of secular humanism. Now, pardon me, I have to go put my boorish, but not fundie soapbox away.

9/10/2009 11:01:59 PM


hm...i actually have met one person like this. although we shared the same views on God in general, that person actually walked around lavashing in the thought that he was special, annoying every other atheist he knew, because he wanted to be one of the few selected intellectuals that knew the truth.
ugh, talk about annoying.

12/18/2009 8:45:51 PM


What if I point out the flaws in religion to you, then accept your belief anyway because you are allowed to believe that? Just don't hurt anyone in the name of God, and you've avoided my judgement.

7/20/2013 12:20:43 AM

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