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It is far more reasonable to accept the Biblical claim that God created all of mankind's different languages; than it is to believe that some space-dust from a massive chaotic explosion somehow became? life, and then took on intelligence, and then from the same evolutionary process ended up with 7,000 different languages. That makes no sense at all.

GodsSoldier107, YouTube 31 Comments [8/31/2009 9:18:25 PM]
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Mike Sihl


8/31/2009 9:22:27 PM


Thanks for teaching me how life works!

8/31/2009 9:33:29 PM

D Laurier.

Actualy, both notions are pretty absurd, Which is probably why no sensible adult gives much credence to either of your fantasys.

Especialy since the overwhelming mass of evidence points to a third option that human languages diversified in isolation as human populations spread out.

8/31/2009 9:35:30 PM


This one is all over the place First linguistics/anthropology, then perhaps the Big Bang mixed in with abiogenesis, then evolution. Indeed, your ranting makes no sense at all.

8/31/2009 9:37:59 PM

The FBI is controlling your thoughts via your toaster.

Languages change and develope as groups of people separate.

The big bang was more like a space/time expansion thingie.

The big bang is not abiogenesis nor does it have anything to do with the ToE.

The ToE says nothing about linguistics.

That makes no sense at all.

This is the first thing you got right.

8/31/2009 9:43:15 PM



8/31/2009 9:46:32 PM


Ouch. Just... ouch.

8/31/2009 10:17:05 PM


Except that it does make sense, because living things, people and their languages all show clear relationships to each other of an evolutionary nature. You lose.

8/31/2009 11:00:18 PM



Exactly. If God really created different languages to prevent us from understanding each other (as in the Tower of Babel story), then why are so many languages so closely related? Why are e.g. the Scandinavian languages so alike, that any Scandinavian understands the other two languages pretty well, with no former knowledge of them?

It doesn't quite fit with the whole "I'm going to make you not understand each other! Love, God." notion.

9/1/2009 12:14:20 AM


Obviously a home schooled ignoramus. Any NORMAL school teaches the rudiments of history, as it is. Not as the mythological bible tales read.

Fail on so many levels, I can't count them. That's what makes no sense at all. Probably never heard of the "romance" languages, for instance, all derived from the common language of Latin! Latin existed way before your imaginary friend Jesus was supposed to have lived. They were there first!

Hey GodsSoldier, are you even aware that French, Italian, Spanish, even English are derivatives of Latin? I would guess not. Your language knowledge is probably nil.

Your general knowledge probably is lacking too. Get your nose out of the bible and learn some real history, philosophy, science, etc. We passed the dark ages centuries ago.

*siighh* I get so weary of these mental midgets, sometimes.

9/1/2009 2:00:00 AM

some space-dust from a massive chaotic explosion somehow became life, and then took on intelligence [...] That makes no sense at all.

You're right, that makes no sense. Which is why nobody except you actually claims that it happened that way.

9/1/2009 2:10:30 AM


Oh, for fucks sake...

9/1/2009 3:54:35 AM


It's more reasonable for you because you don't want to be bothered to learn the facts.

9/1/2009 4:00:41 AM


argument from ignorance...WIN!!!

9/1/2009 5:08:54 AM

Big Jilm

Languages mutate just like everything else does, for the reasons already mentioned. Your precious American English is actually a Germanic language with word stock that migrated from French, Spanish, and other Romantic languages.

Your god didn't create Grim's Law. Sorry, you fail.

9/1/2009 5:26:44 AM


"That makes no sense at all."

Exactly what I was thinking!

9/1/2009 6:40:29 AM


You don't happen to be a cosmologist, paleontologist, evolutionary biologist AND a linguist, do you? What's that? No? So why can't you take the evidence that experts in the field have broken down for the layman and actually read it? Just because "God did it" is easier for you to understand doesn't mean it's correct.

9/1/2009 7:34:29 AM

Dr. Novakaine

It's okay, we all know your tiny brain is incapable of understanding anything beyond what you can parrot out of a millennia-old storybook. Those of us with higher reasoning skills have no problem with the origins of languages.

9/1/2009 8:08:39 AM

Table Rock

It's a fucking MYTH! Just like many of the Greek myths, it was created to explain an aspect of the world: why are there so many cultures and languages if we all supposedly came from one family?

You honestly believe your almighty God was so threatened by a tall building they were creating that he scattered all the people around the world and made them incomprehensible to one another?

Yet somehow he doesn't have a problem with all our buildings today, which are much, much larger and taller than anything they could've built back then. I guess he got over his inferiority complex.

9/1/2009 8:32:28 AM


If you'd Googled your question first you would have learnt the answer before embarrassing yourself by exposing such profound ignorance.
If you'd even thought about it for a minute, you'd have recognised the changes in languages from the times of the King James Bible, or Shakespeare or Chaucer. or today between Americans, English or Australians.
Instead, in your arrogant refusal to check your facts you have proven yourself a fool.

9/1/2009 8:46:00 AM


The space dust "took on" intelligence - who needs the power of accumulation when you can vulgarise it into three steps?

9/1/2009 8:46:23 AM

Dr. Shrinker

If all of god's soldiers are as moronic as this poster, god should simply surrender right now.

9/1/2009 8:46:39 AM


How come God shit himself over a little tower, yet today he lets us send people into space without doing anything about it?

9/1/2009 8:57:34 AM

It is far more reasonable to accept the Biblical claim that God created...

That's your choice, decision, view point, life style, etc.. What ever you want to call it, it's yours.

However, it's not mine so please don't tell me what to believe, think or feel is reasonable.

9/1/2009 9:29:52 AM

Doubting Thomas

Actually, language roots can be traced back and evolution of different languages can be studied. It's far more believable than a story about a bunch of people who thought they could build a tower to reach God, who got all angry at them for trying and after the tower collapsed, made them all speak in different languages. If this were true, then why aren't there places in the middle east where every language on earth is natively spoken? Why did everyone who spoke English go to England to live, while everyone who spoke Chinese went to China, etc?

9/1/2009 3:08:36 PM

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