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<<Regarding sectarian violence in Northern Ireland>>

I was a young catholic of 9 when the the "troubles" started and was well aware of what was happening. There is a direct link between that and the passing of the pro-killing abortion law of 1967, the first legalised killing taking place in Jan 1968. Because this nation showed a callous disregard for human life then God judged this nation with IRA terrorism.

Bob Hutton, Hard Truth 46 Comments [8/30/2009 1:12:33 PM]
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rubber chicken

As a 9 year old, I doubt if you were even 'well aware' of the fact that what the priest was doing to you was not legal, never mind anything else going on.

8/30/2009 7:07:51 PM


Turtle: "And I'd let everyone in heaven, which would be an amusement park."

Add a 'zoo' (cageless) and make sure my cats are there and you have my vote!

8/30/2009 8:07:34 PM


So how do you explain Afghanistan?

8/30/2009 8:46:27 PM


I wonder if you actually know the history of the north ireland.

8/30/2009 9:18:18 PM


Yeah.. abortion! nothing to do with the battle of the boyne or the english civil war then..

8/30/2009 10:17:13 PM

Doctor Fishcake


8/31/2009 12:54:26 AM


The words "demographic timebomb" mean nothing to you, then?

8/31/2009 1:28:55 AM


So I guess all those people who murdered others and set bombs were not responsible?

8/31/2009 6:10:17 AM

"There is a direct link between that and the passing of the pro-killing abortion law of 1967..."

holy non sequitur batman!

8/31/2009 6:20:11 AM


That makes you 49 now. At that age you should realise that the Troubles were caused by mixing religion and politics. The Northern Ireland protestants, mainly Calvinist in shading, were delighted when, at the partition of Ireland in 1922 they got a 'protestant state for a protestant people. Catholics were actively discriminated against on the basis of religion, and voting was a sham with legal second and third voted going to protestants on bases that only they were likely to fulfil. In this way the IRA was the monster spawn of protestantism as manifested in NI. And all else that happened stemmed from that.

BTW, as a Catholic, you seem to have changed sides. This is never a sign or reliability or trustworthiness. Consequently we are at liberty to discount every word you have said. Turncoat! Keep clear of the IRA. They are probably watching you for the shiftiness of character that you are displaying here.

And being equally polarised, Catholics in NI will never trust you again; and protestants will despise you for turning. You are in a mess.

8/31/2009 6:20:49 AM

umm, I have a good friend in NI and she said abortion is illegal there, and that if a woman wants an abortion she has to take a boat to England to get one. If this guy was from Northern Ireland wouldn't he know that?

8/31/2009 6:39:49 AM


Study some history, then we'll talk.

8/31/2009 8:02:16 AM

Mister Spak

Of course this has nothing to do with an English king invading Ireland about 600 years ago.

8/31/2009 9:58:46 AM

Mister Spak

Philbert McAdamia:

"Instead he writes "Allah" up there, and on the sides of dogs and sheep, and not in English, either. Sometimes he puts Mickey Mouse on the side of a cow. Hahaha, what a joker god is. "

Why isn't god printing "stop abortions" on grilled cheese sandwiches instead of pictures of himself? It seems like it would be more effective.

8/31/2009 10:14:10 AM


Abortion has nothing to do with your idiotic religious war.

8/31/2009 10:51:01 AM

Doctor Whom

Everything is always the fault of at least one of the unholy trinity of abortion, gays, and teaching evolution in schools.

8/31/2009 11:51:09 AM


Post hoc ergo propter hoc. It's a logical fallacy. You commit it.
(I know the IRA started in 1916 and the UK Parliament Abortion Act was 1967. I'm doing him the courtesy of assuming he intended to refer to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) campaign of 1969–1997. Of course if he did mean that, he didn't say it, so perhaps I'm being too generous.)

8/31/2009 1:31:49 PM

Old Viking

The intra-Christianity lovefest in Northern Ireland was the direct result of the worldwide decline in radish consumption.

8/31/2009 1:45:20 PM


Effect =/= Cause

You fail.

8/31/2009 4:08:23 PM

Of course. And 700 years of oppression don't have anything to do with the problem. The fact that they were imitating the civil rights in America either. Or that Catholics were denied the most basic human rights. NO SIR!. The reason is that it was more or less legalised something done for decades.

9/1/2009 7:46:32 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Your "troubles" started a few centuries earlier, dumbass.

4/18/2013 12:45:13 PM

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