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Niggers are never on time to school, they are always talking on their sail fawn, they are always looking out for muh dick and muh pussy. They are too distracted and stupid to learn.

What can we do?

Inniggeration, Argue with Everyone 29 Comments [9/15/2009 10:03:50 PM]
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That site needs moderators.

9/15/2009 10:28:03 PM

Nathan the Wise

No, it's teenagers who are like that. Truly is it said, education is wasted on the young.

9/15/2009 11:56:17 PM


"Muh" dick? What the hell is a "muh" dick?

9/16/2009 4:16:57 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

I teach! You are wrong. How well a kid does depends only on how hard they work. End of story.

Edit: Of course, like it or not class does play a factor.

That's not to say that all underclass and/or working class kids play up and all middle class kids study hard. But if you work in low socioeconomic areas you notice more misbehavior - white kids from poor areas with less opportunities for advancement act like that too. No surprises there.

9/16/2009 6:30:06 AM

The Real American Cowboy

What can we do? It's simple. Stop giving away tax dollars in the form of 'scholarships' for black students to play basketball for four years and then drop out and join a gang.

BTW, why are there no 'white diversity' scholarships?

9/16/2009 6:50:36 AM


@Cowfucker: There are. At least, where I'm from there were. Nearly every page of the scholarship book had something given out by this-or-that Italian, Irish or other European cultural organization. Your strawmen are not welcome here.

9/16/2009 6:56:46 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Yeah, really strong statement from a person who writes at a level I eclipsed in first grade. "Sail fawn," what the fuck? How much does it hurt to be that stupid?

9/16/2009 7:37:17 AM

Thanks for describing the perfect white trash. Or the kind of Southern species that you only find on the telly regardless of its race, for that matter.

9/16/2009 9:13:06 AM

Yama the Space Fish

There should be a scholarship for "punching cowboys"

9/16/2009 10:21:37 AM


Really, what do we expect from a site called "argue with everyone"?

9/16/2009 11:27:57 AM

The Real American Cowboy

LOL, very funny Yama - but seriously, why would you want to punch out the guy who puts beef on your table every night?

9/16/2009 11:36:29 AM

The Real American Cowboy

"A cowboy's life is lonely,
and his lot is not the best,
but if it hadn't been for men like me,
we wouldn't have no west." - Jerry Jeff Walker,
"The Man in the Big Hat"


9/16/2009 11:42:14 AM

Nathan the Wise

I did NOT need that image of TRAC putting his beef on my table.


9/16/2009 11:56:18 AM


"Niggers are never on time to school, they are always talking on their sail fawn, they are always looking out for muh dick and muh pussy. They are too distracted and stupid to learn."

So what's your excuse?

"What can we do?"

Try learning a little yourself. Especially spelling and proper English usage.

9/16/2009 2:43:00 PM

D Laurier.

What the fuck is a "sail fawn"???

9/16/2009 3:47:14 PM


Many persons of low socio-economic status, black, white, brown, blue, green, have poor life skills.

9/17/2009 10:14:07 AM


This quote,#65721, exemplifies the effects of inbreeding.

My guess..... I doubt this guy can even read an analog clock.

9/17/2009 1:29:48 PM

Captain Klamydia

@ TRAC: Buddy i hunt and grow my own food and i have not had beef in a while, mostly deer, so while you kill animals with no sport, I work for my food. Did I also mention im not a rascist fuck?

9/17/2009 2:17:31 PM


Yeah, because you know, white people never do any of those things...!

they are always looking out for muh dick and muh pussy.

A hermaphodite racist?

9/17/2009 10:12:50 PM

Well, even if "niggers" are never on time to school (which is, of course, not true), from your writing skills, or lack thereof, I would postulate that you've never been to school. Ever.

9/17/2009 10:17:51 PM




Just... no.

9/18/2009 2:56:29 AM

the blessed lord of candyland

is everyone playing dumb?

muh dick and muh pussy are clearly meant to imitate and poke fun at the way they talk

snickers have mercy.

9/18/2009 10:26:42 AM

The Real American Cowboy

Captain Klymidia,

Glad to hear it. You're a self-made man, and I'm impressed.

As far as the scholarships go, I'm not talking about ones given out by private organizations, but scholarships that are issued by the federal government as 'diversity' grants.

9/19/2009 3:34:12 PM

The Real American Cowboy

Shax, I bet you're a weak, scrawny liberal.

9/20/2009 2:57:16 PM


Not gonna lie: it took me a minute to decode that. I'm not that great at fucknut-to-English translation yet.

I think someone beat this person severely with a frying pan when he/she was a small child. That can be the only excuse here.

9/21/2009 6:34:55 AM

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