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MEXICO CITY, Mexico (CNN) -- A 44-year-old former drug addict and alcoholic who now works as a minister was the sole person responsible for the brief hijacking Wednesday of a commercial jetliner, a Mexican official said.

The suspect, Josmar Flores Pereira, told authorities he hijacked the jet on Wednesday because the date -- September 9, 2009, or 9/9/9 and 666 reversed -- held some significance for him, said Genaro Garcia Luna, the secretary for public safety.

"He said that because of that divine reference, he wanted to alert Mexico City of an earthquake," Garcia told reporters.

He added Flores had been convicted of armed robbery in his native country of Bolivia, had lived in Mexico for 17 years and had gone to Cancun from Mexico City the week before to attend a religious meeting.

"Christ is coming soon," he told reporters before being escorted off.

Josmar Flores Pereira, CNN 34 Comments [9/28/2009 6:27:47 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

And in other news, Mexico City was not rocked by an earthquake today...

Seriously, seeing as how it has had earthquakes in the past, it's not hard to predict future ones. The next one they have, this idiot will be jumping up & down saying, "See? I told you there would be an earthquake!" Of course, 20 years from now Jesus will still be "coming soon."

And frankly, "former" drug addict may not be entirely accurate...

9/28/2009 6:42:07 AM

Mister Spak

Wait, it's 9/9/09 . . . my bad. Never mind.

9/28/2009 6:45:54 AM


Hijacking a plane...for Jesus?

That's a new one!

9/28/2009 6:53:28 AM


I think he is still suffering from some acid flashbacks.

9/28/2009 7:15:14 AM


Let's take a closer look at the thought process here.

1. Note that arbitrary date on calendar equals upside-down version of mis-translation of Cabalistic cryptic-crap text from 1st-centuray lunatic.

2. Check scalp for lice.

3. Conclude that this means an earthquake is coming to Mexico City.

4. Lick wallpaper.

5. Conclude that hijacking a plane is the best way to communicate.

6. Hijack Plane.

7. Sniff armpit to make sure one is making a good impression.

8. Conclude that "Christ is coming soon" despite 2000 years of evidence to the contrary.

9. Change name to "Senorita Flores" and marry biggest hombre in the prison yard.

9/28/2009 8:16:17 AM


One of the very sad cases where fundy-ism and mental illness coenside.

I hope he gets help.

9/28/2009 8:19:41 AM


I wonder if this means we will hear less about Islam being all evil and that it is not only Muslims who hijack planes.

9/28/2009 8:33:06 AM

And he has to break the law to announce something that may or may not occur(most probably the latter). Surely he's still a drug addict or alcoholic.

9/28/2009 8:33:21 AM


Jesus is coming soon! We'd better get our horrific sins in now while we still can!

9/28/2009 8:35:49 AM


Hijacking a jet liner 2 days before 9/11 near USA...

It's lucky he isn't killed.

9/28/2009 8:40:05 AM


Forgetting that 6/6/6 and 9/9/9 refers to 06/06/6 and 09/09/9 and not 06/06/2006 and 09/09/2009

9/28/2009 8:46:38 AM


09/09/2009, actually. We'd need a change of callendar for better results.

99/99/9999 OMFG!!11!!

No, still not working.

Edit: Damn you, Headache.

9/28/2009 8:47:37 AM


Former drug addict and alcoholic? I seriously doubt that.

9/28/2009 9:53:24 AM


Excuse me but wasn't the whole point of Christianity that Jesus already came?

9/28/2009 9:56:39 AM


How to hell was that even supposed to work?

9/28/2009 10:35:35 AM


Christ is coming soon, so I needed to hijack an airliner. O_o

9/28/2009 10:42:51 AM

Yama the Space Fish

Nah, they'll blame Portugal, not Christianity, and take it as proof that they should be kicked out of the country.

9/28/2009 10:50:07 AM

Old Viking

He reasons like a minister.

9/28/2009 11:27:28 AM


Well the date sure did hold significance for plenty of people around the world (The Beatles remasters/The Beatles: Rock Band release date)... they didn't try anything stupid like this though!

9/28/2009 12:37:06 PM

Master Blaster

Don't hurt him! He has the mind of a child!

9/28/2009 3:13:09 PM

El Zorro

"Christ is coming soon," he told reporters before being escorted off.

Hah! Thee RR folks aint got shit on this guy.

9/28/2009 3:22:41 PM


So it's official then.

The cosmos works in decimal.

Nothing to do with my number of fingers then.

Binary would've been better.

9/28/2009 4:23:21 PM

Bender Bending Rodriguez

About 10 days later, Venezuela had an earthquake and floods. I guess he should have alerted Hugo Chavez instead of Felipe Calderon.

9/28/2009 5:37:35 PM


Next time someone bitches about Muslims on a plane, I'll show them this article.

9/28/2009 9:33:17 PM

Dr. Gus

I guess there are crazy fundies everywhere... (yeah, I live in Mexico City).

9/28/2009 9:38:49 PM

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