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I still haven't seen any reasonable answer as to why Gaza should be ethnically cleansed of Jews. I don't consider 'Because I read it in Mein Kampf' to be a valid defense.

Warrior Monk, Christian Forums 18 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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What's fundie about this?

8/7/2007 6:46:43 PM


I have no idea. I don't see any problem in which Warrior Monk has said above.

8/7/2007 6:53:57 PM


Um. wtf. If anything this is wholly ANTI-fundie. And I can't log in to see the context.

8/7/2007 7:02:44 PM


Not fundie.

8/7/2007 7:05:04 PM


I wouldn't call it ethnic cleansing -- more on the order of a strategic withdrawal.

Mein Kampf?! Non-sequitur.

8/7/2007 7:08:51 PM


It is a typical fundie straw-man.

"Anti-Zionists are Nazis".

8/7/2007 7:24:00 PM


Eh? What's fundie?

8/7/2007 8:25:10 PM


He's speaking out against either ethnic cleansing or moving people and their families from homes where they've been living for years, if not longer.

I really can't find too many things wrong with this quote.

8/7/2007 11:59:25 PM


Not fundie.

Asking for a reasonable reason for an unreasonable course of action is a good way of making people stop and think, and realize it's an unreasonable course of action.

Of course, the thread probably got Godwin'd.

8/8/2007 12:13:11 AM

Doctor Fishcake

Maybe a touch paranoid, but never in a million years is it fundie.

8/8/2007 3:23:08 AM

Professor M

Maybe WM also doesn't see any reason why Iraq should be "ethnically cleansed" of American troops, or why people would want Tibet to be "cleansed" of Chinese control.

8/8/2007 11:54:13 AM


I think it's submitted because theists consider "i read it in the bible" a valid defence

8/8/2007 12:25:57 PM

Brian X

Entirely too many people see the Israel problem in black and white, either "hurr izreal sucks and the palestinians got skrood" or "go isreal go israel pwn the palestinian loozerz". Given that, I don't see anything fundy about this one at all. It's a really, painfully complicated issue.

8/8/2007 12:34:23 PM


Not Fundie, just wrongheaded and simplistic with that good ol' non-zionist = NAZI touch to make it just a little bit ignorant rather than batshit insane.

8/8/2007 2:23:28 PM


What about, it's not theirs?

10/29/2007 6:11:41 PM

Brian X

Because people are idiots and sending them back to each others' corners seems to be the only way to keep them from killing each other.

It's a hamhanded band-aid solution to a problem with no good solutions at all.

10/29/2007 9:28:08 PM


I keep seeing this guy quoted, yet I never really see anything fundy about what he's saying (admittedly, I have trouble understanding him too).

Why does he keep getting quoted?

2/28/2009 8:43:49 PM

The Brazilian

Israel is occupying palestinian's lands, but many Israelis don´t have other place to go. In the other hand, Palestinians and Israelis are manipulated by corrupt leaders. Yasser Arafat died a rich man (see Forbes magazine) and Israel´s leaders have fabulous fortunes in Swiss vaults. Guess who pays the price ? Bingo ! Civilians in both sides

6/7/2012 11:58:43 AM

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