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When my wife (who is female) was pregnant with our first son (who is male), went downtown to a buy some baby clothes for him, she didn't at first notice that she was selecting clothes from the "gender neutral" section until a salesperson (male/female -- select all that apply) asked my wife (who is female) if she is going to raise our baby (who is male) to be "gender neutral". My wife (who is female), didn't understand the question and asked for clarification. When she received an answer, she promptly responded with, "You people are sick!" and dropped all the clothes on the floor and walked out.

I guess she's an androgynophobe and needs to go to re-education camp in a local public school.

MK, Moonbattery 88 Comments [9/27/2009 2:45:40 PM]
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"I guess she's an androgynophobe and needs to go to re-education camp in a local public school."

Wow, lol-fucking what?

9/28/2009 1:27:33 AM

captian awsome

okay can some one explain gender neutral

9/28/2009 2:00:38 AM

When my wife (who is female)
It made me LOL that he felt the need to stress that his wife is female. LMAO

9/28/2009 2:16:17 AM


WAAAAH! Labels hurt!

9/28/2009 2:35:41 AM

Tom S. Fox

Hey, MK, what gender is you wife, again? I just keep forgetting!

9/28/2009 3:30:41 AM


MK never told us what gender the writer is. I think MK is female.

9/28/2009 4:06:31 AM

Jack Bauer

Does your wife (who is female) ever wear pants?

9/28/2009 4:27:04 AM

The L

So, not forcing your child to live within the confines of artificially-derived cultural expectations of "masculinity" or "femininity" is sick, but continuing to, say, buy a girl Barbie dolls when she's clearly more interested in her little brother's toy cars and Legos isn't?

As a former little-girl-bored-with-Barbie, I call bullshit.

9/28/2009 6:15:44 AM

If she's wearing pants, cutting her hair in the hairdresser's and wearing shirts and t-shirts, she has no right to call them sick.

9/28/2009 8:38:34 AM


Wtf is wrong with this guy? Ah, Moonbattery. Carry on.

9/28/2009 10:41:40 AM


I really found it hysterically funny that he had to point out his wife is female and his SON is male! Is that ridiculous, or what? Oh well, it is Moonbattery. I think the batteries need a recharge! LOL

9/28/2009 11:51:50 AM


Holy overreaction. I hope whoever had to clean that pile of clothes up had the pleasure of kicking that lady in the shin first.

I've got a similar story, though.. My mother in law (who is fundie in her own right) was with me while I was shopping for my oldest girl (who was about 1.5 years old at the time). I saw an adorable pair of 102 dalmatian short alls that were navy blue with red stitching. I checked the size and grabbed them up. My monster in law looked at me funny and snapped "You're not going to buy those, are you? They're from the boys section!" Hell yeah I bought them, and they looked adorable with pigtails and a white t-shirt underneath. In fact, my youngest daughter still has (and wears) them on occasion.

@#1028613 captian awsome

"Gender neutral" baby clothes often come in shades of yellow, green, white, and will have more "neutral" themed designs like ducks, where as "feminine" baby clothes will be shades of pinks and purples. "Masculine" baby clothes suck up pretty much every earth tone.. deep reds, blues, grays, brown..

9/28/2009 11:52:04 AM


Captain Awesome:

Gender-neutral parenting is a nascent trend in parenting, to not impose a gender on a child and let them pick.

Children have an extremely strong idea of who they are, and if they are free to express their gender identity without fear of parental repercussion, they don't 'explore' gender -- they find the shortest path towards the gender they want to be and launch themselves like cannonballs at it. 99% of the time, their mental gender matches their physical gender.

That other 1% of the time, though, when they don't match... if you're a parent to a transgendered child, being able to save them a literal lifetime of stress, self-hate, and medical worries will be worth all the odd looks and cruel gossip you suffer between birth and three years.

If this man and wife are not a POE (which I doubt), I pray their child is cisgendered. If their firstborn turned out to be their daughter, not their son, she'd face a rough childhood.

9/28/2009 11:52:21 AM


Asinine and full of asshattery, but not fundie.

9/28/2009 12:26:28 PM


Yes, we know that your wife is female and we figured your going to have a boy when you said son, there was no need for the parethesis.

Your wife went to the store by herself?

Well, that was awfully nice of you to let her out of the house for once by herself.

9/28/2009 6:34:24 PM


Hmmmm....so pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Girls wear dresses and boys wear pants...unless you go back 100 years and then boys wear dresses too. Or 200 years when men wear wigs, blouses and heels...or....

Gender doesn't mean what you think it means. Ask a society with more than 2.

9/28/2009 6:40:46 PM

Dr. Novakaine

Some people go nuts over the littlest things.

9/29/2009 7:58:20 AM


I'm afraid I didn't get an entry in my dictionary for the word "androgynophobe". I got "androgynophore" instead, which is some sort of plant...

9/29/2009 8:52:04 PM


Just because your wife has a pair of boobies doesn't mean you need to tell us thirty times. The term wife is only applied to married women. And the term "son" is only applied to your male child.

until a salesperson (male/female -- select all that apply) asked my wife (who is female) if she is going to raise our baby (who is male) to be "gender neutral".

Why do you feel the need to tell me eveyone's gender? Is that really an important part of the story?
And what's with the "male/female -- select all that apply" bullshit? Were they an Hermaphodite or something?

When she received an answer, she promptly responded with, "You people are sick!" and dropped all the clothes on the floor and walked out.

When your wife arrived at home, did she throw out all the t-shirts, shorts, jeans, overalls, etc too?
The netural baby clothes are there for a reason. Some people don't want to know the gender of their baby before it's born, but that aside, it's nice to have baby clothes that aren't just blue or pink.

9/29/2009 9:46:47 PM



The salesperson was probably a woman in short hair or wearing pants, which obviously makes her a dirty, cross-dressing freak, who eats babies and stomps on penises and votes Democrat.

Or, heaven forbid, a long-haired or otherwise faintly feminine man.

9/29/2009 11:49:12 PM


No, your wife is just an insecure and rude cunt.

9/30/2009 11:33:52 AM

I can't get past how they are specifying their wife's gender.

9/30/2009 2:53:14 PM


Funny, because my sister (who is Christian and female since that seems to matter) likes to buy good quality, gender neutral clothes so that she can reuse them child after child.

Some of the clothes went through 5 babies, and then off to a young family.

Although, I call bullshit on the story, I really doubt some salesperson is going to say such a thing, and I like the assumption that your wife didn't understand (because she is female).

9/30/2009 3:09:05 PM


I (who is male) think that gender neutral isn't that bad of a thing. And that you (who are male) and your wife (who is female) are both in the same level in the stupid scale.

10/1/2009 1:23:10 AM


I don't understand what is fundie about this one, although I don't get the last sentence.

It doesn't seem to be the clothes that caused the offense, but the attitude of the salesperson, who frankly sounds alarming. What a weird question to ask a pregnant lady! Surely it's totally normal to buy neutral baby clothes? Sounds intrusive. Also, pregnant ladies can be very sensitive. OK maybe she over-reacted but I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt here - she was being bothered when she didn't ask for any interference and it got on her wick.

Fair enough, IMO

10/1/2009 5:45:38 AM

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