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When my wife (who is female) was pregnant with our first son (who is male), went downtown to a buy some baby clothes for him, she didn't at first notice that she was selecting clothes from the "gender neutral" section until a salesperson (male/female -- select all that apply) asked my wife (who is female) if she is going to raise our baby (who is male) to be "gender neutral". My wife (who is female), didn't understand the question and asked for clarification. When she received an answer, she promptly responded with, "You people are sick!" and dropped all the clothes on the floor and walked out.

I guess she's an androgynophobe and needs to go to re-education camp in a local public school.

MK, Moonbattery 88 Comments [9/27/2009 2:45:40 PM]
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MK is making the fuckwitted mistake of confusing "sex" with "gender". I'm fairly sure not absolutely everything about the wife and son is defined by biological sex. That, and all human babies look the same. It's human adults and society that starts with the pink vs. blue shit when its not really nescessary.

10/2/2009 3:26:38 AM


My son grew out of his small bicycle and I offered it to some acquaintances of mine for their daughter. They said no, and told me it was because the bike was black and not pink. So, the daughter had to go without the bike she desperately wanted, because my (free!) bike was the wrong color for her gender. Sigh.

10/5/2009 7:45:52 AM


Gender neutral baby clothes -> the babys Starts to love Evil!!

12/7/2009 5:56:14 AM


Oh noez, green clothing!!!!!11!!1

12/7/2009 6:55:25 AM


MK's wife has MAN-SHOULDERS!

12/10/2009 10:10:36 AM


Now we all know your wife gender, but please tell us the specie...

12/10/2009 1:22:12 PM


Gender neutral? What is that? Gender is not in the clothes you wear, but in the mind you are born with.

When I was a baby I had brown and yellow and green and blue and red clothes. I still grew up to be a rather normal woman, married to a nice man. Green is my favourite color, so I just bought lots of green baby clothes for my new nephew.

Most wives are female, you dolt, and most sons are male. You might even say ALL, on both accounts.

12/10/2009 1:28:29 PM


So...it's sick to not drill into the boy's head that boys wear blue, play football, and beat the snot out of other boys? Letting the child decide for himself what his own preferences in this world are is sick? And it's unthinkable that the thought of not being able to control the way the brat thinks terrifies you?

12/10/2009 4:45:54 PM


Sir, those clothes were for gender neutral babies. That's a big market in the gay states.

3/12/2010 4:44:05 PM


Sorry, but could you remind me what genders your wife and son are? I'm such a waterhead, I forgot.

7/29/2012 8:50:16 PM

I have a friend who has one-year-old twins. The boy is considerably larger than the girl, so he gets to wear clothes first, and when he out-grows them, she gets to wear them. I have seen pictures of him in lilac trousers and her in blue, sometimes with the comment that some neighbor thought that she was him and he was her. I have only seen them on pictures, but I can usually tell them apart from their faces and their sizes.

In my book, gender neutral clothes are onesies and trousers, non-gender neutral are skirts and dresses. A hundred years ago, all small children had dresses, though. My dad has an adorable picture of my grandfather when he was about three years old, with long blond hair and a knee-length dress.

7/30/2012 12:29:19 AM


Go to re-education camp in a local public school? My my^^

Also sounds like your wife is male right? And he is the woman and you the masculine part of the outfit.

Just an observation due to the bucket loads of insecurity washing over your scribbling.

7/30/2012 2:06:17 AM


"I guess she's an androgynophobe and needs to go to re-education camp in a local public school.£

No, she's just an idiot.

7/30/2012 3:56:08 AM

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