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So you don't believe the Bible is the Word of God?

Warrior Monk, Christian Forums 28 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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No. Why?

1/10/2008 11:29:00 PM


Not terribly fundie, I'd say.

1/10/2008 11:30:41 PM


This is what I'd say right now if I was still 5 years old:

"Silly fundie, that's a big book, not a word."

This is what I'll say now:

"Uh, nope."


1/11/2008 12:33:33 AM

Andrew B.

No, I belive it is the word of the men who wrote it.

1/11/2008 1:03:09 AM


Quote isn't fundie at all on its own.

1/11/2008 1:18:14 AM


Even reading the thread, the question isn't fundy.

The guy he was responding to commented that people like Pat Robertson are the kinds of people that makes Christianity look bad, and admits to lacking the cultural background of these kinds of things.

Even so, the man who posted this isn't fundy in the slightest, and seems to in fact just asking a simple question.

1/11/2008 2:46:03 AM


I think it's the "what? you mean you DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD?!?" thing that makes this fundie.

1/24/2008 4:52:40 AM


No. Next question...

1/24/2008 5:36:38 AM

John the christian

I think its getting to the point that some are just quoting anything they disagree with and calling it fundie....

2/4/2008 12:08:38 AM

Tom S. Fox

The answer is a resounding "no!"

2/9/2008 7:48:10 PM


No. Next question.

2/9/2008 7:58:02 PM


No, no I don't.

6/12/2008 10:06:55 PM


Sheltered for Jesus award?

10/4/2008 4:00:57 PM


Not fundie.

10/4/2008 4:38:50 PM



10/4/2008 4:39:44 PM


Short answer; no

Long answer; You gotta be shittin' me?!

10/4/2008 4:41:20 PM


It's more likely than you think.


Next question?

10/4/2008 6:55:17 PM



Errr...how did this get the green light, anyways?

10/4/2008 7:50:43 PM


Why is this fundy, he's just asking a question.

2/28/2009 8:06:07 PM

a mind far far away

He sounds like he's asking this because he assumes that everyone in the world believes this. No, numbnuts, only about 30% of the world's population believes that. The rest of us are a bit smarter.

2/28/2009 8:11:46 PM


Nope. I agree, not Fundie. But no, the Babble is a book. Just a book. No more, no less.

2/28/2009 9:20:22 PM


No, no I don't. But thanks for asking.

2/28/2009 9:38:27 PM

This is just a question, not really a stupid statement.

2/28/2009 9:43:15 PM

I do not believe that the Bible is the word of anyone. It was written by numerous individuals, most of whom didn't even know one another, over the course of centuries. It disagrees with itself very frequently on numerous topics. Individual books in the Bible don't even agree with themselves. The last time I read the Bible, I found over 500 direct verse contradictions. How any thinking person could believe that an infallible god wrote the Bible, is beyond me.

That said, this isn't fundy. I've submitted some damn good stuff in the past few weeks that hasn't been posted here. This idiot, "Warrior Monk," is just asking a question. What's the problem with the approval process here?

2/28/2009 9:56:40 PM

Quantum Mechanic

If it is your imaginary friend is a really shitty writer of fiction.

7/13/2013 10:23:19 AM

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