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Yes, the media is promoting interracial sex, we know that. Whose fault it is then?

Do blondes or women in general head mass media outlets? No, few of them work in high positions in those companies.

What about the Negroes? Those primitives aren't generally capable to do anything beyond basic labor.

Jewish males? Sumner Redstone, Rupert Murdoch and Michael Eisner head powerful media companies. Sick self-hating Jewish males and their Gentile accomplices have corrupted White women.

Carlyle, JTF 24 Comments [9/22/2009 12:24:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: yertul

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Tom S. Fox

Dude, cut out those pointless comments!

9/14/2009 8:58:34 AM

John Galt

He forgot to mention John Galt (not my real name).

9/22/2009 12:33:02 PM

Nathan the Wise

The Dirty Digger is Jewish? Idiot.

9/22/2009 12:59:05 PM


And why, exactly, are old Jewish guys supposed to want "white" (by which I assume is meant Anglo-Saxon or some close relation) women to sleep with other races? Can't they just buy porn like everyone else?

9/22/2009 1:31:19 PM

The Skeptic Wept

Man, you won't catch me doing any interracial dating either. No dogs or cats for me - I'm sticking with the human race!

9/22/2009 1:38:53 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

So, Rupert Murdoch has an evil plot to make me lust after Beyonce?

Well I usually disapprove of Murdoch's machinations but in this case I happily pronounce myself a hapless victim of that evil plot.

9/22/2009 1:46:37 PM


Sexually frustrated much?

9/22/2009 3:12:59 PM

The Real American Cowboy

Sounds like a bunch of asspipes are in control. What else is new?

9/22/2009 3:39:54 PM


Corrupted White Women?

Or maybe it's just that no one will date your inbred ignorant ass, so you justify this by saying white women are corrupted.

Newsflash, if a Women finds you unattractive, it's not because she's been corrupted. In your case, it's probably because you're a sexist twat that thinks women are his property.

9/22/2009 3:57:17 PM


WAAAAH, Why do all women hate me? WAAAAH

9/22/2009 5:40:18 PM


Michael Eisner isn't even the head of Disney anymore. Gotta love when they mix some researchfail into their racefail.

9/22/2009 8:11:09 PM


I would like to see JTF and Stormfront have a duel and see who wins.

9/22/2009 10:19:49 PM


Since most Jews r white Id think theyd b encouraging interreligious sex

9/22/2009 10:28:45 PM

Captain Klamydia

I think Amanda hit the nail on the head, this guy has been denied so many times his balls are now vestigial

9/22/2009 11:15:01 PM


Even if they did ban interracial dating, I still wouldn't go out with a racist fuck like you. I'd gladly break the law to get me a nice well-hung piece of dark meat, over a pasty dried up shrivel-dick like yourself.

And we were interracial dating back when I was a teen in the late 70's. There was no internet then, and the media was still pretty much in Leave it to Beaver land. Pretty much kills that argument, huh?

9/23/2009 2:29:19 AM


What is an 'asspipe,' TRAC?

9/23/2009 6:38:07 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Or maybe they're just actually tolerant of people who aren't exactly like them. Even think of that?

9/23/2009 7:55:51 AM


So um.... is it okay for a brunette to have interracial sex?

Have you seen who's currently running the country?

I really don't know the religion of those people, and really don't care, but I'm in an interracial marriage because the best human being I could find wasn't white.

9/23/2009 9:20:45 PM


So... what was your point, again?

9/23/2009 10:23:34 PM

The Real American Cowboy

Yeah, for some reason I always think of asspipes when I'm on these boards. Can't imagine why....

9/24/2009 12:08:19 PM

The Real American Cowboy

You know, that actually sounds really appealing, troll boy.

9/25/2009 8:33:47 PM

However, when your ancestors banged black prostitutes, slaves and raped women of all races, there wasn't at all a problem to you.

9/26/2009 10:09:10 AM

The Real American Cowboy

I'm not gay, but just the way he described it... hot pistons slamming in and out... it sounds really relaxing and stimulating. No joke.

9/26/2009 4:47:53 PM


I suppose it helps to think you aren't getting laid for that reason rather than because it's your fault.

9/28/2009 5:57:59 AM

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