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Oh stop being so nice.
I don't agree to disagree. This whole global warming/earth shift is bogus.
And those scientists really aren't as respected as they think they are.

The events that happen in the tribulation will NOT be explainable by science, it will be by the Hand of God. The worldwide earthquakes will not have any good scientific reason behind them.

Certainly the tribulation is so close, that global warming will not have the time to manifest. God will cause a third of the stars to fall, bring the sun closer to the earth to bake it in heat---that will melt the ice, not man made warming.

This is pseudo science. not real science.

Mr. Mannn, RR 79 Comments [9/27/2009 3:01:19 PM]
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Many things disturb me about the theory of anthropogenic global warming. The climategate revelations http://camirror.wordpress.com/2009/11/22/curry-on-the-credibility-of-climate-research/#comments disclose that most of the concerns I actually had were valid.
I am well aware that there are people smarter than me and better educated than I am, on both sides of the (in fact every) issue. But you're not one of them.
Your skepticism about AGW is the proof of the saw "There is no issue, so pellucidly clear and irrefutably right that somewhere there won't be an embarrassing idiot in favour of it."

12/7/2009 7:05:31 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Svante Arrhenius biatch.

4/13/2011 6:57:35 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Stop using computers and medicine.

12/28/2012 11:24:47 PM


Global warming is manifesting itself already, idiot. Just ask the polar bears.

The tribulation, on the other hand, is pure fiction and will never manifest itself.

Oh, and look up "plate tectonics", you flaming halfwit.

12/29/2012 1:00:55 AM

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