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CO2 is a life giving gas, not a poison. we'd all die without it. Also CO2 levels were 10 times higher in the past than today, Anything backed by Al Gore, the Rockerfellas, and the Rothschilds is a scam.

Alex Jones is right, Beware the vaccines, BBC News | Have Your Say 25 Comments [10/7/2009 4:04:41 PM]
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Shadow Boxer

Actually, this makes sense.... assuming the poster is a vegetable.

10/7/2009 4:16:54 PM


O2 is also a poison. Don't inhale.

10/7/2009 4:46:06 PM


I would be very appreciative if both you and Alex Jones sealed yourselves in a pure carbon dioxide environment.


10/7/2009 5:10:24 PM

Captain Klamydia

lol what?

10/7/2009 5:50:18 PM


we need more crazy conspiracy tereoys

10/7/2009 5:56:09 PM

Pule Thamex

@ Shadow Boxer

I'm still laughing as I type this.

10/7/2009 6:54:23 PM



10/7/2009 7:19:10 PM

co2 is life giving, in the sense that plants consume it, and we eat plants, or the things that eat plants. and yes, in the past (the waay, waaaaaay past) co2 levels were considerably higher than they are now.

but, BUT, co2 is a poison to us. at present, co2 content is measured in parts per million, somewhere around 400 ppm i think. a fraction of a percentage.

fun fact; when co2 reaches 6% of the air, people die. at only about 3% people become fatigued and delirious.

10/7/2009 7:20:46 PM


O RLY? Then I suggest you try breathing CO2. You dont even need to breath 100 percent. I'll let you off with 15 percent. You know, the level where unconsciousness and brain damage occur within seconds.

10/7/2009 10:09:39 PM


{CO2 levels were 10 times higher in the past than today}

Yeah, then photosynthesis started.

10/7/2009 10:24:55 PM


I didn't know plants could use computers.

10/7/2009 10:27:18 PM

Dr. Novakaine

This is why "Have Your Say" is a stupid idea if you don't do any screening. Anyone can post any bullshit and get away with it.

10/8/2009 8:14:12 AM


10 times higher? So you think you can live in 50% CO2? Damn ferns, get off the interwebs!

10/8/2009 5:25:47 PM


Been sniffing my farts?

10/8/2009 5:51:29 PM


Here is a plastic bag... Now go breathe some life...

10/9/2009 12:03:04 AM


Then why, pray tell, does CO2, you know, KILL people?

10/9/2009 1:35:23 PM

Someone's been listening to Michele Bachman.

10/10/2009 12:30:49 AM

@aaa: ROFL

10/10/2009 12:31:35 AM

Ok, try to inhale it, like the people who commit suicide with it.

10/10/2009 10:08:17 AM


"Anything backed by the Rockerfellas (sic) is a scam." Just read an interesting book about how the Rockefeller Foundation is responsible for the near-elimination of Yellow Fever and hookworm from the South. Careful with the insults, they could always bring it back.

As for CO2, it's acidifying the ocean and killing marine life. The warmer climate is great for bugs, though, so watch Andrew Zimmern for cooking tips.

10/10/2009 6:24:10 PM


Yeah, and O2 levels were 30 % higher in the Carboniferous Period than they are today? Humans still die either way......oh and spiders the size of small dogs.....

10/11/2009 6:39:32 PM


I wasn't aware Carbon Dioxide was considered a poison in the first place (anymore than urea at least).

10/15/2009 3:19:26 PM

Average Guy

This, America, is where you can find all OUR idiots.

3/14/2010 8:21:54 AM


Science Fail.

3/14/2010 4:54:27 PM

Rapax Pringer

Holy shit. When did plants learn how to use the internet?

7/21/2010 7:09:57 PM

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