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I have always been afraid of Muslims. I remember the last time I flew (in '89 I think) I was on the plane and 2 men were sitting I think across the aisle talking in a foreign language. I was terrified that they were hijackers, and I was almost in tears the whole flight. In retrospect I think they may have been speaking French. But it was so scary for me at the time....

RHCCapri, RR 126 Comments [9/28/2009 6:37:53 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

LOL!!!! This person is so afraid of foreigners that they can't tell if someone is speaking French or Arabic! Everyone who speaks a foreign language is a possible hijacker!

9/28/2009 6:39:03 AM

Mister Spak

It's time to play Berlitz CDs under his window at 3 AM . . .

9/28/2009 6:42:35 AM

Dr. Shrinker

Considering the fact that the vast majority of the world does not resemble you or speak the same language as you, you have a serious problem. I would suggest you deal with it by learning something about the world and its people. Note that you will need reliable sources of information, not the bible, FOX news or Rapture Ready.

I lost you there, didn't I?

9/28/2009 6:42:57 AM


In the summer of 2002 my mother and I took a plane cross country to California. During this flight, a Middle Eastern-looking guy who was sitting next to me and another white lady got up to go to the bathroom and left his briefcase at his seat. This middle aged white woman turns to me, a 14 year old white girl, and says "I wonder why he didn't take his briefcase. I hope there's not a bomb in there."

Because I was raised properly, I just barely managed to bite my tongue and keep from saying, “If there was a bomb in there, it wouldn’t matter if he took it to the bathroom with him because we’d all still die. Now shut the fuck up you stupid bitch.”

In short, I hate stupid people.

9/28/2009 6:52:01 AM


So, speaking foreign languages makes RR soil their diapers.

Resepti loputtomalle komedialle löydetty. Puhu kieltä jota ameriikan kristilliskonservatiivit ei ymmärrä ja katso kuinka maahan ilmestyy lammikko päässä fermentoitunutta virtsaa.

9/28/2009 6:52:37 AM


No, the French just freak him out because of their socialized medicine. Because it's not like Jesus and His disciples held their goods in common, or anything like that . . .

9/28/2009 6:58:20 AM


"I have always been afraid of Muslims."

This is called a phobia. There's treatment for such things, you know.

"I remember the last time I flew (in '89 I think) I was on the plane and 2 men were sitting I think across the aisle talking in a foreign language."


"I was terrified that they were hijackers, and I was almost in tears the whole flight. In retrospect I think they may have been speaking French."

Yes, the French can be terrifying what with their crepes and berets and that giant pointy metal tower they have.


"But it was so scary for me at the time...."

I would imagine that living in constant fear/anticipation of your precious Rapture, combined with being assaulted weekly (or more often) by your preacher that you are a worthless sinner that means about as much to your god as a festering boil on his ass, and likely pain him as much just knowing you exist, would tend to make most things in the world scary.

9/28/2009 7:07:22 AM


"In retrospect I think they may have been speaking French"

LMAO! that's the funniest thing I've read all month.

The excessively ignorant are always good for a laugh.

9/28/2009 7:11:06 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Not really fundy. Not even terrible. I can understand how some people would get nervous over things like this. At least the person wasnt extremely judgemental and even admited (they probably spoke french) that they were over reacting a bit.

9/28/2009 7:14:54 AM


OMG, people who are different than me!

9/28/2009 7:17:07 AM


God damn you are stupid. May I suggest no more international flights for you?

It's no wonder the rest of the world hates Americans....

9/28/2009 7:17:58 AM

Nathan the Wise

French! FFS. I wonder how many raptards have ever left their home state ... nay, home town ... let alone been abroad.

9/28/2009 7:19:09 AM


Oh good God, this is why I always apologize for my country to my non-American friends.

9/28/2009 7:19:58 AM

Doctor Whom

Buenos días, RHCCapri. ¿Habla usted español? ¿No? Entonces, usted debe ser terrorista.

9/28/2009 7:24:09 AM


Oh, if only they'd been speaking Aramaic.

9/28/2009 7:27:23 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

9/28/2009 7:31:07 AM


Therapy. Get some.

9/28/2009 7:45:57 AM


And just when I think the world may like us we have RHCCapri reminding the world about many of our ignorant citizens. Thanks for helping out!

9/28/2009 7:47:12 AM


Don't worry dear. They're probably more afraid of you than you are of them. Just sit or stand perfectly still and stay quiet. Try not to stare or say anything stupid, they might interpret that as a hostile gesture. If they approach you, play dead. That shouldn't be much of a stretch for you, and is probably safer in terms of cultural embarrassment than anything else you might do. They'll quickly conclude that you're retarded and move on.

9/28/2009 7:56:45 AM


What a fucking idiot...

9/28/2009 7:59:37 AM


Hmm, I may have to brush up on my Azeri skills the next time I fly. It'll be amusing to play spot the wingnut.

9/28/2009 8:16:47 AM


For fuck's sake live a little and get to know others. You should not be so damn afraid of foreigners.

9/28/2009 8:17:34 AM

Ise enas paranoikos, ratsistis ilithios. (Greek)
Tu es un paranoïaque, raciste imbécile. (French)
Eres un paranoico, idiota racista. (Spanish)
Sie sind eine paranoide, rassistische Idioten. (German)
Vy stradayete paranoyieyi rasistskiyi idiot. (Russian)
Sei un paranoico, idiota razzista. (Italian)
Você é um idiota, paranóicos racistas. (Portuguese)
Ön egy paranoid, rasszista idióta. (Hungarian)
Je bent een paranoïde, racistische idioot. (Dutch)
Jestes paranoikiem, rasistowskich idiota. (Polish)
Sunteti un paranoic, idiot rasiste. (Romanian)
Ydych yn paranoid, idiot hiliol. (Welsh)
Du är en paranoid, rasistisk idiot. (Swedish)
Þú ert Paranoid, racist hálfviti. (Icelandic)
Tá tú paranoiach, amadán ciníoch. (Irish)
Olet vainoharhainen, rasistinen idiootti. (Finnish)
Ikaw ay isang paranoyd, rasista tanga. (Filipino)
Du er en paranoid, rasistisk idiot. (Norwegian)
Du er en paranoid, racistisk idiot. (Danish)
Jste paranoidní, rasistické idiot. (Czech)
Vi ste paranoicni, rasisticke idiot. (Croatian)
Wewe ni Paranoid, rasistiska idiot. (Swahili)
Anda seorang paranoid, rasis idiot. (Indonesian)
Ti es un idiota, paranóico racistas. (Galician)
Ets un paranoic, idiota racista. (Catalan)
Ju jeni një paranojak, idiot raciste. (Albanian)
Estas n paranoïde, rassistiese idioot. (Afrikaans)
You are a paranoid, racist idiot.

Google Translate is your friend.

9/28/2009 8:18:28 AM

Typical fundy, they're afraid of anything not remotely English.

9/28/2009 8:30:49 AM

This should surely be, if anything, Xenophobes say the dardnest things.

9/28/2009 8:38:13 AM

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