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I have always been afraid of Muslims. I remember the last time I flew (in '89 I think) I was on the plane and 2 men were sitting I think across the aisle talking in a foreign language. I was terrified that they were hijackers, and I was almost in tears the whole flight. In retrospect I think they may have been speaking French. But it was so scary for me at the time....

RHCCapri, RR 126 Comments [9/28/2009 6:37:53 AM]
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9/28/2009 8:40:39 AM


Oi, weona tarada. ¡No sólo los gringos usan aviones!

9/28/2009 8:41:03 AM


vana said:
In short, I hate stupid people.

Welcome to the club!

It never ceases to amaze me that people can not distinguish between two so completely different languages as Arabic and French. I mean, come one, even if you only speak English, you should be able to tell the difference if you are not a complete idiot!

Merde! Quelle imbécile!

9/28/2009 8:41:07 AM


@ #1028754

"Sie sind eine paranoide, rassistische Idioten"

That's a little off. Correct would be: "Sie sind ein paranoider, rassistischer Idiot!"

Now I guess correcting that actually made me a German Nazi. Sort of.

9/28/2009 9:09:13 AM


@ #1028754

Sie sind eine paranoide, rassistische Idioten. (German)

Sie sind ein paranoider, rassistischer Idiot! (German)

I apologize, but I had to do that...

P.S. And you were too polite, may I add...


9/28/2009 9:22:51 AM

In 89, I seriously doubt you thought they were hijackers. You know, in fact I think you are lying.

9/28/2009 9:35:56 AM


Sounds like someone who almost never went out from her small village in the bible belt. Such as probably a large percentage of fundies ;)

9/28/2009 9:44:13 AM


I find it funny that he was terrified of muslims before 911.

9/28/2009 10:03:14 AM


Wouldn't it be funny if they were actually speaking English, albeit with a cockney accent? :)

9/28/2009 10:15:52 AM


Oh NO! Not people speaking another language! FOX News and Rush and Bill and Sean said they is bad people and are ter'rists and want to kill you. Because as everybody knows, someone who is speaking Svenska is really a Muslim terrorist who wants to blow up the plane.

This is how scared shitless this RRtard was back in 1989 supposedly. He must really be scared out of his wits these days.

However, I would like to know why this RRtard would be so afraid of dying in a terrorist bombing anyway. I thought that 'Heaven' is such an awesome place for fundamentalist batshit raptards that this person would welcome death in a terrorist attact that way he could "go home" sooner. Plus, it would support his persecution complex as well.

9/28/2009 10:22:32 AM


I live in Canada, you should come here, you'd have a complete nervous breakdown every time you ride the bus.

9/28/2009 10:23:11 AM

Caustic Gnostic

@ Mudak,

Or Geordie, which threw me for a loop the first time I heard it. Totally.

9/28/2009 10:25:57 AM


Their stupidity and abillity to hate something they don't understand knows no bounds.

9/28/2009 10:33:08 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Uh-oh. What happens if Jesus, a semitic male, shows up to lead the Rapture and forgets to switch from his native Aramaic to King James English? It won't be pretty.

9/28/2009 10:51:12 AM


But only because your are a bigoted idiot, so it's OK, huh?

9/28/2009 10:51:51 AM

Dr. Gus

OH NOES IT'S THE FOREIGN LANGAUGES!!1!!!one!!!eleven!1! somebody call the firemen!

In conclusion you are a paranoid nutter, please go back under your rock and stop yapping.

9/28/2009 10:52:01 AM

Mookie Blaylock

Zut alors!

9/28/2009 11:14:49 AM

David D.G.

I could swear that this is a repeat from at least a year ago.

~David D.G.

9/28/2009 11:14:53 AM

Old Viking

9/28/2009 11:16:21 AM

Old Viking

Maitre d's are the worst.

9/28/2009 11:16:45 AM

Doubting Thomas

I guess the part that's really nutty isn't the fact that this person can't distinguish between French and Arabic, but the fact that two people were speaking in a foreign language and this person automatically assumed not only that it was Arabic, but that they were terrorists as well.

Would have been funny if they'd actually been speaking in pig latin.

9/28/2009 11:47:31 AM


Time to step away from Fox News.

9/28/2009 12:00:45 PM

D Laurier

I was indoctrinated to fear muslims.
I got over it.

Today I live in a building where almost 10% of the familys are Islamic.
I watch muslims carry their grocerys home from the store. I hold the door open to help them.

9/28/2009 12:09:02 PM

The FBI is controlling your thoughts via your toaster

Yes, Arabic and French sound just alike.


Yes, you were right to be afraid because it is a well known fact that all hijackers speak French.


I could also see Monty Python doing a skit like this.

9/28/2009 12:12:04 PM

Fundies can barely speak English most of the time themselves, I don't get why they're scared of it.

They also don't seem to have a problem with someone who speaks a foreign language, as long as said foreigner is scrubbing the fundie's toilet.

9/28/2009 12:24:38 PM

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