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Let's move the hardest and purest Aryans and their families to this town. Have them continue this process with the Druggar children and multiplying. Fiercely educated children in growing community in the necessities of preserving lineage. All Aryans armed to teeth. Treat muds like shit upon entrance. If country collapses, erect compound and keep muds, half-breeds and race-mixers out. Let country destroy itself. Repopulate country, by then have an army of cold-blooded, well-trained Aryans to carry out DNA tests and wipe out muds, niggerbloods, octoroons, and any variety of shitskins.

Do this one hundred times in different parts of the country and there may be hope after all.

Johnnycakes, Vanguard News Network 56 Comments [10/8/2009 2:40:50 PM]
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Delusional much, Johnnyboy? Inbreeding or destroying the gene pool is never a good idea.

10/8/2009 5:04:50 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Yep, move all the nazi's into one place - and cut their access to the internet so they won't be polluted with impure ideologies. You go off and be angry Amish, you won't be missed!

10/8/2009 5:06:27 PM


And we'll end up with humans as badly inbred as the smallest teacup poodles.


10/8/2009 5:20:26 PM


Yeah I think the Aryan Nations try to do something like that in Northern Idaho. However, they lost the land to a lawsuit from a Native American mother and son when the pair were innocently traveling down a road minding their own buisness and a bunch of guards from the Aryan Nations compound stopped and assaulted them for supposedly being too close to the compound and not being white.

10/8/2009 5:51:45 PM

mad the swine

Angry, racist Rorschach is angry. And racist.

10/8/2009 7:19:33 PM

Yama the Space Fish

Send them to the Hyades.

10/8/2009 7:21:46 PM


LOL DNA tests, only the purest of Aryans...

So I guess tha leaves out most of Southern EUrope that has Arabic DNA.

So he wants to suppress freedom? I say this is pretty high on RSTDT index, given he wants to subject everyone to genetic tests to prove their whiteness and kill those that don't live up to his standards.

Love to see his genetic tests, heck I'd pay for his test to see if he was a pure aryan. He would probably off himself if he found out he wasn't. BTW, you're vision of a utopia is a scary one, very scary.

10/8/2009 8:15:34 PM


1. Hardest Aryans? that sounds like Nazi Porn...

2. Purest Aryans? Wait till I point out that blue eyes are an assyrian trait. (Cause the assyrians were badasses and spread all over the world in small bands when their empires fragmented or by trade.)

3. You know compounds just mean your inside and we are outside. I am sure we can just wait you out of food and use disease as a weapon if we wanted in.

4. Repopulate the country from your tiny ass place? Sexy cousins are part of this plan eh?

5. Where are you going to get DNA testing kits? Smartarse...

6. What the fuck is an Octaroon? Half man, Half Octopus, ALL DANGER!

10/9/2009 12:07:41 AM

lol what

Have them continue this process with the Druggar children and multiplying. Fiercely educated children in growing community in the necessities of preserving lineage.

These are not sentences. D minus.

10/9/2009 1:12:20 AM


@ FMG:

For anyone who cares... an octoroon is a person who is one-eighth black. I doubt whether anyone but a racist idiot would even use this archaic term in this day and age. But...?

10/9/2009 2:20:51 AM

Tiny Jeebus

Repopulate country, by then have an army of inbred, mentally-deficient White Trash to carry out cowardly acts of persecution to anoy and offend the intelligent, the educated, the sane, and anyone who's even remotely decent.

They've already done this one hundred times in different parts of the country and there may not be hope after all.

10/9/2009 2:55:20 AM


"fiercely educated"

in 50 years, "fiercely inbred"

10/9/2009 3:30:26 AM


Wow, is it just me, or is this too fucked up?

10/9/2009 3:58:59 AM


You fucking wish.

10/9/2009 5:04:24 AM


Isolate terrible people from the rest of society and let them (willingly!) destroy themselves through relentless inbreeding?

I think this guy is on to something.

10/9/2009 6:24:20 AM

Why do you talk like Rorschach from the Watchmen graphic novel?

Good luck in your inbred hellhole. I hope you die of a really horrific disease, preferably involving painful sores.

10/9/2009 9:12:44 AM

Dr. Novakaine

You don't even know what a real Aryan is. It has nothing to do with Hitler's scumbag definition.

10/9/2009 10:25:37 AM

Nathan the Wise

You had an epiphany, TRAC? Good for you, although I'm not sure about the theosophy part.

10/9/2009 11:17:11 AM

Mr Blur

Fuck off and die, moron.

10/9/2009 11:53:40 AM


Unfortunately for you, there ARE no "pureblood" anything, including you.

10/9/2009 3:22:47 PM

D Laurier

Given that the aryans are all long dead.... and that their LEAST diluted genepool is Iran and Afghanistan....

Although the inbreeding you propose is probably something I should encourage you to pursue.

10/9/2009 3:29:09 PM

The Real American Cowboy

Nathan, yeah, there was reasons for my frustration other than race. I came out on the boards a while back; it's in the archives I think. I've still got a lot to work through, but writing this country opera is helping me to tackle some of the bigger issues in my life.

10/9/2009 3:52:19 PM

The Real American Cowboy

Here's an excerpt... you can see that I'm going all out on this one. A word of caution, though, the play contains adult content. It's written primarily for a gay audience and for those with open minds. It might offend some people.

"The Apotheosis of the American Cowboy"
Act III, Scene II - "Western Gotterdamerung"

[Set: The stage lights are down, and several volcanoes can be seen in the background. Lava glows as it spews forth from the volcanoes covering the stage. A broken highway runs down the center of the stage, and a collapsed roadside reads "Welcome to The End, Pardner!" The stage is covered with grey ash and wreckage. On the right side of the stage is a large lava pit, with glowing lights set inside to resemble lava. There are several cacti in the foreground. In the background, stage left, two ECTOPLASMS pulse meaningfully from side to side. Two HAPPY BEHEMOTHS, played by obese actors, frolic around the sides of the lava pit. Their heads are shaved bald and they wear tight leather costumes. Several FREEMASONS, wearing nothing but Masonic aprons, dance in a circle around a black obelisk in the background. Their butts are exposed The ANTICHRIST can still be seen, smiling with glee over the destruction he has wrought. A VAGRANT wanders along the side of the highway, stopping ocassionally to gape in terror at the HAPPY BEHEMOTHS.]

Chorus: [To the tune of Savior Machine's "Behold, a Pale Horse"; the music is a combination of country folk and doom metal.]

Behold!, A Cowboy comes!
Behold!, A Cowboy comes!
With Fire in His Eyes,
And Lightning in His Loins,
Behold!, A Cowboy Comes!
Behold!, A Cowboy Comes

[The COWBOY appears stage left, riding a winged horse suspended by wires from the cieling. Lightning flashes in the background. The COWBOY has reached the second state of APOTHEOSIS, and has now overcome the Hall of Illusion. His hat, bandana, and chaps are all white now, signifying purity, and he wears a black glove on one hand and a white glove on the other, symbolizing the reconciliation of duality in the person of the cowboy. A lightning bolt extends from between his legs, indcating virile lifeforce. He gestures upward with his white glove and downward with his black glove, imitating Eliphas Levi's drawning of THE BAPHOMET.]

Chorus: Behold!, A Cowboy Comes!
Behold!, A Cowboy Comes!

Cowboy: Violence reigns upon the earth,
Hell's fury has now split its girth,
But from above a cowboy dread,
Has won the battle inside his head!

Quake, ye mortals, tremble and despair,
The Cowboy comes as fast as a hair!
Immortal, glorious, pure in their sight,
The Cowboy comes to drive back the night!

[The Cowboy hefts the lightning bolt in his hand and hurls it into the stage, setting off a flurry of sparks and other pyrotechnic effects. The FREEMASONS continue to dance, but their dance becomes faster and more wild, and they slap their buttocks as they whirl around the obelisk. The HAPPY BEHEMOTHS giggle.]

Cowboy: And now in our story,
The final hour draws near!,
To light up a cigarette and grab yerself a beer!,
It's hell on earth,
But have no fear,
Like a light from heaven,
The Cowboy is here!

Once I was afraid, unsure of myself,
I did dumb things, and neglected my health,
But now I'm out and proud as can be,
I'll drop my chaps for all to see!

[The COWBOY and his horse land on top of the obelisk, above the dancing FREEMASONS. The COWBOY dismounts and leaps into the dancing throng. They ORGY and finally collapse in a heap, with the COWBOY grinning on top.]

Cowboy: Yeeeeeehaw! Come, forces of darkness,
Gather round, I, the Cowboy, will bring you down! With the light of wisdom and theosophical insight, I'll rain down arrows and arrows of light!

[The COWBOY lassoos the HAPPY BEHEMOTHS and, after a struggle, pulls them forward into the lava pit. They shriek and wave their tubby arms in the air as they slowly incinerate.]

Chorus: [Repeat lines from above.]

[The COWBOY charges after the ANTICHRIST, driving him off the stage. The COWBOY and the DRIFTER perform Folk Dance #4 (see musical insert), and then the COWBOY approaches the front of the stage. The COWBOY unzips and whizzes into the front row, aiming for an area of the audience designated as the 'splash zone' before the show.' The COWBOY then remounts his horse and ascends back to the ASTRAL HALLS.]

DRIFTER: Holy smoke,
That was no joke,
I'd tip my hat to that bloke!

[The ECTOPLASMS continue to pulse back and forth.]

ECTOPLASMS: [incomprehensible muttering.]

[End Scene II.]

10/9/2009 5:28:18 PM

Once again this reminds me of the Turner Diaries.

The idea of giving all white people a DNA test and killing anyone who doesn't pass is terrifying.

10/9/2009 5:31:31 PM


This writing style...


10/9/2009 6:59:12 PM

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