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Obama is determined to forge ahead with his agenda with or without the support of the people. In his socialist riddled mind, capitalism is evil and must be dismantled for the good of everyone.

It's so immature. I used to buy into some of the socialist arguments. But I was in my impressionable teens and once I got out into the world, I grew out of it. Obama has never grown up.

frodo82801, RR 37 Comments [10/23/2009 9:03:53 PM]
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Conservative and immature, but not fundie.

10/24/2009 2:37:50 PM


Conservative and immature, but not fundie.

10/24/2009 2:38:03 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

There is nothing fundy in this quote. Not one single mention of religion or god.. this is merely political.

10/24/2009 2:50:38 PM

El Zorro

Well, Frodo, considering you think Obama is a socialist, you haven't grown up enough.

10/24/2009 3:11:14 PM


All polls show majority support for free healthcare. Only liars say otherwise.

What kinda crazy do you have to be to think that the fact that one illness (or just one long, expensive drawn out death)bankrupting the whole family is a good thing?

Your capitalist system is failing due to large mortgage non-payment mostly due to medical depts.

You idiots are voluntary fodder for the rich

10/25/2009 7:50:27 AM


translation, "i'm still in my teens and haven't grown up."

10/26/2009 9:23:33 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Um, Obama has the support of the people. Maybe you need to realize that. And really, people aren't buying the whole "socialist" business anymore.

10/26/2009 9:53:04 AM


Fundies don't just come in religious flavours!

10/31/2009 8:45:35 PM


News flash, he was elected by the people, and those who voted for him do support him, unlike you whiny losers.

10/31/2009 9:11:53 PM


Says the guy named after a fictional character.

10/31/2009 9:49:05 PM


Ah, projecting your shortcomings onto others to prop up your own failing self-esteem. Well done, Frodo. Well done.

11/1/2009 5:42:57 AM

Professor M

Capitalist-authoritarian fundamentalism is still fundie. It has the most important feature -- complete denial of reality.

Conservative political fundies these days seem to be by far the biggest practitioners in the U.S. of the "relativism" they accuse everyone else of -- to them, it doesn't matter what Obama's actual (ragingly plutocratic and pro-corporate) policies are, if they don't like him then he must be a "socialist".

11/1/2009 9:44:09 AM

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