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i think it's wrong for scientists to? define everything because they define humans as apes, and i don't want to be an ape because they are ugly and dumb.

scientists can have their definitions, and we normal people can have our own.

watergaia, youtube 55 Comments [10/27/2009 12:41:47 AM]
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You're just asking to be insulted there.

10/27/2009 12:47:49 AM

El Zorro

Scientists have good reasons to "define humans as apes."

10/27/2009 12:48:03 AM

TB Tabby

Ignoring the obvious joke...the scientific definition of "ape" is NOT "ugly and dumb." And we're not changing it just because it bruises your ego.

10/27/2009 12:57:36 AM


Check your premise, science does not define humans as apes. We are the same ORDER which is, of course, primate.
The fail cascades from there.

10/27/2009 1:04:21 AM


You are not only dumb and ugly, but also in denial about it.

10/27/2009 1:12:13 AM


Oh, and this from his YouTube page:

"modern science (big bang and einstein) has proven that that allah created the universe and lifeforms, but evolutionists still hold onto their thousands of year old primitive beliefs and theories about eternal universes (steady state) and spontaneous generation (disproven by scientists more than a century ago:"


"(some people have asked if i really have a PhD, and what field i have PhD in. check out the "website" link above to see proof of my PhD and some of the work i have published."


Either a fundie moron or one of the best trolls ever.

10/27/2009 1:15:48 AM

> i don't want to be an ape because they are ugly and dumb.

Tough! innit

10/27/2009 1:30:34 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

watergia no - one is defining you as an ape!

Apes are far too savvy, I'd define you as an amoeba very confused amoeba!

10/27/2009 1:42:31 AM


> they define humans as apes

Not "defined as apes". We "share a common ancestor with apes", if you're being exact. We're "related to apes", if you want to put it in layman's terms.

> i don't want to be an ape

I don't want to be a human either - I'd probably be much happier if I was some sort of a disembodied immortal all-knowing energy being from the pages of transhumanist science-fiction. But I'm a human. I have to deal with the inevitable consequences of being part of this species.

> because they are ugly

Speak for yourself. I used to like great apes a lot when I was a kid. Gorillas are still awesome. They're big, eat leaves, live their lives rather peacefully, and can probably tie a piece of railroad track into knot or something. Magnificent creatures.

> and dumb.

On the contrary, they're also pretty damn smart as far as animals go.

> scientists can have their definitions, and we normal people can have our own.

Yeah, ultimately, whether we're related to apes or not is not something that ordinary people need to be concerned about in order to live their daily lives. But why are you making it such a big deal?

10/27/2009 1:58:23 AM


A PHD Scientist from "Paytriot Univercity"


10/27/2009 2:10:28 AM


Oh crap.


10/27/2009 2:52:39 AM


Well, you don´t get the definitions you want but the definitions that are scientific feasible.

Look, if I wouldn´t want to be classified as a human, because humans are ugly and dumb and I would want to be classified as an elb instead, I doubt that any taxonomer would grant me the wish and create a new genus called elbs (homo superior) and include me as a member ;)

10/27/2009 2:54:52 AM


University/College/School: Paytriot Univercity

Says it all really (hoomskoold)

10/27/2009 2:56:13 AM


As a politician recently said (can't believe I'm quoting one), you're entiled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

10/27/2009 3:06:31 AM


It galls me to have to share the words "human race" with you, but I still manage to find a way to go on.

10/27/2009 3:35:30 AM

The L

Granted, they may possibly be wrong about the "ugly" part...

10/27/2009 4:29:22 AM

hurray the dumb part is def true for you as to ugly who knows?

10/27/2009 4:44:36 AM

Mister Spak

" i don't want to be an ape because they are ugly and dumb. "

In your case, being an ape would be an improvement.

10/27/2009 4:54:50 AM

The Lilac Pilgrim

"I don't want to be an ape" =/= a good reason not to accept evolution.

I like that scientists are obviously not normal, too.

10/27/2009 4:54:53 AM


i really don't think watergaia has reached puberty yet. if he's for real he's hopelessly lost in a big mess o' fail. and if he's a poe, he's not a very funny one.

10/27/2009 5:58:51 AM


"[apes] are ugly and dumb"

They're smarter than you.

"scientists can have their definitions, and we normal people can have our own"

That's actually how it is, and it causes some problems. The word theory, for example. But that's not the bigger problem. Your distrust of science (and that of too many others) is the problem, especially when there are so many readily available resources to break down complex science into understandable terms and explain where scientists get their ideas and figure out which ones might be right.

10/27/2009 6:06:22 AM

David B.

All members of the Hominoidea family are "apes" ("Vertebrate Palaeontology" by Michael Benton), that includes us. We are apes and our ancestors were apes ("Proconsul"). Ergo we are descended from apes.

What we are not is descended from any modern ape.

10/27/2009 6:09:01 AM


you can call yourself human, homosapien, ape, a fucking unicorn for all I care.

it's never going to change that your are, and will forever continue to be, ugly and dumb.

10/27/2009 6:26:41 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Pretend you're not an ape all you want; you'll still be ugly and dumb.

10/27/2009 6:27:26 AM

Doubting Thomas

Funny, the apes say they don't want to be associated with watergaia because he's ugly and dumb.

And like it or not, we are primates. It's a fact, not a random definition.

10/27/2009 7:22:48 AM

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