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HackerOnHacker, Graph Jam 71 Comments [10/27/2009 1:20:43 AM]
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I need a picture of Picard facepalming, stat!

10/27/2009 1:23:57 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Picard weeps...

10/27/2009 1:30:24 AM


This is pretty much concrete proof that HackerOnHacker has never been to school.

Which in turn explains a lot.

10/27/2009 1:35:04 AM


Has to be a Poe.

10/27/2009 1:56:53 AM


That is funny in both College and High School I had teachers wish us a Marry Christmas on the last day before the break.

10/27/2009 2:15:39 AM


Seriously now - I know conservatards are fond of making this claim, but has it ever actually happened, anywhere, ever?

10/27/2009 2:19:26 AM


And where is the source of the information used to make this graph?

10/27/2009 2:35:38 AM


10/27/2009 2:47:18 AM


What Tolpuddle Martyr said (shown?).

10/27/2009 2:49:13 AM

Saying 'Merry Christmas everybody' = OK

Forcing people who don't share your beliefs to participate in your religion's festivals = Not OK

See the difference? No, of course you can't.....

10/27/2009 3:07:45 AM


They don't even have words for how dumb this is.

10/27/2009 3:32:43 AM


I've never seen any story about a kid ever being kicked out of school, or even getting in trouble, for saying Merry Christmas.

This is just one of those things fundies love to bring up over and over, and yet it has absolutely no base.

10/27/2009 3:44:21 AM


Oh come on now. I'm an atheist and even I say Merry Christmas. First off, I know lots of people who celebrate it. Second off, Christmas has been so commercialized that it is like saying Happy Halloween, no one ACTUALLY cares, except the people in this idiot's mind.

10/27/2009 4:12:32 AM


What's stupider is that this made GraphJams front page.

10/27/2009 4:15:27 AM


Ahh yes, one of the graphs filed under "bullshit".

Go to North Korea if you want persecution.

10/27/2009 4:38:11 AM


[visualize persecuted, persecuted, not persecuted picture here]

10/27/2009 4:49:47 AM

Higgs Boson

@ Ionakana

All they have to find is one single example from a country with a population of over 300 million, and lo and behold PROOF that we have an epidemic of anti-Christmas hatred sweeping across the nation.

10/27/2009 4:51:08 AM

Doubting Thomas

Crap, it appears that it's already "war on Christmas" season. And real Christmas season doesn't start until the Halloween decorations are put away.

10/27/2009 5:05:37 AM


I had teachers wish my class a merry christmas before break.

10/27/2009 5:47:46 AM


er, it's october.

10/27/2009 5:56:31 AM

TB Tabby

Two can play at this game, punk.

10/27/2009 5:56:44 AM


And it follows the color spectrum, too! Neat!

10/27/2009 6:25:39 AM

lol what

Clearly GraphJam continues to be the paragon of intellectual debate and awareness all know it to be.

10/27/2009 6:39:18 AM


what gets me is that it looks like he didn't even have the guts to write "shit" "fuck" and "nigger" in his own graph.

10/27/2009 6:39:45 AM

Actually, from what I've seen one of the things almost certain to get you into trouble is "I'm an atheist".

10/27/2009 6:52:18 AM

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