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Pilikia, PrisonPlanet 17 Comments [10/26/2009 3:33:35 AM]
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Nathan the Wise

Godwin to end all Godwins. Boy, are you going to look silly in 8 years time.

10/26/2009 5:09:16 AM


Oh boy, Hitler pictures just don't get old, do they?

10/26/2009 5:23:52 AM


This shit will be ridiculed in the future as one of the more surreal moments in US politics.

10/26/2009 5:29:58 AM


These pinheads desperately wish they were important enough to come to Obama's – or anyone's – attention.

10/26/2009 8:52:58 AM


What's the American version of the Night of the Long Knives? The Night of the Soup Spoons?

10/26/2009 9:16:26 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Who helped bring him to power? I'd say about 54% of the American voting population.

10/26/2009 9:23:59 AM


So, just one quick question for you Pilikia: when Obama leaves office, and NONE of this has happened, are you going to:

A) Admit you were a total fucking moron.
B) Insist that it happened anyway in secrecy, despite all evidence to the contrary.
C) Insist that Obama is somehow still in power, even if it's a Republican elected in 2012 or 2016.
D) Both B and C.

D? Yeah, that's what I thought.

10/26/2009 10:51:37 AM

Doubting Thomas

Oh, is this the thing about the government turning the barbed wire on closed military bases around to keep people in instead of keeping people out? As in turning closed down military bases into concentration camps? The stickers on the back of road signs are secret signals that tell you where the other concntration camps are. Yeah, don't worry about the fact that they've been saying this for about 20 or 30 years and it's never actually come to pass.

10/26/2009 7:19:06 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Oh noes - a black president, he must be a Nazi! What other explanation could there possibly be?

10/27/2009 2:40:00 AM

As batshit insane as these people are becoming, just imagine how much crazier they'd be if the Supreme Court had selected Obama like they did Dubya.

10/27/2009 6:06:41 AM

Doctor Fishcake

@#1043476, werewolf: The Night of the SPORKS!!!

10/27/2009 11:43:21 AM

Hey, he's black. Probably he'd be in a concentration camp if he was at the time.

10/27/2009 1:09:11 PM


Just give it a fucking rest. It's not even funny anymore, just tedious.

10/27/2009 9:39:14 PM


Oh wow! Isn't it amazing how much the NAZIs look exactly like Obama!

10/29/2009 12:21:24 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

Night of the Rusty Swiss-Army Tools?

10/30/2009 4:33:52 PM


If i was criticizing Obama I would've called it

"Night of the long speeches"


10/31/2009 1:22:28 AM


This image or video violated our terms of use.

Yeah, the conspiracy of the image hosters

10/3/2010 4:39:57 AM

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