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yes [Hitler] was baptised Catholic as an infant...but that's where it ends. Early in his career he used to church to gain influence among the Christian population of Germany but as his power was consolidated his true agenda came out and it was the destruction of Christianity...but face it: Naziism is a form of Marxist socialism which is built on atheism. Crack a book and stop reading atheist agenda websites and believing that is real history

wjb67ii, YouTube 39 Comments [10/27/2009 12:24:04 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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Big Jilm

You are an uneducated twit. Nazi-ism is a form of Fascism, which is ultra right wing ideaology.

10/27/2009 12:27:41 PM


wow, just, wow.

10/27/2009 12:30:17 PM

Table Rock

I'll start by stop reading what you said and believing it was history.

10/27/2009 12:33:19 PM


According to Albert Speer, who should have known, Hitler's adult life was spent as a nonpracticing Catholic. He never openly broke with the church, and looked sarcastically at Himmler's crackpot attempts to build a pagan Nazi "religion," but was given in private utterances as well as public to affirmations of his belief in a guiding deity who specially favored him.

As for the "Nazism is socialism is atheism" bit, here's a translation: "I don't really understand shit about any of these terms, but they make good epithets, so I'll say they're all the same! Clearly, I am a total dumb-ass!"

10/27/2009 12:34:27 PM

Turning the posts, eh?

10/27/2009 12:41:47 PM


I'm glad that people can look up basic definitions for terms they need to know to define their arguments.
Oh wait...

10/27/2009 12:43:54 PM

Doctor Whom

As for "Crack a book," you need to lead by example.

10/27/2009 12:55:14 PM


So Nazism is Marxism which is atheism.

Is that why Hitler imprisoned Communists in concentration camps and staffed his government with nothing but fundamentalist Christians?

10/27/2009 12:58:17 PM

Professor M

Naziism is a form of Marxist socialism

Which is why socialists were sent to the concentration camps?

10/27/2009 1:00:06 PM

Zeus Almighty

Oh, just go ahead and admit it: by "book" you mean Chick tract. Probably something where at the end the guy at Auschwitz who activated the gas repents after the war and goes to heaven, while the little Jewish boys and girls go to hell for being unbelievers.
Real history books are lengthy and have few pictures to keep fundie minds entertained, not to mention being filled with facts that contradict your Wholly Babble.

And, finally, I have no energy to go into all the history fail you spewed in such a few short sentences.

10/27/2009 1:05:36 PM


Something tells me you could bear to crack open a book that's not written for your sect.

10/27/2009 1:12:44 PM

Pule Thamex

Firstly, I would harbour a few suspicions about the educational achievements of someone who would use the expression 'crack a book', though possibly that's because I'm quite conservative, with a small c, in many ways.

Secondly, it's unfortunate for Christianity that Hitler was a fellow Christian. However, no amount of wishful thinking or propaganda will convince a genuine 'book cracking' person that an extreme right wing fascist was actually a left wing socialist. The facts speak for themselves, as can be confirmed by consulting history books.

Thirdly, perhaps anyone that does indulge in such pitiful revisionist deceit is ashamed of Hitler's association with Christianity. Actually, I've always felt that Nazism resonates well with fundamental cultism. True, fundamental cultists are not Christian, though they claim that they are, but, in fact, they are the opposite of true Christians in many ways. One feels that fundamental cultists would march blithely into Nazism with barely a falter in their stride.

10/27/2009 1:13:10 PM


Regardless of Hitler's personal religious convictions, it is certain that almost all the officers who carried out Hitler's orders were good, god fearing christians.


10/27/2009 1:15:30 PM


I do have few books about the third reich. I can safely say that you are full of shit.

10/27/2009 1:21:42 PM


Actually if you would look at history it seems that, as a young lad, Adolph would go out to play and always made his friend participate as he pretended to be a priest and lead them in a "mass" before they could play...he then went to seminary but dropped out for political ideology. Read a friggin book once in a while.

10/27/2009 1:22:20 PM


Youtube, a place where world's stupidity and ignorance are shown.

10/27/2009 1:32:13 PM


And before the rooster crows three times, another Right-wing fuckwit will lie about the Nazis being Leftist/atheist.

Keep saying it. Maybe someday, more than just your brain-dead drones will swallow it.

Denial, delusion, or really good glue inhaled in high school? I just can't tell.

10/27/2009 1:33:25 PM


I love the way you christian apologists try to gloss over the reality of what happened in nazi Germany. The truth is, without christians there could have been no Holocaust. It was christians that drove the trains that took the innocents to their deaths; it was christians that manufactured the poison gas, the ovens, the showers, the modified trucks that drove around the countryside, full of human beings being slowly poisoned by exhaust fumes; it was christians who informed on their neighbours; it was christians that beat and humiliated old women in the street; it was christians who did nothing while people they knew were tortured, terrorised and murdered. Christians did all those things. Don't even dare, son.

10/27/2009 1:39:35 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"Crack a book"

Why don't you start with Mein Kampf?

10/27/2009 1:47:45 PM


The sad thing, of course, is that the general public in large believes this Christian propaganda. That's why it's continually pushed and repeated. 'God with us' was the Nazi regime motto, Hitler believed he was doing Gods work and promoted and strengthened the Catholic church.

These are facts, as much as you people hate reality, these are indisputable evidence of his belief. That and rather harsh treatment of Atheists comparable to Gypsies and other races

10/27/2009 1:49:40 PM


Or, in fundie-speak:


And by "agenda websites", he means "factchecked"

10/27/2009 1:50:08 PM


Yeah, he sure wanted to destroy Christianity! That's why he targeted the Jews.

Hold on...

10/27/2009 1:54:14 PM


Sure.. keep telling yourself that.

10/27/2009 2:06:22 PM


"Naziism is a form of Marxist socialism"

Which is why Hitler and Stalin got along so well.

10/27/2009 2:15:32 PM


Nazism a form of Marxism? ReallY? You really don't know about governments.

10/27/2009 2:26:59 PM

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