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Socialists back Obama because they can't tell the difference between Christianity and Islam. Obama travelled to Pakistan in 1981 (when it was illegal to do so) to meet with Wahid Hamid, now VP at PepsiCo. They channeled millions of illegal funds into the USA. Problem is that Muslims will get rid of the socialists (as they did in Iran) when they get into power. Lenin called for an alliance between Communists and Islam back in 1924, and the Bible? reveals why Satan backs the Antichrist.

AcePilot101, You Tube 11 Comments [10/27/2009 3:09:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Tolpuddle Martyr

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Great, you apparently are looking into a mirror.

10/27/2009 6:30:00 PM


10/27/2009 9:50:13 PM


Why, oh why, was it illegal for an American to travel to Pakistan in 1981? Had we declared war on Pakistan in that year?

10/28/2009 2:45:56 AM


Wait, what?

10/28/2009 3:25:09 AM

Romana Twelve

>Socialists back Obama because they can't tell the difference between Christianity and Islam.

Wait, how did Ace here arrive at this conclusion, exactly? Was there some kind of study? "We've secretly replaced the church in this socialist's neighborhood with a mosque. Let's see if she notices!"

10/28/2009 5:45:36 AM


Oh look a retard in defiance of reality again


10/28/2009 8:03:12 AM

Dr. Novakaine

That meandered all the fuck over. Try again, with coherence this time please.

10/28/2009 11:24:00 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK, thank you for that information. Now please take your Thorazine.

10/29/2009 6:21:38 AM


@Romana Twelve
Be an interesting reality TV show. If it works we can expand on it, like maybe:

We switched the Muslim Arab with a Christian Arab lets see if the Fundis can tell the difference.

*Week later*

10/29/2009 11:31:29 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

That is quite possibly the largest word salad I've ever had the displeasure of coming across.

10/30/2009 4:19:22 PM

G. Fieendish

The only snag with this argument, is to this European Poster, is President Obama is not Socialist/Left Wing, but more Centre/Moderate Right politically, with regards to his policies...
(Mind you, given that us in Europe, regarded George Bush Jr as potentially Far-Fight Wing, with regards to his policies, anyone more moderate to him is automatically considered a Commie by comparison to him in the U.S...)
By Ace Pilot's reasoning therefore, President Richard M Nixon, when looked under Ace Pilot's gaze, must have been a raving, rabid Maoist by comparison...
By the way, Lenin was dead in 1924, & as such could not have said such a thing, although Trotsky might have suggested such a alliance, in order to promote a "Global Socialist Revolution", he had effectively become a exile due to Stalin's machinations, having his membership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU for short) stripped from him by Stalin beforehand...

11/1/2009 10:25:07 AM

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