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Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has blocked attempts to hold a gay pride march in Moscow and has labeled gays "weapons of mass destruction."

Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow, Associated Press 38 Comments [11/1/2009 1:28:58 PM]
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11/1/2009 1:36:36 PM


WHAAAT?! Gays are weapons of mass destruction?! Seconding the LUL WUT here!

11/1/2009 1:38:13 PM

Are you sure you didn't mean weapons of ass destruction?

11/1/2009 1:38:55 PM


Irony Meter overload.

An old fashioned Russian politician using "weapons of mass destruction" as an insult?

11/1/2009 1:38:56 PM


11/1/2009 1:39:25 PM


It must really be something to be gay and know that you have all these awesome super powers.

11/1/2009 1:57:53 PM


But you guys have such a history of parading weapons down the streets of Moscow.

11/1/2009 1:58:55 PM


You should see the weapon IN MY PANTS.

11/1/2009 2:02:48 PM


Well, looks like Bush was wrong about there being WMDs in the Middle East then.

11/1/2009 2:03:36 PM


Old news, but I'll be attending Moscow Pride 2046, after my circuit through Kingston, Lagos and Baghdad. I'll be sure to visit your grave, Yuri!

11/1/2009 2:33:08 PM


As my good friend Bugs would say: What a moroon!

11/1/2009 2:46:32 PM

bad rushin

Nikolai Alexeyev, the leader of Russia's gay rights movement, describes the decision as a crude attempt at populism and a violation of human rights.
Alexeyev called on visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to denounce endemic homophobia in Russia.

Not to defend homophobic sentiment or something, but in America (the country that presumes to teach everyone democracy and stuff) he'd probably be tried for treason and never be heard of again. Just sayin'.

EDIT As to the rest of it, it's f..g sad and shameful and many do realize this.

11/1/2009 3:46:32 PM

No no no no no! The Gay Bomb was an Amerikan Kapitalist Ploy! Not a Patriotik Russian Weapon!

11/1/2009 3:49:41 PM

@bad rushin: ...."he'd probably be tried for treason and never heard of again. Just sayin'".

That's idiotic. Plenty of things to criticize in US policy, but that's not one of them. Know what you're talking about before you put your foot in it.

11/1/2009 4:58:57 PM


We could use this to gain diplomatic leverage over Russia.

11/1/2009 5:16:48 PM


I know I'm a red belt in karate, but I'm not sure I could take out enough people to be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

Do these people know gay fu? Or are they like cyborgs with guns in their arms?

11/1/2009 5:59:47 PM


that's just kind of funny.

11/1/2009 6:02:35 PM



11/1/2009 6:05:08 PM


This brings new meaning to the claims about Iraq just before that war started.

11/1/2009 6:12:35 PM


In a way, it is a relief to know that this country does not have a monopoly on morons and clowns in public office.

11/1/2009 6:43:38 PM


It's kinda funny seeing a guy named Yuri being anti-gay.

11/1/2009 7:17:22 PM


11/1/2009 7:39:30 PM

Old Viking

Oh, that Yuri. He's such an exaggerator.

11/1/2009 7:52:48 PM


Yep -- this is the same guy who wants to use large-scale cloud-seeding to stop snow from falling on Moscow this winter.

Bags and bags of fail in Moscow City hall.

11/1/2009 8:25:04 PM


11/1/2009 8:25:28 PM

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