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The bible says that we are not to marry outside our race. To believe what we are told in the bible, does not make us misfits! God knew ahead of time the turmoil biracial relationships would cause, because he designed it that way! To keep us from doing it! If we do not want this kind of confusion, don't go against what God told us not to do. He warned us of what would happen! Look and see for yourself! God is a lot more powerful and smarter than we are. Research the bible. And after that, some of you will be more the wiser. You will then rethink your responses, and know that it's wrong! Everyone here who thinks it's not wrong, you KNOW it's wrong in your hearts. I'm proud of that judge for doing what was only RIGHT in the eyes of GOD; for the good of any children they may have had, for the good of family, and for the good of society. Just as Barrack Obama said,"it was time for a change". We can't change God's word! So Barrack Obama, "You keep the change".

Terrie Briant, Topix 46 Comments [11/15/2009 5:40:49 PM]
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Mr Monotone

"The bible says that we are not to marry outside our race."

Im going to have to ask for a verse and chapter on that.

11/15/2009 5:48:16 PM


Didn't Solomon (king of the Chosen People of God and blessed directly with godly wisdom) married the Queen of Sheba? You know, black-skinned.

Shouldn't this be in RSTDT, anyway?

11/15/2009 5:54:31 PM

Thinking Allowed

The bible also says it's ok to own slaves too. So abolishing slavery was going against your god's word too..

11/15/2009 5:57:13 PM

Pule Thamex

Well I'm a celt and my wife's an anglo-saxon. Seems OK so far, we're talking over twenty years. My children are a celtic/anglo-saxon mix. They seem alright so far. What are you on about you half pillock half God-zombie? If God deliberately designed mixed racial marriages to be the cause of turmoil, then you should denounce God straight away as being an arsehole. Anyway, I know you're only an infantile cretin so why worry.

11/15/2009 6:13:41 PM

Doubting Thomas

Is this from the new Conservative Bible? Because I don't remember any such verse from the KJV or any other "liberal" versions.

11/15/2009 6:16:21 PM


I can understand the part about it being unwise if it's going to cause problems, but what kind of benevolent deity would ever design love to be flawed in anyway whatsoever when according to its fan club it *is* love itself? If you claim that some kinds of marriages (based on love) are wrong, then some kinds of love are also wrong which makes love itself imperfect, compromising your deity.

Oh, wait, my bad. I was being logical.

11/15/2009 6:22:31 PM


Go reseach the Bible yourself. You will find that it is a proper noun, and hence the first letter should be capitalised. Also, ask yourself why you can not even spell your own president's name.

11/15/2009 6:23:13 PM


Well, unfortunately for you and your kind, what is "right in the eyes of god" is often illegal and immoral. (Genocide, rape, slavery....) We're better than that.

Too bad you refuse to grow the fuck up.

11/15/2009 6:24:04 PM


God knew interracial marriages were bad because he designed them to cause (apparently nonexistant) problems. What a big baby. Why did he make more than one race if they`re not supposed to interact? Oh right, so you can have slaves.

11/15/2009 6:42:03 PM


The turmoil is caused by people like you. You know, just as the children of gay parents are at risk of getting teased, BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

11/15/2009 6:58:45 PM

"Everything I'm doing is right in God's eye everything you're doing is wrong."

11/15/2009 7:00:43 PM

ham sandwhich

Last I checked "hybrid vigor" was a good thing when you've got an incredibly inbred (lol fundie) population.

11/15/2009 7:19:17 PM


"God is a lot more powerful and smarter than we are."
More than you maybe. And given that he's not even real, what does that say?

11/15/2009 7:25:48 PM

Old Viking

Well, I know God wears a white robe, and I'm willing to bet he has a conical hood to complete the outfit.

11/15/2009 7:37:29 PM


The bible is worthless trash! Your god does not exist! Fuck off!

11/15/2009 8:10:27 PM


You won't mind if we do genealogical research for YOU, yes? I'm sure we can find geographical convergence somewhere...

Something tells me she's not going to be much fun to be around on Loving Day.

Besides...Book of Ruth? Ruth was a Moabite! That would have classified at the time as "different race". I don't exactly see much excoriation of her marriage to Boaz...

11/15/2009 8:28:45 PM

Jack D

Why the hell would God design interracial relationships to cause turmoil?! He must not have designed it well, since the entire world is becoming more racially mixed.

11/15/2009 8:33:27 PM


The bible says that we are not to marry outside our race.

The bible says that the Hebrews couldn't marry non Hebrews. You're not a Hebrew.

Everyone here who thinks it's not wrong, you KNOW it's wrong in your hearts.

No, you know it's not wrong deep down in your heart. Otherwise, why would you feel the need to bitch about it so much?

11/15/2009 9:44:52 PM


looks like a double header.

religious justification for racism.

typical, your only about 100-50 years too late though.

11/15/2009 9:53:16 PM

The Bible was referring to the Ancient Israelites.

11/15/2009 10:11:10 PM

Well, at least that explains why Fundamentalist Christians seldom marry persons from the human race.

11/15/2009 10:33:09 PM


Go back to the pre-Abe Lincoln era, klansman.

11/15/2009 10:38:19 PM


The problem is, of course, that the biracial relationships themselves aren't full of turmoil, and most people are pretty chill about them; it's just racist fuckwits like you that are thrown into chaos.

11/15/2009 10:38:21 PM


Actually the bible says you're not supposed to marry outside your tribe. So even if you're a Anglo-Saxon, somebody down the line sinned big time.
Deuteronomy 7:3

But the good news is that men are allowed to marry as many of their cousins as they want! Sucks since most Terrie's are girls (men usually spell it Terry).

11/15/2009 10:46:15 PM


Time for a lesson from The Teacher:

Genesis chapter eleven verse ten
Explains the geneology of Chem
Chem was a black man, in Africa
If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya

Genesis fourteen verse thirteen
Abraham steps on the scene
Being a descendent of Chem which is a fact
Means, Abraham too was black

Abraham born in the city of a black man
Called Nimrod grandson of Kam
Kam had four sons, one was named Canaan
Here, let me do some explaining

Abraham was the father of Isaac
Isaac was the father of Jacob
Jacob had twelve sons, for real
And these, were the children of Isreal

According to Genesis chapter ten
Egyptains descended from {Hahm,Kam}
Six hundred years later, my brother, read up
Moses was born in Egypt

In this era black Egyptians weren't right
They enslaved black Isrealites
Moses had to be of the black race
Because he spent fourty years in Pharoah's place
He passed as the Pharoah's grandson
So he had to look just like him


11/15/2009 11:03:29 PM

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