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I saw that advert for "The Fourth Kind" when I logged in to my youtube page - I immediately closed it out. Made me sick to look at it - like it was almost 'taunting' me ... Sad thing is, this world's going to accept the 'alien' explanation hook, line, and sinker. I He comes for us soon...

ThankfulHeart , RR 47 Comments [11/15/2009 5:43:18 PM]
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Pule Thamex

Is Jesus an alien? Will Jesus abduct earthlings? Yes and yes. But probably not for another 10 billion, billion, trillion years.

11/15/2009 5:51:38 PM

Doubting Thomas

Raptards are paranoid about everything. Seems like every new movie that comes out it has them all in a tizzy.

11/15/2009 6:03:50 PM


It's just a fucking movie! It's not gonna steal your soul or anything! GAH!!11!

11/15/2009 6:04:03 PM


"I can't believe they would name a movie 'Up' - that's what you call an erection!"

11/15/2009 6:08:39 PM


Then maybe you should just stay in your house until you die.

11/15/2009 6:12:28 PM

The Skeptic Wept

Seems like every movie trailer they see they think it's a documentary.

11/15/2009 6:20:39 PM


Sad thing is, aliens are far more likely to exist than your sky-fairy. Guessing you felt sick because you realized the truth, there.

11/15/2009 6:28:29 PM


Mom! A movie trailer taunted me!

11/15/2009 6:35:01 PM


They're coming to take you away ha ha.

11/15/2009 6:51:19 PM


The only safe activity for a raptard to partake in is staring at the wall.

11/15/2009 6:53:19 PM

Old Viking

We will be grateful to whatever takes you away.

11/15/2009 7:24:17 PM

This must be what paranoid schizophrenia looks like when combined with raptard brainwashing.

11/15/2009 7:54:37 PM


@ louislouis:

Nah, then pareidolia steps in and they start to see Jeebus in the mold stains.

11/15/2009 8:04:09 PM


Maybe if you stroke faster he'll come sooner.

11/15/2009 8:07:54 PM


The Chiefs won today, if that's not a sure sign the world's coming to an end, I don't know what is.

11/15/2009 8:19:57 PM


Friday, Bill-O was on about how the movie '2012' is anti-Christian/pro-Islamic because 'only' Christian holy sites are destroyed in it.

*Eyeroll* Sadly, my father buys that crap by the gross.

11/15/2009 8:38:41 PM


He comes for us soon...

Who...The alien?

11/15/2009 9:13:01 PM

The Watcher

"Explanation" for what?

11/15/2009 9:46:11 PM


what don't you think is some demonic Illuminati propaganda?

11/15/2009 9:47:40 PM


What's this 'sad' bullshit? Listen here, you're the fucking village idiot, you aren't allowed to be sad, goddamnit! Now put that vacuous grin back on your face, and go chew on a power cable.

11/15/2009 9:47:41 PM


Actually, the people who don't believe in aliens (at least intelligent ones that are abducting people) still won't, and those that do, still will.

11/15/2009 10:02:54 PM

"I logged in to my youtube page"
Shouldn't you be on Tangle?

11/15/2009 10:04:55 PM


And next you will be explaining why "Where the wild things are" is going to make people beleive there's an island full of monsters.

11/15/2009 10:32:44 PM

Rocket Boy

It's not everyone will start worshiping aliens now.
What's the big deal?

11/15/2009 10:48:16 PM


What alien explanation? Could somebody clue me in?

11/15/2009 10:48:22 PM

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