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[Re: “Gay” Activists Mull “Organized Terrorism” Against Christians]

Sounds like the line of thinking glorified in the movie V for Vendetta... ie that terrorism is okay as long as it's homosexual activists using it against "oppressive" Christians.

Teotwawki, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [11/24/2009 7:19:16 PM]
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I don't think you got what that movie was about.

11/24/2009 8:06:08 PM

Doubting Thomas

Which is wrong, but terrorism is OK as long as it's pro-life activists against abortion clinics & doctors. Right?

11/24/2009 8:21:06 PM


Haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure you've mischaracterized it .

11/24/2009 8:36:20 PM


Did you watch the damn movie?

11/24/2009 9:02:33 PM

Thinking Allowed

What is Teotwawaki watching movies like that anyway? Shouldn't they be on their knees reading their bible while praying waiting for the rapture?

11/24/2009 9:05:05 PM

Old Viking

There's so little that doesn't persecute you people that it's hard to keep up.

11/24/2009 9:05:18 PM


Wow, did you ever miss the point of the V for Vendetta.

You are officially banned from reviewing films that require more than a third-grade literacy level. Try [u]The Barney Movie[/i] instead.

11/24/2009 9:38:47 PM

Movie Goer 001

Um, I'm pretty sure the destruction of Parliament, like the march itself, was meant to be a symbol of how people united can bring down tyranny. Also, the Parliament was pretty clearly unoccupied.

Also, reading back to the article this is commenting on. I must say it looks like "tex" carelessly responded to the article, but the concluding phrase: 'er, I mean "civil disobedience"' does seem to imply he/she doesn't mean it.

11/24/2009 11:30:40 PM


Ideas are bulletproof.

Fundie logic is tissue paper.

11/24/2009 11:50:22 PM


I have read the comic and i see the difference between RR and Norsefire is quite small.

11/25/2009 12:06:20 AM


You never actaully watched that movie, did you?

11/25/2009 12:45:18 AM


You REALLY didn't get the point of that movie.

Also, you ARE oppressive. Cockstain.

11/25/2009 1:08:16 AM


You missed the point by thiiiiis much!

also: http://www.cracked.com/article_16377_p2.html

11/25/2009 3:10:10 AM


Actually, it's okay if you're an anarchist fighting a fascist band of murderers and you can guarantee no innocent casualties.

But it's cute how you put quotes around "oppressed" like those fictional villains didn't slaughter thousands of LGBT people.

11/25/2009 4:42:56 AM


You never watched that film. Lying for Jesus, clearly.

Fundies like you are too busy railing against teh eebils of liberal Hollywood, you'd never allow yourselves to watch any movies.

11/25/2009 5:55:21 AM


Behind this mask Mr Teotwawki is more than a man, there is an idea, and ideas. Are. Bulletproof!

11/25/2009 7:08:06 AM

Mister Spak

Sounds like the line of thinking glorified in the movie V for Vendetta... ie that terrorism is okay as long as it's christianist activists using it against "oppressive" Americans.


11/25/2009 8:09:05 AM

But killing Dr. Tiller was OK with you, and if the gays were trying to keep you from getting married, I'll bet you'd be OK with throwing a little "organized terrorism" their way, too.

11/25/2009 8:15:00 AM

Mookie Blaylock


Did this person even see the movie? Or even part of it? Or a commercial for it?

(I'm assuming, of course, that they certainly never would've opened the actual book the movie is based on.)

11/25/2009 8:18:54 AM


Referring to the movie, since I haven't read the graphic novel*:

The government imprisoned people without charge, tortured them, used them for unethical human experiements that killed almost all their subjects, and them released biological weapons upon a civilian population in the hopes that the resulting fear would allow them to cement their hold on power.

V killed people who had been directly involved in the above crimes, who could not be legally tried because of government corruption, and made a TV appearance urging people to resist government opression. He also blew up an empty buiding, after giving fair warning a year in advance.

Who is the terrorist here?

*I do intend to, but every time I go book shopping I keep forgetting to check for it.

11/25/2009 10:25:48 AM

Zeus Almighty

I'm going to have to go back and re-watch "V" for teh ghey. ...

(Two hours later)

No, still don't see it. Teotwawki must have some damn good gaydar.

11/25/2009 1:08:10 PM


@ Zeus almighty - well Stephen Fry is gayer than a very gay thing.

11/25/2009 3:05:19 PM


How DARE you bastardise my favourite film like that!?

11/25/2009 3:20:20 PM


Do any of these idiots have a clue that movies are fiction, and not real, sorta like the bible.

11/25/2009 5:30:20 PM


Ever seen the movie or read the graphic novel? He does it to liberate people from a government which caused him to basically be tortured (and worse)You seem ok with terrorism from Eric Roudolph, Scott Roeder, and Timothy McVeigh.

11/25/2009 9:10:06 PM

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