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Q. But how does someone’s homosexual “marriage” threaten everyone else’s families?

A. Gay activists are not asking for just one homosexual marriage, even though they often personalize it by saying, “Don’t you interfere with my family and I won’t interfere with yours.” What the activists want is a new national policy saying that no longer is a mom and a dad any better than two moms or two dads. That policy would turn some very important principles upside down:

Marriage would become merely an emotional relationship that is flexible enough to include any grouping of loving adults. If it is fair for two men or two women to marry, why not three, or five, or 17? The terms “husband” and “wife” would become merely words with no meaning.

Parenthood would consist of any number of emotionally attached people who care for kids. “Mother” and “father” would become only words.

Gender would become nothing. The same-sex proposition cannot tolerate the idea that any real, deep and necessary differences exist between the sexes. It must rest on a “Mister Potato Head theory” of gender difference (same core, just interchangeable body parts). If real differences did exist, then men would need women and women would need men. Our children would learn that sexual differences are like mere personality types. Wait until your kids start bringing those papers home from school.

Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman, MySpace 63 Comments [11/24/2009 7:25:23 PM]
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It's funny the marriage as an emotional relationship, bearing in mind that Polygamy has been tolerated for AGES.

11/27/2009 2:45:53 AM


The main point to marriage is give couples various legal rights such as the power of attourney. How exactly would this work in a polygamous situation?

11/27/2009 9:02:07 AM


Lets take your frown and turn it upside down!

11/27/2009 10:33:43 AM


Sociology student here, the whole gender thing IS true but really not something worth complaining about. Girls and boys are only different behaviourally due to how they are raised in our society... and I HAVE started bringing those papers home from school!

11/28/2009 9:45:39 AM


I fail to see why any of those things is such a horrible thing. Even if was really what's going to happen, which it isn't.

11/28/2009 9:51:16 AM

"If it is fair for two men or two women to marry, why not three, or five, or 17?"

Yeah, why not? Who gives a shit? But trust me, most men wouldn't want more than one wife. Sounds like fun on paper, but in practice...

11/28/2009 10:30:27 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Some people just enjoy being wrong so much that they make careers out of it.

12/1/2009 2:37:35 PM


Coming to this site makes me feel good and bad at the same time. I'm saddened and disappointed in the people making the original submitted quotes, but the responses from people on this site make it all worthwhile. :) There is hope for humanity!

12/30/2009 1:19:11 PM


Does anyone see anything wrong with what he's talking about actually happening? I sure don't...

3/7/2010 6:52:11 PM


I have two brothers. The term brother did not become less special after I got a second one.
Husband will still mean the man you are married to, and wife will still mean the woman you are married to. It's the exact same meaning it has had for centuries.

Gender is already much wider than mere sex.
Mister Potato Head wasn't around in Sweden when I grew up during the 70's and 80'. I still learned that we are more alike than we are different.

People need people, regardless of the equipment under the skirt or kilt. I need my mother, my sister, my sisters-in-law, my female friends, just as much as I need my husband, my father, my brothers, my brothers-in-law and my male friends.

Oops, once again I had already answered, and apparently someone pretended to be me as well:
"@ Troy who is masquerading as Swede"
Sure, I may say stupid things from time to time, but not things that stupid, I hope.

3/8/2010 2:53:46 AM

Felis >;3

Every point in that post is retarded unless you're a Bible-bashing Christian.

Also, wehpudicabok ... what?

3/8/2010 4:30:44 AM


Not even bacon bits could save this word salad.

10/7/2011 3:27:34 PM

"Parenthood would consist of any number of emotionally attached people who care for kids. “Mother” and “father” would become only words. "

Thanks for insulting every adoptive parent out there, genius.

10/7/2011 7:39:40 PM

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