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Why is there cancer and people being born without certain senses? Because WE caused this upon ourselves. We have radio waves constantly running through our bodies that mankind created. This is why we are not living to be 900+ years anymore while we are creating all of these new electronics and "fun" gadgits that are harming our bodies and our offspring.

CK, Y! answers 78 Comments [11/30/2009 11:09:54 AM]
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When did we live to 900 years?
when was radio invented?

"...people being born without certain senses?"
Are you talking about yourself and your lack of common sense?

11/30/2009 11:15:47 AM

Yeah, this is soooo true. I remember from my history books about all of the radio stations in Rome at the time of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus.


11/30/2009 11:18:40 AM


You, CK, fail technology and biology forever.

11/30/2009 11:20:26 AM

So the writers of the Old Testament used the Gregorian calendar?

11/30/2009 11:20:27 AM


Of course, radio waves are the reason we aren't immortal anymore! It makes total sense! I mean, we only managed to harness electricity for our use only about 150 years ago, so no surprise people before that lived to 900+ years!

Go stick your head back into the dirt, you dumb ostrich.

11/30/2009 11:20:28 AM


Did you know that computers, cell phones, tv's and many others are considered to be 'fun gadgits'? So stop using them...

11/30/2009 11:21:31 AM


You'll need something more than Bible stories to prove that mankind ever had a 900+ years lifespan. Interestingly, all the cool gadgets you're alluding to have only existed for the last 100 years (with most only coming into common use over the last 25 years). That period coincides with a sharp increase in our lifespans but this is due to our increasing knowledge of medicine and science.
There goes your hypothesis.

11/30/2009 11:27:00 AM

More at home on CTSTDT

11/30/2009 11:28:00 AM


No, we stopped living to be 900+ years old when we stopped eating bat guano. We know this because...

(wait for it)

Anyone claiming to be 900+ years old is positively full of bat shit. It's written down so it must be true.

11/30/2009 11:28:02 AM


Then leave your "fun gadgit" alone and look for a nice cave

11/30/2009 11:29:06 AM



11/30/2009 11:47:26 AM


I will give you an F on history, biology and radiology. Don't ask why, just stay still and i will improve your skull with a milling machine.

11/30/2009 11:50:26 AM

What the hell are you doing on the internet if you seriously think technology is pumping you full of deadly radiation?

Also, didn't Jesus heal blindness or something? I'm pretty sure that even in the skewed "the Bible is an accurate history book" view of the world, "people born without certain senses" is not a new phenomenon. In fact there was almost certainly MORE of that before modern medicine and electronics.

11/30/2009 11:50:39 AM


Because obviously, in the 19th century, when mankind hadn't invented radio yet, everyone became 900 years.

11/30/2009 11:51:58 AM


So why have life expectancies gone up since the creation of man-made radio waves?

Almost every culture has stories about their heroes of old living to vast ages in times before anyone's memory. Why should the bronze age Arab goat herders who wrote the Bible be any different?

11/30/2009 12:12:59 PM

Mister Spak

Then you'd better get off your computer. Also you need to shut off all the power in your house and wrap it in tinfoil.

11/30/2009 12:18:52 PM


Great, a two-for-one deal on woo....

11/30/2009 12:19:32 PM

Damn those ancient Romans and their newfangled radio stations!

Uh, and as far as I understand it, the Bible used today talks about 900 year life spans due to a misinterperetation of the term for "year" in the original Greek text.

11/30/2009 12:23:40 PM

#1064563, how is this a conspiracy theory?

- Tom S. Fox

11/30/2009 12:37:54 PM


Citation seriously fucking needed. On both accounts.

11/30/2009 12:51:39 PM


Ummm...we didn't live to 900 two hundred years ago, either, and we didn't have electronic "gadgits" then, either, Einstein.

11/30/2009 12:52:19 PM


Which is why during the 1800's, we had such long life spans...


11/30/2009 12:55:19 PM

I never knew mankind created our bodies. Perhaps, if we invested more in R&D, then we could become radio wave, and therefore, cancer-proof.

11/30/2009 1:02:00 PM


#1064600 wrote:

"Uh, and as far as I understand it, the Bible used today talks about 900 year life spans due to a misinterperetation of the term for "year" in the original Greek text."

The passages that talk about 900 year lifespans are from the Book of Genesis, which was originally written in Hebrew, not Greek.

More likely, Genesis was a typical collection of folk myths and legends, which is why we have a Creation story, giants, and heroes from the Olden Days living for 900 years.

11/30/2009 1:05:00 PM


so there aren't people living longer and healthier lives?
no no we are dying at 35 of the plague now because of radio waves and ipods!
yep we lived longer in the 14th century to the 19th, no one ever got dysentery trying to get to california. (yeah i'm nerdy enough to reference oregon trail)

11/30/2009 1:05:20 PM

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