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This stealth war on heterosexuals (disguised as woman's and gay rights) is
designed to destabilize society in advance of the New World Order. The
destruction of the nuclear family has long been the Illuminati Communist
goal. They wish to make arrested development (homosexuality) the new norm.
Lesbianism is the hidden agenda of feminism. Marriage and family are
essential to our natural development. But, despite the deceitful propaganda,
most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex.

Henry Makow, Google Groups 25 Comments [1/4/2010 9:57:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 25

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" ... At least I do: Lots and lots of hot buttery bhutseks down at the bus station," Makow says.

1/4/2010 10:33:23 AM

Pule Thamex

One just knows that if all homosexual activity stopped tomorrow, Henry Makow would be lost, purposeless, at a loose end and discontented. But not for long, he'd soon find something else to hate instead. Fortunately for him, there are many chapters and many ideas in the Bible that he can latch on to in order to fulfill his emotional needs. It's good to have a purpose in life.

1/4/2010 11:02:57 AM


"But, despite the deceitful propaganda,
most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex. "

...Which they already HAVE without the paper. If they wanna get married, it's because they want something more than just sex, dumbass. It's called LOVE.

1/4/2010 11:28:14 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Just to name 2 family-values republicans:

Mark Foley, the gay pedophile.
Larry "wide-stance" Craig, the airport mensroom gay-sex troll.

Next time, we'll discuss sarah palin and her whore daughter, and the rumors swirling about rush limbaugh's sexual proclivities involving a 14yr old Dominican ladyboy.

1/4/2010 12:55:27 PM

If they wanted sex, they would have stayed the way the are, not demanding the right to marry, using surrogate mothers or other methods to have children, etc...............

1/4/2010 1:50:46 PM


Henry, that is not the reason you aren't getting laid.

1/4/2010 2:47:47 PM


"Google Groups"? Not "timecube.com"?

1/4/2010 4:05:12 PM


Awwww...... somebody's upset that he can't get a second date, and feminism has made sure that he can't just buy a wife from her father.

1/4/2010 4:37:46 PM

"most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex."

Speaking as a heterosexual guy, that's different from us... How, exactly?

1/4/2010 8:33:03 PM


So do most male heterosexuals. They also want sex.

I don't know what your point is. Do you?

1/4/2010 10:49:21 PM


"most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex."

didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out...stupid fucking conspiracy theorists..they never get old

1/5/2010 3:14:42 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Dude, most male anybodies want sex! Some happen to want marriage and/or children too.

1/5/2010 4:51:56 AM

Romana Twelve

>This stealth war on heterosexuals (disguised as woman's and gay rights)...

Hang on. Did he just imply that women aren't heterosexuals? News to me =P .

1/5/2010 5:51:59 AM

Doubting Thomas

"...most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex. "

Same could be said for most male heterosexuals, if the number of children born out of wedlock is any indication.

1/5/2010 7:44:00 AM

practical god

Let's face it, Henry, the vast majority of people want sex and they're pretty up front about it.

1/5/2010 7:47:40 AM


No, there are people who want to have fall in love, get married, and/or have sex...just not with you Henry.

1/5/2010 11:14:02 AM

Dr. Novakaine

War on heterosexuals? How much more stupid do you have to be to be committed these days?

1/5/2010 2:01:26 PM

1/5/2010 2:41:02 PM


As opposed to heterosexual men who want. . . what? Ponies and flowers?

1/6/2010 7:50:18 AM


Isn't this the guy who's mail order wife dumped him?

1/6/2010 11:49:02 AM


despite the deceitful propaganda, most males don't want marriage or children. They want sex


1/15/2010 9:48:28 AM


"Marriage and family are essential to our natural development."

Uh...no....procreation (ie sexual intercourse) IS essential. Marriage is not. It's why sex is considered a basic adult need by psychologists/psychiatrists and marriage is not.

1/18/2010 2:34:40 PM

Fyre Lachele

Um... I have a feeling that most people would have to be DEAD to not want sex, speaking as a straight female who rather enjoys it... Oh wait, wouldn't that make me a feminist? For shame!

If you haven't noticed, Earth has a bad case of humans either way. I doubt it's less Illuminati and more overpopulation.

1/22/2010 11:04:59 PM

M the Pansexual

This has GOT to be a troll.

4/19/2011 9:10:00 AM

J. James

By your flawed...er, I won't even call it "logic", or "reasoning", 'cause it's neither, then the civil rights movement was a stealthy war on white people? I suppose you think that separation of church and state is persecution of Christians? Look, you asshole, just because people want the same rights as you doesn't mean that your rights to the same are somehow being undermined. They want rights for THEMSELVES, you FUCK. What do you think they're going to do, steal them from you? As if rights are mutually exclusive and can't be shared by two different arbitrary groups of people? Oh, right, that's exactly how you think. Shithead. I hope some gay dude beats the shit out of you.

6/19/2011 11:14:06 PM

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