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This is in connection with Washington DC imposing a five cent tax on plastic shopping bags, supposedly to encourage recycling. Of course, the Rapturites know it's another sign the Apocalypse is at hand.

This is insanity...The Green Loons spread into every locale and none of us will escape Mother Earth worship. Taxes will rise and government will officiate all Mother Earth agendas including water rationing, electricity monitoring, national ID, Muslim call to prayer, a global tax, population control, GPS monitoring on autombiles, a chip on each person, cellphone monitoring with chip inclusion, cameras on every street corner, and health centers in every county to ensure pregnancy rates are within mandate, and private radio or TV stations are prohibited.

"Remember, true patriotism serves the state."

antitox, RR 20 Comments [1/14/2010 10:38:51 PM]
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Okay, what the fuck is this person on? A 5c tax on plastic shopping bags = RAPTURE TIME.

Evidently. How could I have missed it?

1/14/2010 11:07:48 PM


Muslim call to prayer? Lolwut?

1/14/2010 11:29:31 PM

rubber chicken

Or it could simply be an attempt to stop people just throwing the fucking things away and polluting the planet, you know, the planet that your God told you to be stewards of ?

1/14/2010 11:37:24 PM


I've been waiting to use this...

1/15/2010 1:31:26 AM

In Ireland they charge you 22 cents for bags, Germany around 10 last time I went............and Jesus still not coming.

1/15/2010 2:24:24 AM


Go into your fallout shelter and stay there for 20 years.

1/15/2010 3:08:50 AM


The two main supermarkets over here - Tesco and Sainsbury's - charge 10p for a 'bag-for-life', a very sturdy plastic bag (with their logo on it, admittedly). When it's too battered to carry shopping safely any more, you exchange it at the till - for free - for another one and the old one goes back for recycling. It's an excellent scheme. We haven't had to buy new bags for years.

1/15/2010 4:37:36 AM

Sandwich Board

War! Pestilence! Famine! Dogs and cats living together!

My understanding is that it would be Bad for the Economy™.

1/15/2010 4:46:20 AM

Doctor Fishcake

That's not a slippery slope, it's a fucking flume ride!

Oh and by the way, always nice to see the smiley that officially sums RR up:

1/15/2010 6:16:21 AM

Romana Twelve

>Mother Earth worship
>Muslim call to prayer

Just how much spraypaint do you have to huff to start thinking that Muslims are typically associated with Gaia worship? Or can you only be that stupid naturally?

As if we needed more evidence that being Rapture Ready and being Reality Ready are apparently mutually exclusive.

1/15/2010 7:37:08 AM

Doubting Thomas

A 5 cent tax on plastic bags = totalitarian state? And how is trying to keep the earth from being trashed "Mother Earth worship?"

I seriously wish every one of these anti-recycling idiots would have to spend a week shoveling garbage at a landfill.

1/15/2010 8:19:59 AM


...Humanity is doomed.

1/15/2010 10:03:47 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Of course, the Rapturites know it's another sign the Apocalypse is at hand.

As opposed to all those other things you think are signs the Apocalypse is at hand? Every time I turn around you guys have another sign of the apocalypse.

1/15/2010 4:09:06 PM

Power Skunk

'Remember, true patriotism <i>questions</i> the state.'
Fixed that for you, I think. Only fix for the rest of it, though, is a good double shot of HCl with a cyanide chaser.

1/15/2010 5:56:46 PM


"Remember, true patriotism serves the state."

Definitely wrong on so many levels. The state is a tool created by people for many purposes. You don't serve a tool unless you are also a tool.

I think the DFHs said it better. "Serve the People!"

The thing that got drummed into my head when I was 19 was: "Ambush is killing and killing is fun!"

"So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!"

1/16/2010 11:32:47 AM


Those are some amazing leaps you made. How does a 5 cent charge on a bag lead to, among those things, "Muslim call to prayer"? BTW, you forgot to put in "death panels", and a mention that they'll be taking your guns away.

Ah, fuck it! Why the hell are you raptards getting so worked up about efforts being made to reduce waste? Why would you care? Aren't you supposed to be getting whooshed away "any moment now"?

1/16/2010 8:31:15 PM

Table Rock

@Doctor Fishcake

The phrase I like to use is, "slippery cliff"

1/16/2010 9:14:25 PM

"Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you".

We have to live off this planet, so why try to conserve our resources as much as possible?

And health centres in every country is a damned good idea. Several is even better. Optimal would be to have at least one within a day's walk all over the world.

I also happen to like cloth bags. At least I don't have a crapload of plastic bags hanging around the place anymore. Besides, I walk to and from the grocery store, so the handles on cloth bags don't cut into my hands as much and cloth bags are much stronger than plastic ones.

1/17/2010 1:28:11 AM


"Remember, true patriotism serves the state."


1/17/2010 10:23:45 PM

Fyre Lachele

If I'm not mistaken...
National ID=Social Security number.

Electricity Monitoring=The electric company has to base how much they charge you on something.

Population Control=War

GPS monitoring on cars=OnStar

Chip on each person=Credit Card

Cell phone monitoring=They all come with a GPS locator that you can turn off except for emergency reasons.

Health Centers=Used to be Planned Parenthood, but we got rid of those horrid places so now we don't have to worry about our little girls not having their reproductive capabilities threatened by rubbers, hormones, or abortion.

7/12 ain't bad.

1/22/2010 10:35:53 PM

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