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Allah and God are not the same! You only need to study a little Quran to see that. Islam is a false religion just as budda, shinto,stone gods, Hindu, and every other man made attempt at idoltry.

jerbear, Rapture Ready 13 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Well, at least the bastard can spell Quran.

5/27/2008 12:28:16 PM


But the Quran says it's the word of God, so it must be true right?

5/27/2008 12:40:57 PM


Ever heard of "Abrahamic religions?" Allah is their word for God dipshit and "man-made"?? Guess what the bible is.

5/27/2008 1:12:22 PM


It's the same crap.

5/27/2008 2:29:05 PM


Pardon me, but Allah MEANS God, in a different culture and language. Just like Pachamama for South American Natives, the Great Manitou for North American Natives, and Yahweh for the Hebrews. They all mean the Creator of all there is.

If I call God 'Dieu' in my native French, does that mean I believe in a false God?

5/27/2008 5:31:32 PM


What makes those other religions false, but not yours?

1/8/2010 5:10:41 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Sorry, same nonexistent god of the mythological Abraham. You FAIL religious studies and Arabic.

5/14/2012 10:28:01 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Arabic motherfucker, do you speak it?

12/10/2012 3:05:33 PM


And funnily enough, they will all yell just as loud about how your religion is a false religion.

5/17/2013 2:07:45 AM


"and every other man made attempt at idoltry[sic]."
Like Christianity.

God, Gott, Dieu, Dios and Gud are not the same either, by your logic. You only need to compare an english, a german, a french, a spanish and a swedish Bible to see that. They are all written in different languages!!!

5/17/2013 2:23:16 AM

Yahweh is a name and was just a god until the exile of Babylon.

3/25/2016 6:25:49 PM


That's true. Islam is a false religion - but there is no "true religion" so the rest of them are baloney too. Religion is supernaturalism, "magic" if you prefer. It's all illusion.

4/17/2017 9:28:51 PM

In studying the Qu'aran I found it to be very close to Old Testament.

4/18/2017 1:21:19 AM

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