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Am I a Nazi? Of course. Am I a racist? Yes. Do I hate faggots? Certainly. You also won't admit it, but you also hate me because I am a real Christian, and not some smarmy advocate of Churchianity who's fool enough to think that 'God loves everyone.' Frankly, I don't mind if you hate me for them. But it still doesn't change the fact that any right-minded person, and even the Lord Himself, hates faggots for their sexual degeneracy, bug-chaser.

RAHOWARRIOR, Argue With Everyone 67 Comments [1/29/2010 11:27:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 77
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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Don't flatter yourself, I don't hate you. Consider me to be incredibly indifferent to you and any gods you claim.

EDIT: Uh, that's "oop", I don't know how I typed "ooip".

1/29/2010 11:44:27 AM

On that site? Sounds trollish.

1/29/2010 11:47:20 AM


Bastard coated bastard with bastard filling.

1/29/2010 11:47:42 AM

Zeus Almighty

Gotta be Poe.

Christians don't actually admit that they are racist Nazi bigots, do they? (Although it would be really convenient if they did, but not holding my breath).

1/29/2010 11:50:03 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Well then I'm a Basterd.

1/29/2010 11:50:06 AM


You overestimate your importance to me if you think you matter enough to hate. Go suck a cock.

1/29/2010 11:52:15 AM

Rat of Steel

Damn. (sigh) All this verbal diarrhea needed was a conspiracy on behalf of "Churchianity" to make us all into faggots, and we'd have had another hat trick.

1/29/2010 11:56:19 AM

Rahowarrior is hilarious, although I think he is a Poe.

I've spoken to him on AWE before and he was just basically a troll.

Read his signature line, "Watch out you fucking kikes....when Jesus gets back there's gonna be a REAL Holocaust".

I mean that just screams POE.

1/29/2010 11:59:22 AM


Finally, someone who admits Nazism is indeed christian!

1/29/2010 12:28:07 PM

Doubting Thomas

And it just goes to show that your god must be made up if he hates everyone & everything that you do. But I bet your god is also a god of love, amirite?

1/29/2010 12:33:45 PM

I don't really hate you. I just don't care about you.

1/29/2010 12:40:51 PM


"...and even the Lord Himself, hates faggots..."

But he also hates disabled people and eagles. I don't see you spouting shit about them though.

1/29/2010 12:50:12 PM

Mr Blur


1/29/2010 12:56:09 PM


I'll admit it. I hate you. Now go die in a fire

1/29/2010 1:01:17 PM


He's right about one thing. "God loves everyone" is completely at odds with how God is portrayed in the Bible.

1/29/2010 1:07:48 PM

Big Jilm

Actually, I pity you.

1/29/2010 1:10:38 PM


That forum is frightening...

1/29/2010 1:11:43 PM


Gotta love people who think they're God-by-proxy. God is just an imaginary all-powerful version of themselves to give their opinions some authority.

The truly sickening thing is that most of his opinions really do fall in line with the Bible.

1/29/2010 1:13:52 PM

Old Viking

I would have guessed Real Christian™ from all 6he hating you indulge in.

1/29/2010 1:55:43 PM


Another troll watering hole.

1/29/2010 2:09:03 PM


Fuck you too.

1/29/2010 2:16:59 PM

"Whatever you do to the least among you, you also do to me".--Jesus

"He who is without sin, cast the first stone"--Jesus

Apparently because Hitler claimed to be Christian, you think that hating Gays and people of other races is the meaning of Christianity. News flash: "real Christians" are supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus, not Mein Kampf.

1/29/2010 2:52:28 PM


But isn't God all about 'hate the sin, not the sinner'?

1/29/2010 2:59:34 PM


Honesty at last. The Fundie god is a Nazi, a racist and hates homosexuals. And his name is Raho. Oops. Sorry. Raho is the one who tells god what to hate and not to hate.

1/29/2010 3:02:16 PM


This person's beliefs of racial supremacy and contempt for Jewish people (as evidenced by his sig in the forum) is all the more hilarious because he clings to a sand nigger religion. At least the white supremacists that stick with Norse mythology have slightly more internal consistency in their flawed ideology.

1/29/2010 3:18:23 PM

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