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A term which in itself is a paradox, because no such thing as an atheist. (To say there is no God you are claiming to know every little thing about the universe, so that you are claiming to be God) It is though, the name given to a group of self-righteous, haughty, science-destroying, liberal, monkey-worshiping jackasses who claim there is no God. They are religious nuts bent on forcing their RELIGION down everyone else's throats. (Don't tell me Atheism isn't a religion. You are putting your faith in a magical explosion which defies about every law of physics there is to occur. Also, a=no the=God ism=belief. The BELIEF or RELIGION that there is no God.) They typically like to think that their "science" makes them smarter than everyone else, when in actuality all of the "science" they have to offer is complete horse shit. They are trying to overtake the world, making them no better than the Communists or the Nazis. They are also known as "liberals", "free-thinkers", "non-theists", and "flat-earthers". (The last name was coined to them because their set of beliefs is against science). I'm not trying to prove my religion, which I am not sharing. I am trying to show the general public the light on these monsters. I know there are some that don't nark on religion all the time, I have friends like that and they are awesome, but it takes one drop of kerosene to ruin a whole bowl of cereal.
Flat-Earther: Because I am an Atheist, I am far more intellectually developed than you. I will deny the laws of thermodynamics to the end, but I am still more scientific than you. Now bow to my religion or else you will be charged for a hate crime.

Laceration, Urbandictionary 63 Comments [1/29/2010 11:28:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Kieranfoy

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Quantum Mechanic

Most folks I know don't care enough about religion to even call themselves atheists.

1/29/2010 11:32:29 AM


Did you just claim atheists are flatearthers?

1/29/2010 11:33:21 AM


Besides wasting oxygen, you will now also be billed for wasting electrons.

1/29/2010 11:42:49 AM


No, atheism is a (no) - theism (belief in god). So, *no* belief in God, rather than belief in no God.

1/29/2010 11:44:35 AM

caustic gnostic

I'm a maltheist. Your god is the worst thing that ever happened to the human species.

1/29/2010 11:47:15 AM



1/29/2010 11:48:39 AM

Zeus Almighty

Laceration? The nice nurse would like you to take your happy pill now. Computer time is over. And try not to shit yourself again, that's the third time this shift.

1/29/2010 11:52:00 AM


"a=no the=God ism=belief. The BELIEF or RELIGION that there is no God."

OOH! So close!!

1/29/2010 11:52:07 AM


Uh, no.

1/29/2010 11:58:33 AM


Dear me, Urban dictionary is the biggest basket of fail I have ever seen.

Takes the Fundie word re-definition prject to a whole new level.

1/29/2010 12:07:30 PM


I love how he rants for the entire paragraph, spewing lies and ignorance, and then has the gall to play the persecution card at the end. QQ more, attention whore.

1/29/2010 12:16:12 PM



Do you know anything about physics? You can't use science against science if you have no knowledge of science.

God forbid knowledgeable people have a say so in society. BTW if your typing on a computer and sending information over the internets and spewing anti-science, your an idiot.

1/29/2010 12:19:46 PM


atheism is a religion just like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

1/29/2010 12:22:27 PM

Doubting Thomas

What an epic, huge pile of utter fail.

And I don't know of one atheist who claims the earth is flat. There are, however, Christians who believe that the earth is the center of the universe.

And I don't know how anyone can, with a straight face, call atheists "science-destroying" when it's the creationists who use totally unscientific arguments when trying to prove their idea and atheists using scientific methods to prove them wrong.

And nice Godwin thrown in FTL.

1/29/2010 12:30:50 PM


"(To say there is a God you are claiming to know every little thing about the universe, so that you are claiming to be God)"

Ohai. I fixed it for you. You're welcome. ;)

1/29/2010 12:39:29 PM

I Read About The Afterlife

Flat-earthers? It's your bible that say there are 4 corners of the earth...

1/29/2010 12:40:16 PM


"(The last name was coined to them because their set of beliefs is against science)."

Coined by WHO pray tell, because as far as I can tell, Laceration is the only person I have seen that is using such a term.

1/29/2010 12:44:06 PM

Jeff a Guy

Why do we keep agreeing with them about Atheism?
Atheism = Without Theism. Atheism literally means without religion. You can be an atheist and totally believe in god. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

1/29/2010 12:45:48 PM

"To say there is no God you are claiming to know every little thing about the universe, so that you are claiming to be God"

Replace the word "God" in that statement with one of the following:

Easter Bunny
The all knowing luminous void badger

Do you know see why what you said is total bullshit?

1/29/2010 12:49:15 PM


Belief does not = religion. Small children believe in fairies, but they are not part of a fairy-worshipping religion.

And for the umpteenth time, not belieiving in something is not claiming that you know everything. If it is, then believing in a god is also claiming to know everything, and therefore means you think you're god.

Makes just as much sense.

1/29/2010 12:49:36 PM

Mr Blur


1/29/2010 12:54:50 PM


I find it funny that he accuses Atheists of being against science, yet calls the Big Bang a "magical explosion".

1/29/2010 12:57:24 PM


First double post!

1/29/2010 1:05:03 PM

Big Jilm

You are an uneducated fool. You apparently need to redefine (aka demonize) the term Atheism to suit your knuckle-dragging, sister-fucking, trailer-park dwelling agenda.

Athiesm is lack of belief in deities. That's it; there is no other requirement. You do not have to believe in the Big Bang, Evolution, or anything else. It is not an ideaology. In another words, we don't buy the bullshit you're selling. Typical of a salesperson to insult those who don't want to buy their product.

And if we're a religion, where is our tax-exempt status?!

Also, fuck you.

1/29/2010 1:06:34 PM


Since when do we believe that the earth is flat you massively dim cunt

1/29/2010 1:10:33 PM

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