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There is no evidence of Teutonic plates, it is a total fantasy of scientists.

Nobody actually knows what causes Earthquakes.

God caused the Earthquake, in my opinion.

Kathy, Yahoo!Answers 96 Comments [1/30/2010 10:04:31 AM]
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Mihangel apYrs

the resurgence of the 3rd Reich

seriously: learn the correct big words if you want to use them

1/30/2010 5:30:04 PM


Teutonic Plates? Do they go with the Dresden Dolls?

1/30/2010 5:35:43 PM


Really? I mean...wow, I've seen some pretty stupid stuff but this has to be a new low.

1/30/2010 5:41:09 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"God caused the Earthquake, in my opinion."

That explains why the bishop was killed when his church fell on him.


1/30/2010 6:12:58 PM

Table Rock

There is no evidence of Teutonic plates

I'm sure you can find some on the home shopping network, probably as part of a lovely place setting.

1/30/2010 7:59:38 PM

caustic gnostic

No Teutonic plates here, but I do have a few Bavarian Biersteins.

1/30/2010 8:16:05 PM

Agnostic Jew

Teutonic plates don't cause earthquakes?


Tectonic plates, on the other hand...

1/30/2010 8:58:12 PM


In other news, Kathy also opines that her periods are caused by impure thoughts, wind is caused by trees waving their branches, and thunder is the sound of God speaking.

1/31/2010 12:51:37 AM


* A Loud explosion is heard * Shit! My Stupid detector just blew up.. I need to start buying them in bulk..

1/31/2010 2:49:54 AM


I wonder if those Teutonic plates were Bauhaus-designed.

1/31/2010 4:18:10 AM

The L

Teutonic plates? They're German?

1/31/2010 5:01:54 AM

Teutonic plates can't be. They are not known to have desolated Germany.

1/31/2010 8:38:46 AM


1/31/2010 1:06:46 PM


Wait wait, what if you fil a Tetonic plate full of Teutonic plate? Would the resulting jamming of movement cause an earthquake?

Ah that's it. When the German U-boats traveled to the Cribbian they stopped by Haiti and buried all the Plate mail that the Teutonic Knights used to wear. Eventually it sunk into the ground and caused the faults to become stuck. It was all a plan by the Nazis to destroy Minorities.

1/31/2010 2:20:44 PM

The Jamo

No evidence? Unless the Knights ate off the floor, I think this is fairly self-explanatory.

1/31/2010 5:33:58 PM

Abdul Alhazred

Well, if the plates were really Teutonic, they would not break all the time. Or would they?


1/31/2010 5:45:17 PM


There is no evidence of Teutonic plates

Yes there is, there are thousand upon thousand example of both china and silverware from the german teutonic era.

it is a total fantasy of scientists

I highly doubt that there is a single scientist in the entire world that has ever suggested that.

Nobody actually knows what causes Earthquakes.

Tectonic plates. And there is, literally, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pages upon pages of evidence that confirms the tectonic plate model. You might not know what causes earthquakes, but that has more to do with you choice to remain willfully ignorant of established fact.

God caused the Earthquake, in my opinion

Your "opinion" doesn't change the nature of reality. If your "god" wantonly causes earthquakes that inevitiably lead to massive losses of life for little or no reason then your "god" is not only malevolent, but it is unworthy of worship, and certainly unworthy of the slavish devotion you demonstrate.

1/31/2010 5:56:50 PM


This is where earthquakes occured from 1990-2000. We know where they happen, but can't predict when, yet. They usually happen at plate boundaries, at subduction zones, thrusts, strike-slip faults, and rifts.

1/31/2010 7:40:05 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Teutonic is old world for the German/Nordic people.

Do you mean "tectonic"?

1/31/2010 8:47:08 PM


Oh I needed a good laugh! Could we possibly excuse this as a spellcheck foible?


1/31/2010 8:52:59 PM


The Knights Teutonic cause earthquakes? That's pretty fuckin badass. Just goes to show that you do not fuck with the Germans.

2/1/2010 5:46:34 AM


Tectonic plate:

Teutonic plate:

I know, they're awfully similar.

2/1/2010 6:21:28 AM



This is so stupid.

I sincerely hope Kathy's head explodes if she ever reads that South America and Africa once touched, and are growing apart at the speed of your fingernails grow.

2/1/2010 7:15:59 AM

Dr. Novakaine

What is this, a joke? There's as much evidence for tectonic plate theory as there is the theory of evolution-

Oh. Right. You refuse to accept that, too. Apparently, anything that requires a basic level of intelligence and ability to think anything besides "godgodgod" is beyond your tiny brain.

2/1/2010 9:09:28 AM


*eyes earthquake maps* Oh yea, you totally don't see that the earthquakes happen all along fault lines.

2/1/2010 10:00:47 AM

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